Monday, May 01, 2023

House of Hellish Harlots v0.041 (Lady Flumpth, Restructuring)

I've updated the public version of House of Hellish Harlots to v0.041.  You can play it here:

On the surface it's another small release, adding just one new harlot.

Lady Flumpth
The rather disreputable (and mouldy) Lady Flumpth doesn't put much stock in The Madam's 'rules' or 'fair play'.  Thankfully, while the stat requirements are reasonably high to escape her 'trap' for an intended early tier harlot, there are enough ways to dodge coming to a sticky end (a bit literally with her), so it should be fairly easy.

The reason for the one-harlot releases for a couple of months is because I had to restructure the project under the hood.  It had grown too large for the Twine editor to handle it without heavy lag, so I split it into 7 sub-projects and are now using Tweego to reassemble it into a single file.  It seems to be working and patrons haven't noticed anything breaking.  If something has been missed, let me know below.

The Patreon and SubscribeStar releases are still a few versions ahead.  I gave them v0.044 yesterday.  This is also a single harlot release - the very weird N'gleria Sepiida.

I'm currently engaged in a couple of months of solid short story writing to put a 7th collection together.  I do have multiple HoHH releases queued up over this period, but they will be small releases until I get the 7th collection out of the way.  After that I'm hoping to push on and add the more complex 'mini-boss' harlots.


  1. Lady Flumpth is no match for Mario Hydra! Get the joke? Because he kills things by jumping on top of the enemy and Flumpth is just goomba. And, and goombas are mushroom monsters...

    Ok, I'll see myself out.

  2. Wow, the Madam and Elegant Lady really don't like Lady Flumpth. Why do they hate her so much Hydra?

    1. A combination of them being snobbish about her being a type of lust daemon lower down in the overall hierarchy and Lady Flumpth not respecting the rules at all. She's one of very few harlots in the House where it's not possible to get a sex act from her and survive (the player can only escape her trap). The Madam does not approve of that.

  3. You have plenty of harlots at this point. Are you going to keep adding more, or will you work on the game structure now? (i.e. adding more plot, boss battles, a win condition, etc)

    second or third encounters with some existing harlots would also be nice. I prefer depth rather than breadth in terms of character content.

    1. I'm almost done with the regular harlots. After I get the current bout of short story writing out of the way, I'll be working on the major mini-boss harlots that show up on fixed round numbers. After that will be working in the lore for the different factions. Then some side quest routes (similar to the existing Mamilla one). Then the final 'Queens' and a v1.0.

      Post 1.0 content could include random events for the post-room phase (the player seeing stage shows, being approached by harlots, learning other lore, etc). The structure is also open-ended, so I can keep adding new factions/harlots (I have some ideas there).

      Breadth was the initial aim for the project. I ended up making life harder for myself by making each harlot scenario 4K+ words instead of the quick 1-2K of the original plan. That's why it's been in development for a lot longer, but the longer scenarios are much better, so I don't think feel too bad about it.

  4. Do you think every harlot in the House that you created thus far will be able to beat a military bootcamp if all harlots were given "prep time" and knew they were going to be teleported? This includes the Madam, Nurse Honey, Doctoress, Buxom witch charm girl, and Temptacia (the succubus you meet in the hallway during the House tour)

    When on Earth, would the harlots try to gobble up as many human males as possible? Since they aren't in the House, they can cut loose right?

    1. Probably. Again depends on lead up and how much one is aware of the other. The H-space stories tend to run on the angle of the Lust Daemons weaponizing lust and desire to such a degree they cause real problems for conventional military strategy. (The humans will adapt)

      On Earth would depend on the harlot. Most would probably function similar to serial killers (find somewhere quiet and feed when they're hungry) rather than try to conquer.

  5. Damn I think my comment got eaten...

    1. I'm guessing this one:

      "I was reading SCP and took a look at Cerluea and all the strange things she did and a bit worried Hydra that Cerluea secretly has Plot Manipulation and isn't choosing to use it yet, or until she gets to Earth. I really hope she doesn't have that because I've studied the SCP Foundation and the overpowered characters there are ridiculous.

      You got an entity called SCP-4028 (Don Quixote) and what the thing is that its a sapient metafictional construct capable of inhabiting other fictional stories and can manipulate the narrative to gain victory.

      The entity looks like a Spanish man wearing knight armor, riding a horse, and is armed with a sword. What makes it so dangerous is that it can manipulate the narrative to win, it can nullify powers, and it is trying to get out of the text to attack the real life people.

      Its kind of ridiculous Hydra and the entity has actually appeared in different stories.

      It went inside Harry Potter and killed Hagrid to stop Harry from becoming a wizard, it went inside Lord of the Rings and obliterated Sauron, it went inside the Christmas Carol and erased the Spirit of Death from existence, the Foundation even sent a variant of SCP-682 after it.

      You know? SCP-682? The large reptilian demigod monster that can regenerate from anything and adapt to anything? The monster that survived getting thrown into the sun and survived getting erased from existence? Yeah, Don killed it for good.

      If the entity would travel to your erotic stories Hydra, it would make it its mission to pretty much kill every warlock, daemon, and will destroy the warlock school. Worse part is that its fully capable of doing it.

      That's why I'm hoping you don't make Cerluea's fourth wall breaks allow her to bypass rules."

      Not too up on most of the SCP stuff. The Don Quixote entity sounds a bit too fan-fictiony. Anything can beat anything if the writer writes it. It's the 'how' that is the interesting part.

      Cerulea is powerful, but not that powerful (I think). The 4th wall breaks are to demonstrate that she's a bit "odd", but also hint at her wider role within that setting.

      Or I'm being puppeted by extra-dimensional demons to write fiction that will soften this reality up for a breach. Who knows...

  6. Gross the Mushroom girl is a Pass for me and given the Madam and Elegant Lady's thoughts on her, I might be right. Anyway I have a few questions Hydra. I hope the site doesn't eat my comment.

    1. Are you going to make a self insert of yourself in any of your stories? I could possible see you as an obscure warlock that's on the background to help Phil with something. You know, be like Stan Lee cameo were he appeared in MCU movies.

    2. If the daemons were like Monika from Doki Doki Club were they gained awareness that they are in a fictional world, will fall the succubi and lust daemons you created would come for you Hydra?

    3. Will you create a succubus knight in the House? Basically a succubus that was intrigued by the Brave Knight slays dragon and rescues princess human fairytale story where she decides to do the role reversal. The man is in a cage, she 'slays' a weak rage daemon, and claims the man a her 'reward'.

    In other words, the man is Princess Peach, the succubus harlot is Mario, and the weak wrath daemon is Bowser.

    1. Maybe on 1) and 2). I have some ideas.

      3) Yes, but probably not in the House. I think there's a lot of story potential in having a loving monster girl type decloak to rescue her love. ("love" in inverted commas for the more demonic succubi).

      The main problem is its probably a really bad time for that reverse Mario and Peach story. Disney and others have driven the girlboss trope into the ground (mainly through making their girlbosses thoroughly unlikeable charisma vacuums). Anyone running the reverse Mario 'n' Peach story would have to fight through a lot of negative expectation just to get people to give it a chance.

  7. I think this another comment that got eaten. Retrieved from email notifications:

    "I like the succubus knight harlot idea. I think there is actually a monster girl erotic game where you play as a succubus and to get stronger, you fuck male orcs and human males untill you obtain the power to beat, fuck, and eat the Human Hero. It would basically be like your "Knight vs Succubus" story, but the deadly succubus is the protagonist going on the quest to defeat the Human Knight.

    Also thanks Hydra for keeping the succubi with fangs. Yes they aren't vampires, but succubi having fangs symbolizes that they aren't just inhuman, but are carnivorous predators and are no way vegans. After all sharp teeth=predatory creature. The fact that you said that Verde would much rather eat humans and doesn't want to touch pizza says a lot....

    Regarding the symbolism behind succubi wings, tails, and horns? I think its to hammer home that they are "erotic dragons" that swoop down on helpless prey to catch them, much like a hawk swooping down on a rat. Dragons are in fact strong and mighty, so a succubi having horns, wings, and tails like one is to show off how deadly winged entities they are.

    What do you think the horns, wings, and tails of a succubi stand for Hydra?"

    1. The horns, wings and tails are standard devil features. Probably tied in to the Christian symbolism of them representing sinful desires such as lust. I tend to avoid the more overtly Christian angle because I don't want to walk down the same path as previous writers. (In a similar manner, I try not to go too "eldritch" and get sucked into the Lovecraftian mythos.)

      I like the look though. Nothing says 'bad girl' like some devilish horns, wings and tail. :D

      There are lots of ways to run with the "Succubus Knight" idea. It doesn't even have to be a strict reversal as in vs "The Hero". A xenophobic human empire captures someone. A succubus goes to get them back. If she slaughters a bunch of humans on the way, well it's probably no different to a human knight slaughtering a bunch of goblins on the way to taking down the evil empire. (Just don't overplay the whole "humans are bad. Look, we're really evil and bad" thing as that gets really tedious when people start getting a little too virtue-signally about it)

  8. SCP used to be interesting and mysterious, but it ruined it for me when too many authors started to jump on the SCP band wagon and shit out too many characters that can destroy the universe and made the fourth wall breaking so extreme that its making Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and She Hulk look tame.

    Not to mention its just stupid how there are so entities that can rewrite reality and destroy the universe just wandering around unchecked.

    Anyway, is Phil going to learn anything from Nyte? She hasn't really done any "training" with Phil, since she's a succubus that can manipulate the darkness, will he able to use shadow magic?

    After all, that's why warlocks make pacts with daemons right? So the daemon can access Earth and given the human warlock knowledge and power.

    Also have you checked out Dark Deception yet? Its an interesting Pacman inspired Horror game.

    1. Yeah, I heard not-so-good things about SCP nowadays. I think that happens to every internet thing/community once it gets popular enough. I didn't used to be, but I've fallen more on the pro-gatekeeping side after seeing multiple online communities go to shit because they let the wrong people in.

      Nyte is more of a 'life lessons' sort of succubus. Might be cool to have her teach some actual magic though. There's probably some comedy in Nyte stealthily teaching Phil the sort of forbidden curses that inflict agony for hours, and how he'd react to knowing that.

      I've watched some streamers play Dark Deception. It's an interesting take on Pacman. I like the look and lore of it, but I don't think the gameplay is for me.