Saturday, July 01, 2023

House of Hellish Harlots v0.044 (N'gleria Sepiida)

The public version of House of Hellish Harlots has been updated to v0.044.  You can play it here:

This adds one new harlot, an ailment and charm associated with the harlot, and a few housekeeping changes to move some harlots over to the correct faction.

The new harlot is a little... unusual.  She has a regular sex scene and a very weird scene inspired from some monster girl artwork I saw floating around the internet a few years ago.

N'gleria Sepiida
She looks like an exotic alien babe with tentacles for hair.

She absolutely does not eat brains.  The Madam would like you to know any talk of such is nothing more than scurrilous hearsay.  Ahem.

I like to keep readers on their toes.  I hope you have fun with her, weird as she is.

As always, the Patreon and SubscribeStar versions are a couple of releases ahead.  They received v0.047 yesterday.  This marks the long-awaited arrival of Eve Satana to the House.  If you recognise the name from my stories, yes it is her.  She brings the 'Biggest Tits in the World' to the House and a special stage show the player should be careful they don't get too absorbed in...

If you like how the project is going, please consider supporting me there.  Last month I was throwing out a few rough graphics demos, which I hope will bring some much needed art to the House. 


  1. Fuck me, Hydra! That was some Callisto Protocol shit in her Horror Ending. How the in the hell is that thing a sex daemon? It's like Cthulhu and a succubus had a baby. Is it true that the succubi in the bar watched a sex show with that thing banging a man?

    1. I like to keep people on their toes. ;)

      Yep, she also had shows. If I ever add random bar events, I might put that in.

  2. Why does Verde, Rosa, Nurse Honey, Nyte, and Cerluea like Phil? What makes him different Hydra? Cerluea felt actual sadness over Phil almost dying to the spider girl, Nyte went on a personal revenge quest for him, Verde likes him, and Rosa felt genuine concern over leaving Phil with the lizard girls.

    Are we going to encounter any humans that they "love" just like Phil?

    1. Phil is more powerful than he thinks he is. They also have a twisted morality as to what they like and Phil ticks a lot of the boxes.

  3. I love that you gave every harlot a unique room, Hydra. Also when you think about it...the harlot's room is basically a "Boss fight" room that you enter and you can't escape unless you fight and defeat the boss, or die. Was playing Elden Ring the other day and yeah, just like how every Elden Ring boss has their own "Boss fight" room, so do the harlots.

    Well in the case of HoHH, you aren't relying on combat to win lol.

    It also doesn't help that Atomica does feel like a Boss fight with the whole "you must evade all of her attacks and you die instantly if you are hit once" mechanic. I wonder what the Queen harlot "Boss fights" would be like.

    1. Most of them would be considered elite 'courtesans', so would have a nice personalised bedchamber.

      I'm still working out the finer points of Queens and Mini-Bosses. The mini-bosses will likely be a choice of different scenes to give them more replayability. The Queens will likely be multiple scenarios chained together and far the player goes through them is determined by their route through the House.

  4. Regarding the aspect of Hydra's succubi and monster girls brutally killing humans, Hydra has it in a way where yeah they can give you messy deaths, but its offset by the fact that they want to fuck you first. Them being sex daemons are important and the sex MUST be stressed.

    I'll tell you, if succubi like Rosa and Nyte had no sex scenes and their killing of humans would come from setting them on fire (Rosa) and ripping them to pieces (Nyte) they wouldn't be succubi. They would just be basic as fuck generic Horror movie monsters that just so happened to look attractive.

    Hell, take away Nyte's sex scenes and she would just be a glorified Hellraiser Cenobite that looks like a hot goth wearing dommy gear.

    Take away Rosa's sex scenes and she would just be a crazed tomboy Pyromaniac fire mage.

    Sex matters.

    1. I think the sex has to be a part of it. I can understand why mainstream horror is more limited - no explicit sex, so the succs are either rip'n'tear or chaste glowy drain kisses. Without those limitations I think it's a waste to not bring in the sex. Ideally you want the reader feeling that they might just be tempted even though they fully know what the consequences are. That gives it more of a mindscrew aspect than just having someone look attractive then turn into a monster when the human gets in claw range.

      I throw in the messier deaths to keep readers on their toes. I think the uncertainty is important to keep the stories fresh.

      The "nice" succ/monster girl might give the character good sex and let him go, or might give in to her nature and drain him to the last drop.

      The "bad" succ/monster girl might tempt the reader with the prospect that it will at least be "a good way to go", only to reveal it definitely is not "a good way to go".

  5. I have 4 questions Hydra.
    1. Can you have anal sex with Ngleria?

    2. If a guy and his car gets transported to the succubus castle (he'll appear in Verde's garden) and Verde encounters him, would she destroy the car to get to him, or would try to persuade the man from leaving the car so she can "eat" him?

    3. Are you going to introduce any harlot that speaks in Ye Old English, you know? Saying things like "Thou wish to partake in this wondrous ecstasy? I will grant thy wish" stuff like that.

    4. What if a human guy tries to give Verde, Rosa, Nyte, Cerluea, and Nurse Honey a speech about that they don't have to kill humans, rather they can use their powers to teach us humans about the universe and we can coexist together.

    1. 1. Probably. I think most of the harlots technically offer a wide range of services outside of their specialities. I have to limit it to 1 or 2 otherwise it would take too to write (and the scenarios are already much longer than I initially intended).

      That could be a possibility for a spin-off that uses a more limited number of harlots, but gives each more scenes and personality development (probably closer to a conventional visual novel).

    2. Forgot the others :D

      2. She'd lure him out or leave it to her plants.

      3. I try to vary speech patterns, but that one might be fairly difficult to do. AI could help there. I've seen Chat GPT take a short script and spit out versions in different 'dialects', so that might be an area where an AI tool is helpful.

      4. They laugh and then fuck him to death.

  6. That would be a disaster waiting to happen. Its like a Chaotic Good character trying to redeem and tell a Chaotic/ Neutral Evil to be good and stop doing bad things.

    It would be like that Steven meets Jack Horner meme where a Chaotic Good character (Steven) tries to reason with a Chaotic Evil character (Jack Horner)

    Steven: Hey stop! You're not going to shoot that innocent helpless puppy with a shotgun are you?

    Jack Horner: Yeah, in the face, why?

    Steven: Jack listen, you don't have to be the bad guy, you-

    Jack Horner: Manslaughter!

    Steven: Jack just-

    Jack Horner: Murder!

    Steven: Jack you can turn a new leaf and-

    Jack Horner: Arson AND animal cruelty!

    Steven: Jack this isn't you...

    Jack Horner: Oh Steven, I choose to be a monster *head shots him*

    1. I suspect the succubi wouldn't understand. They wouldn't even see it as evil. It's no different to us eating a chicken sandwich.

  7. Are succubi very aggressive at chasing humans? Like if a bunch of succubi in Hell-Space encountered a human that can fly, would they be relentless in pursuing the flying human?

    1. Depends on the succubus and the circumstances. Some would enjoy the chase and get even more turned on by it. Others would think it too much effort and go after easier prey.

  8. Sasori Oiran is an encounter that you can't come out alive, right?
    I tested her via using the Large Uppers to boost all stats to max and she still killed me.

    Also, she sounds really hot in her description. The geisha looks is really great.

    Considering she's a demon kunoichi, and considering her seduction and assassination skills, how would she feel about fucking someone like say Phil?

    Would she feel such a thing would be beneath her?

    1. She is survivable, but she's intended as one of the late round encounters where the player needs more than just good stats.

      She'd be fine with fucking Phil. His succubi wouldn't as she's primarily an assassin that kills through ecstasy, and they'd rather Phil wasn't killed just yet.

      I think she'd also be a great protagonist /antagonist in a short story or even novel. The only problem is it would require a ton of research to get the historical aspects right. Her back story is definitely interesting enough to be expanded upon at some point.

    2. Is there any particular type of person she likes to fuck?

      Like any in particular that gets her horny or really interested in fucking?

      Or is it, as a succubus, she's generally fine with anyone?

    3. Honestly, she sounds fun.

      Like I can picture her tying up some normal guy unexpectedly at night, like the kunoichi she is, and then showing them a night of fucking, sucking, and titfucking pleasure before fucking them to death.

    4. In the House she belongs to the faction that believes humans should be brought to the pinnacle of sensual ecstasy (before being killed). That would likely form part of her assassination code. Anyone taken out by her would at least get a highly pleasurable last night.

      On the other hand, she really doesn't like being double-crossed and possibly humans that engage in torture. Her revenge was quite brutal, so she's been around humans enough to distinguish between giving them a 'pleasant' BAD END and a truly horrifying nasty end.

      The downside of that is even if she likes someone, she'll probably still kill them, but 'with pleasure'.

      If I was giving her a full novel, I'd consider tempering that and give a human character that for whatever reason she doesn't feel like killing. Would depend on whether she was leaning more towards the protagonist or antagonist side.

      It would be a really difficult novel to write either way.

    5. I just realized: Sasori "Oiran."

      Oiran were the super high end courtesans. I wonder if Sasori was so skilled that she could play at that, and in fact may have been a courtesan/companion to the super high-end wealthy types sometimes (in addition to being an assassin/kunoichi)?

      Honestly she sounds like someone who would be fun for a full novel.

    6. Yup. The name is deliberate. She is the classic femme fatale assassin courtesan. She's also skilled enough to play the straight courtesan role (and does that as a perk to the people that 'hire' her) and the non-lethal spy if the job requires getting information without killing the target.

      I think she would be a great 'monster' for a novel. As hinted in the back story The Elegant Woman gives out in HoHH, the story would have her initially work for a lord until he tries to betray her, then become a dangerous solo demon that requires another clan to exorcise. Would be hellishly difficult to write as there would be a lot of political intrigue elements and I'd need to thoroughly research the era. I should look into it. I think there's a really good novel there.

    7. I could also see stories with her as like snapshots in a sense. Like individual stories where she fucks and kills a target.

      Or maybe even individual stories as well where she fucks a close human companion/"friend" of sorts. Like say a normal guy that is technically more in her supposed "social class."

      Heck considering she was around for a decade unsupervised, part of me likes to think she would've cultivated a sexual friendship of sorts with him as she was alone without orders or anything, using the companion for both cum and help in aiding her in some stronghold she had set up.

      Like yeah she's a demon kunoichi, but that doesn't mean she can't form relationships or be fond of someone in her own weird way.

      Heck she also sounds like someone who might shack up in someone's house and be sort of a hot freeloader (well not "freeloader" but you get the idea), with a guy having to deal with a sudden new companion (extremely hot) geisha/oiran wringing them out.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Bear Mace can work on succubi right? How many seconds will it take for Nyte to rip the fleeing guy's spine out after being maced in the face?

    1. Not sure on bear spray. It might work on lust daemons or it might not - their physiology is different.

      If it did work on them like it does for humans, using it on Nyte would provoke an interesting reaction. Nyte is just as much a masochist as she is a sadist. She'd relish it causing her some discomfort even though it likely wouldn't impair her ability to chase down the human. The other thing about Nyte is she believes very strongly that individuals should be able to take what they dish out. She also likes playing with new toys.

      So rather than ripping the guy's spine out, she'd probably capture him and have a long session of experimenting with how the spray feels on different parts of the body (his and hers), and what happens if you peel the skin back and apply it to unprotected flesh. This would also be interspersed with bouts of pleasurable sex to really mindfuck the guy. He probably wouldn't survive the night, and would likely be experiencing absolute extremes of pain and pleasure before getting his soul sucked out.

  11. Hey dude, do succubi have a predatory instinct where they will only see humans as prey or "toys"? Like if you had a human man wanting to befriend Rosa, Verde, Nurse Honey, Nyte, and Cerluea and asking them that they should come over to play Call of Duty with him, would they not care and would eat him?

    1. Probably lunch. However, the succubi are individuals rather than straight animals, so it would likely vary from succubus to succubus. If they decide they like a particular man, they wouldn't necessarily kill him. Or they might have agendas where it wouldn't suit them to kill a certain individual.

      Without any of that, a man is likely jerky with a smile on his face.