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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Hell Harlot - Sapoonismenee Nerei

I've got things a little organised with the Hell Harlot profiles.

Wednesdays I'll show off new art as part of a Hell Harlot profile.

Saturdays will be where I catch up for harlot art that was already been publicly revealed.  (I let patrons/subscribers see it early as their money is helping fund the commissions!)

I'll start with the older art from back before I found a way to add them to the game.  This is the soapy massage specialist Sapoonismenee Nerei.

If you want to 'play' with her, the public demo of House of Hellish Harlots can be found here.

Art is by marwmellow.  More of their work can be found here.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Hell Harlot - Nicolette

Now I have a template, I'm going to make these a regular weekly reveal (at least until I catch up on the art, depending on how busy marwmellow is).  With a few extras from already revealed artwork at the weekends.

Here is Nicolette.

Art is by marwmellow.  More of their work can be found here.

The text version of House of Hellish Harlots can be played here.

I almost have a new demo version with art ready featuring all the harlots from the first 4 rounds (36, most with art).  More on that when I get it out.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Hell Harlot - Chén

Now that I have a proper template in place, I can return to the original plan of publicly revealing harlot art for House of Hellish Harlots as MGE-style profiles.

Here is Chén.

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Re-introducing Hell Harlot Profiles

Normally today I'd be revealing another piece of harlot art from the game project I'm working on.  I'm still spoiling the same art, but a little differently.

A while back I had the idea to make MGE-style profiles for the harlots and use them to help promote the game.  However, getting that template right proved a bit more difficult than I anticipated.  The results weren't the best.

I had a second stab at it, to mixed results again.  Thankfully, this time Noeru helped me out by providing a simple open book background and I think that might have done the trick.

Here is Pêl-V Gnoi, whose are I was due to show off today anyway.

The layout was inspired by Kenkou Cross's Monster Girl Encyclopedia and Pêl-V Gnoi is inspired by the watermelon monster girl from Monmusu Quest. She's also a character in the game project I'm working on, House of Hellish Harlots, where - like the 70-odd other harlots in the House - she has a fairly detailed and hot CYOA sex scenario. I've made this post public to widen the number of people who can see it, and because Pêl-V was due to be revealed publicly on my blog today anyway.

For a quick bit of background on the profile text. The section in italics is written by The Madam of the House in order to entice visitors into picking one of her 'gals'.

The section in regular text below is written from the perspective of The Portly Gentleman. He's been trapped in the House for a while and knows a bit more about the various Hell Harlots than The Madam is prepared to reveal!

I also created profiles for the other Pêls I revealed recently.

I'm hoping I've finally found a template that works for this. If people like it, I'll create more for the other harlots which have had their art revealed and continue to do so for future harlot art reveals.

I want to use these to help promote the game, so please feel free to spread them around the internet in places that enjoy sexy monster girls and succubi.

Let me know what you think below!

Also, what I forgot to add in the excitement.  The artwork for these was done by Marwmellow.  If you want to find more of his work or get in touch for commissions of your own, he has a DeviantArt page here.