Sunday, February 05, 2023

Are People Having Problems with the new House of Hellish Harlots v0.038 Release?

I thought I'd make a post on this as I've received multiple comments on it.

If you check the House of Hellish Harlots website and hit play, are you seeing v0.037 or v0.038?

On the 1st of the month I did as I always do, uploaded v0.038 and hit update, then deleted v0.037 from the file system (because the game file is pretty big).  When I check, I see v0.038.

A lot of people are reporting they're only seeing v0.037.  I don't know if this problem is still occurring or what might have caused it.

Anyone with more web experience know what it might be?

(My guess would be people are seeing an old version cached somewhere, but my web-design-fu isn't good enough to be 100% on it.)


  1. 0.037 here

  2. The version is showing 0.037 for me, and that's after I've cleared out my browser's cache and cookies. Strangely the changelog section says 0.038!

  3. Changelog shows that it’s 0.038, but if I play the game there are none of the new features

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  5. 0.037
    Different browsers and different devices

    If the old file is cached on the server it's probably somewhere in the reverse proxy (like nginx)

    I'd suggest you yourself check the game version on different devices. And try to debug requests on the server if it's possible (does the GET request REALLY go for the required handler? or is it lost somewhere on the way / uses different handler ?) I'll send you what I see in the "Network" DevTools section

  6. 0.037 here