Wednesday, February 01, 2023

House of Hellish Harlots v0.038

A new month, a new House of Hellish Harlots release.

The public website demo is now up to v0.038.

This adds:
- New Harlot: The energy bunny Leppi Navitas.
- Repeat visit functionality for Succuba.
- Amoura D'Coeur's much more dangerous repeat visit scenario.

The second half of Amoura D'Couer's scenario is something I know people have been waiting for for a while, so I hope it delivers.

As always, the public demo can be found on the website here:

If you want to support the project and my other writing, I have a Patreon and SubscribeStar.  Subscribers there get new versions two months early and can influence the order new harlots get added with semi-regular polls.

They were given v0.040 yesterday, a small update that adds one new harlot - Hati Krim.  She's a blue-skinned alien (-looking) babe that specialises in erotic cream massage.

This is a small update.  Currently I'm running into issues with the project being so big the Twine Editor lags.  Until I've solved that, I'll be putting out single-harlot release and then hoping to catch up later in the year.

I hope you enjoy playing with the new harlots.  Leppi is very appropriate for the year of the rabbit and reasonably friendly in comparison to the others.


  1. Public demo is still 0.037 ver.

    1. Might be a caching issue. Shows v0.038 when I check.

    2. Still shows 0.037 up in multiple devices

  2. Is Amoura supposed to be a Magical Girl succubus because of all the hearts? If not, are you ever going to create a succubus like Sailor Moon?

    1. More a conventional succubus. Sailor Moon does have a lot of interesting sexy monster girls. Probably some inspiration to be found looking through their rogues' gallery.

      I might see if I can come up with a proper magical girl succubus. It would likely be a witch/sorceress type that's tapping into the look to trap people attracted by it.

  3. I do wonder if you are going to create a lust daemon bed bug. Since those critters live in beds and drink blood, maybe a lust daemon bed bug can be a fusion of a vampire/insect girl. What do you think Hydra?

    1. Definitely possible. I've done mosquito girls in H-space. Might be similar to the sheep girl in that she wants the player to fall asleep so she can drink their blood.

  4. I was looking up the DnD alignment and it made me think about what your succubi will fall under.

    Nyte: Lawful Evil.
    Nurse Honey: Neutral Evil.
    Rosa: Chaotic Evil.
    Verde: Lawful Evil.
    Nicole: True Neutral.
    Cerluea: Chaotic Neutral
    The Madam that runs House: Lawful Evil.
    Carny: Neutral Evil.

    Am I right Hydra? The daemons tend to operate more on just eating humans or advancing their goals, so they are a combination of Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil, and Lawful Evil.

    The Neutral Evil daemons are worse because they will gladly back stab you to get what they want because they are very selfish and determined to further their agendas (Nurse Honey) while a Lawful Evil daemon will have a strict code of principle they will follow (Nyte, Madam etc).

    1. I'm rusty on the D&D alignments. Evil vs Neutral tends to be tricky. Phil's succubi could fall into all-evil because they still drain humans to death, but also neutral, because that's what a succubus is in the same way humans eat bacon. To handle it in a more relative manner to each other, I guess it could be something like this:

      Nyte: Lawful Evil/Neutral (maybe more neutral)
      Nurse Honey: Lawful/Neutral Evil (she will follow her own rules)
      Rosa: Chaotic Neutral
      Verde: True Neutral
      Cerulea: Chaotic Neutral
      Carny: True Neutral
      The Madam: Lawful Evil
      Nicole: Good Neutral (she tries to better the lives of people she thinks deserve it and will actively hunt down 'bad' people).

      This is from a more relative perspective to each other.

    2. Who of these characters might show up in the game?

  5. Oops I made a mistake. Carny is Lawful Evil.

  6. Hmm, just as the first person says, the public version is 0.037 not 0.038. The changelog there says the version has been upgraded, however the sign in the left upper corner clearly says "v0.037 Demo - Rounds 1 to 5, 60 harlots". The caching has nothing to do with it, probably you messed with permissions in some way, because you yourself observe the newer version

    1. Hmm. I'm not sure what's going here. First thing I do on the 1st of the month is upload the new file and delete the old file. My guess it would have to be an old copy cached somewhere. I'll put out a post to see how many people are affected by it.

      I only see v0.038 when I check the website myself.

  7. Yeah that's strange. I'm literally asking the Madam for the rabbit girl but she's not showing up on the list of monster girls when im using my Token. What gives?

    1. Look at the game's version. You probably have 0.037 just like the rest of us