Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Harlot Art - Sapoonismenee Nerei

Here is some more lovely harlot art, again from the Atlantis27/Thraeh combo.  This time a player taking a hot bath with the lovely water nymph Sapoonismenee Nerei.  I'm guessing this player had DEX 5 and got plenty of Sapoonis's special foam in the body-to-body massage that followed. ;)

It's nice to see more details of the opulent luxury of some of the harlot's rooms.

I do have plans for a tentative team-up where Sapoonis and Aphro├║ double-team the player.  Then I remember that won't mean anything to anyone as Aphro├║ hasn't actually been released yet.  (You should get a chance to play with her in the v0.47 release scheduled for the end of the month.)

Thank you to Thraeh for illustrating Sapoonis and to Atlantis27 for commissioning the piece and kindly allowing me to share it here.

You can find more of Thraeh's work here on deviantart:


  1. Sweet artwork! Also is Aphrou another water nymph or a succubus that likes to play in water?

    1. She's an odd take on a pitcher plant girl. Difficult to explain, but you'll probably understand how they might go together after seeing the scenario.

  2. I love how Atlantis27 and Thaerh went so fucking hard making the design of the harlot's room. The Greek aesthetics are on point and its so great! Also damn you Hydra for teasing us with a new harlot XD

    I hope we get sexy artwork of Zuripai. I want my tall amazonian snu-snu succubus god damn it!

    1. The Greek aesthetics fit really well. Great job there.

      It will depend on whether someone commissions art of her. I have a warchest set aside for commissioning art, but I'm holding for the moment until I've put a demo together on Godot. I'd rather keep that money back until I know exact dimensions and style to fit it into the game.