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Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Harlot Art - Suffocatrix Assphyxia

I've been getting artwork of harlots commissioned as I look to take House of Hellish Harlots away from being a text-only game and give it actual graphics.

Here is the bootylicious Suffocatrix Assphyxia.

Artist is Marwmellow.  You can find more of their work on DeviantArt here.

To help fund commissioning all this art (there are 75 harlots in the House currently and the final number will be around 100), I've created higher Patreon tiers ($5 and $10).

As a reward for subscribing at this tier, patrons will get a first look at the new art as it comes in as well as access to the raw scripts and my behind-scenes thoughts on both the lore of the character as well as some insight in how I came to write them.

The first harlot in the spotlight is the adorably naive facesitting specialist, Bebi Ansikt-Sitta.  Here's a little teaser of her art.

The full version can be seen on Patreon here.

(I'm hoping to have it also up on SubscribeStar later this week.)

Yes, I know there is a heavy amount of Patreon shilling going on in this post.  But in this case virtually all of the higher-tier money is going towards paying for art for every harlot character in House of Hellish Harlots.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Harlot Art - Sapoonismenee Nerei

Here is some more lovely harlot art, again from the Atlantis27/Thraeh combo.  This time a player taking a hot bath with the lovely water nymph Sapoonismenee Nerei.  I'm guessing this player had DEX 5 and got plenty of Sapoonis's special foam in the body-to-body massage that followed. ;)

It's nice to see more details of the opulent luxury of some of the harlot's rooms.

I do have plans for a tentative team-up where Sapoonis and Aphroú double-team the player.  Then I remember that won't mean anything to anyone as Aphroú hasn't actually been released yet.  (You should get a chance to play with her in the v0.47 release scheduled for the end of the month.)

Thank you to Thraeh for illustrating Sapoonis and to Atlantis27 for commissioning the piece and kindly allowing me to share it here.

You can find more of Thraeh's work here on deviantart:

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Harlot Art - The Madam

Here is some lovely harlot art, or in this case NPC art.  After having art commissioned of Mademoiselle Vête Piège, Atlantis27 commissioned Thraeh for another character - this time The Madam of the House herself.

For more of Thraeh's work, check out their DeviantArt here:

I must admit, The Madam is one of the characters I have problems with visualising.  She's supposed to be at once both very old and doddering, while at the same time still looking quite hot and very fuckable.  That generally sends my imagination haywire.  Although, in theory, if she was a character in a movie or anime, the way to show that would be to have an early-thirtysomething (and attractive actress) play her with the mannerisms of a far older person.

I think the art does a good job of depicting that.  Old hairstyle and decadent courtesan dress, young face.  And, in the lingerie pose - a very voluptuous and sexy body.

Thanks for having this commissioned, Atlantis27.

And as for The Madam getting a proper scene in the House, that's something I still haven't finalised.  She could just as easily show up as an extra NPC encounter, the queen of one of the factions, or even the final 'boss' the player has to survive in order to escape the House.  I haven't decided yet.

Saturday, March 04, 2023

Harlot Art - Mademoiselle Vête Piège

Here is some more lovely harlot art, this time of the lovely, refined and not at all dangerous (*ahem*) Mademoiselle Vête Piège.

This is courtesy of my patron, Atlantis 27, who commissioned artist Thraeh for the pieces and was kind enough to let me share them here.

More of Thraeh's work can be found on DeviantArt here:

I like the contrast between her sophisticated clothed look and coquettish naked look on the bed.  And remember the rules with Vête Piège - on top of the bed, not in-between the sheets!

Friday, October 07, 2022

Art of Sapoonismenee Nerei (from House of Hellish Harlots)

Here is the second piece of art I had commissioned.

This is the soapy nereid, Sapoonismenee Nerei.  She is another of the harlots that can be found in "The House of Hellish Harlots".  Her speciality is soapy massages, but handle her with care!

The public demo is still text-only, but you can play it here.  Sapoonis was the first harlot added.  There have been a lot more since then (nearly 60!) and it's turned into a slightly more complex project than I originally intended.

The artist is again Marwmellow.  You can find more of their work here.

The money for the commission came out of my Patreon subs.  If you'd like to see more, or just want to support my writing in general, you can support me on Patreon.  And now also on SubscribeStar.

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Art of Sorpresa Ombra (from House of Hellish Harlots)

Let's start the first week of October with something nice.

This is Sorpresa Ombra.  She's one of the harlots that can be found within the "House of Hellish Harlots" (the public demo of which can be played here).  She specialises in smothering men between those lovely big boobs of hers.

The artist is marwmellow and you can find other examples of their work here.

After seeing how Queen Colubridis turned out, I ran a poll for patrons to pick the next harlot to have art created for and Sorpresa was the winner of that.  She turned out really nice, I think.  Sinuously seductive.

Thursday, June 09, 2022

Art of Queen Colubridis (from House of Hellish Harlots)

Continuing the theme of art of harlots, here's Queen Colubridis in all her gluttonous glory.

This commission was mine.  After seeing how the first Khanara Anandanum came out for Mark45.  I looked at Marwmellow's DeviantArt page, saw a lot of lovely lamias, and reckoned they'd be perfect for drawing Queen Colubridis.

Queen Colubridis is another one of the harlots from my erotic horror interactive fiction game "The House of Hellish Harlots".  In it, you the player have to try and survive the night in a brothel filled with hungry succubi and other monster girls.  It's still a work in progress and has morphed into a slightly more ambitious project than I originally thought.  There are over 50 harlots to interact with.  You can check it out here.

The money for the commission was raised through my Patreon.  If you'd like to support the creation of more works like this, please consider subscribing.  This month I'll be looking into other alternatives to Patreon as well.  I know some people refuse to use Patreon for ideological reasons (which I fully understand).

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

More Art of Khanara Anandanum (from House of Hellish Harlots)

Mark45 has shared with me the 2nd piece of art of Khanara Anandanum he had commissioned from Marwmellow and has kindly given me permission to post it here.

This time we get to see her with her dress off.  She might look a little strange, but once she's wrapped around you, you won't care...

Khanara is one of the (more unusual) monster girl/succubus harlots from my erotic horror interactive fiction game "The House of Hellish Harlots".  While the project is still a work in progress, there are over 50 harlots to 'play' with.  You can check it out here and support the project (and me!) on my patreon here.

Saturday, May 07, 2022

Art of Khanara Anandanum (from House of Hellish Harlots)

Here is some nice art of Khanara Anandanum, one of the stranger harlots in the House of Hellish Harlots. She's the slime/slug/lamia monster girl that wraps her lower body around the player and overwhelms them with bliss.  This is a nice teasing pin-up of her upper body.  The dress is billowing, but we can't see what's beneath...

Credit and thanks again to Mark45 for having this commissioned.  He is also responsible for the Pori the Love Sponge piece and the lovely Nurse Honey pieces.  So again, many thanks.  You can find a gallery of the other work he's had commissioned on Eka's Portal here.

The artist this time is Marwmellow.  They have a gallery on DeviantArt here and can be found on twitter @kaputemachine.  I quite like their soft focus, slightly more realistic anime style.

I notice quite a few lovely lamias in that gallery.  I might put in some enquiries and see if I can get a pic of Queen Colubridis commissioned...