Thursday, February 01, 2024

House of Hellish Harlots v0.052 (Nicolette)

I've updated the public version of House of Hellish Harlots to v0.052.  This adds another harlot from one of my old stories... sort of.

Okay, let's be honest.  It's Nicole from my stories... kind of.

Nicole is a popular character of mine.  However, while I've been able to sneak other characters in, I know most of Nicole's back story and have very specific plans for her in future stories, and there are quite strong lore-specific reasons why she can't be here.  To get around that, I've added Nicolette, a suspiciously similar expy.  I didn't want that to be too lazy, so I've also snuck in a few little lore tidbits to explain what's going on.

As for the scenario.  It's fairly straightforward, being a rewrite of some of Nicole's waterbed scenes in "Locked in with a Succubus".  Unfortunately, I didn't realise how much I'd have to deviate from that, and - as I've found with some of the H-space bestiary updates - sometimes trying to edit and alter an existing story can be fiddlier than just writing something new from scratch.

The scenario isn't very complex to play through.  Nicolette in-universe fangirls over Nicole, and shares a lot of her attitude and mannerisms because she wants to be like her.  To get around that, it's a fairly long and detailed sex scene (about 6K words).  Like Nicole, Nicolette also likes to give men a thorough pampering.

Her scenario also serves a mechanical purpose within the game.  As to what that is, I'll leave it to players to discover.

You can have fun with her here:

Patrons and subscribers are a couple of releases ahead.  I'm back to my regular end-of-month release schedule, so they had v0.054 yesterday.  That release also adds a 'beneficial' harlot.  Friesya Holstun is a buxom and sexy cow girl nurse-in-waiting, and her scenario features lactation, a nursing handjob, and - of course - lots of big boobs.

I've also been getting a lot of art commissioned of the harlot characters, and have been previewing it for higher tiers as part of an ongoing Harlot Spotlight series.

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  1. Geez, you're not wrong about Nicolette straight up simping for Nicole. Her sex scene felt exactly like what Nicole did to the dude in Locked in with a Succubus.

    Its like Nicolette was in the room fingering herself while watching Nicole fuck George.

    1. To help boost up the harlot count I thought I'd take some scenes from old stories. They're mostly straight rewrites to save time. Sometimes, as was the case with this one, that doesn't always work out as rewriting can take longer than just writing a new scene if there are a lot of changes.

      I knew I couldn't use Nicole, so made an expy. It's a nice fit with the lore that she fangirls Nicole so much she copies her almost religiously.

  2. This reveals more questions than answers, like...
    How did they meet?
    Did they meet on Earth or Hell?
    Did Nicole mentor her?
    If she did mentor her, we're they both in Hell or in Earth?
    What did Nicole do to make Nicolette simp for her?
    How did she fall into the Madam's clutches?
    Is she in the House against her will like Boobella?
    How does she knows of Nicole's water bed sex trick?
    Is Nicole going to rescue her?
    Did she fuck humans on Earth?
    Did she meet Inari?
    Does she want to go to Earth?

    Yeah she's great and all, but im just wondering where has she been in Nicole's one shots.

  3. Haven't really locked any of that in, so it will be fun to slide references into future stories. (Fortunately, I don't think any of it contradicts anything else, so there is a fair bit of freedom for a possible Nicolette meets Nicole story).

    I guess that story might see both of them on one guy, on a waterbed, at the same time, which will probably be fun to write. ;)

  4. You should really check out Hazbin Hotel blud, its really good, but I am a bit annoyed that they made Adam, the first man of mankind into an obnoxious, rude, arrogant, and macho dudebro.

    It was written by progressive liberals, so I shouldn't be that surprised that the big bad is basically a villainous demon slaying Duke Nukem.

    1. Yeah, that trope is very overdone now. An obnoxious dudebro character in itself isn't a problem - my succubi feasted on plenty in my earlier stories. It becomes very tiresome when every male character is either an asshole or pathetic and incompetent. There also seems to be a measure of spite underwriting it that leaves a bad taste (the recent Suicide Squad game looks like it suffers badly from that).

      Unfortunately, it has a bit of a splash effect on creators like me. The sexy femdom nature of the succubi means they need to come out on top against the man for the sexy fun times to happen. There's no real greater reason than that. But if everyone else is destroying traditional male heroes everywhere else with spiteful glee, then what was a fun subversion for readers starts to be less so... :'(

      I'm still going to write the same type of stories, but I'll need to work harder to make the characters more nuanced. Super hero parodies like "Sister Squeeze" are more likely to irritate than delight readers nowadays.

  5. Lol i thought it was hilarious how the demons called Adam a "fuckable bad boy" It just goes to show you even though Adam was killing them, most of the demons still wanted to fuck him XD

    Jokes aside, Nicolette was a treat. I love succubi that appear threatening at first, but then show their wholesome side to throw you off.

    1. Seems like standard tumblr morality. There's an audience that likes the 'bad boys' just as much as I like the 'bad girls', so I can't really throw any stones there! :D

      I think even the nice succubi have to show a little fang to keep the reader guessing. Can't make them too safe!

  6. Unfortunately, Hazbin Hotel kind of falls into that "becoming a demon is so awesome!" trope.

    Take Alastor for example, he used to be a human cannibal serial killer that ate people, but in Hell, he is a super strong shadow demon that can grow to the size of a building, can manipulate shadows, can summon goblin-like shadow monsters, and is an immortal that will not die from old age.

    The demons in Hazbin don't really eat human souls like Hydra's daemons, yeah they can form soul contracts, but its only to control the victim. The only kind of demons that actually go around eating people are the Cannibal Demons, pretty much humans that that were cannibals before being turned into demons.

    The sex demons in Hell also don't "dry fish" their victims, like how the group of succubi in Helluva Boss were fucking drunken frat dudebros and none of them died.

    I prefer your daemons Hydra. They have an Eldritch and very predatory vibe about them. Hazbin demons are just a bunch of red skinned humans with horns that act like a rude jackasses.

    1. It probably suits that story. So much is from the focus of the non-human characters, they're inevitably going to be 'humans' with demon-powers. While I like to keep my demons' thought processes very hidden, for some stories it wouldn't work.

      I'm guessing Hazbin Hotel is also taking standard Christian lore and doing the old-fashioned JRPG thing of 'what if angels were the evil ones".

      I prefer to misdirect it by having viewpoint characters interpret hell-space and the daemons according to their beliefs (whether religious or scientific), only for it to become increasingly clear that's not how things are at all...

  7. From watching the sex demons from the show and comparing and contrasting it with Hydra's sex daemons, his daemons are more dangerous. Its been revealed that Sinner Demons still technically have their human souls, despite no longer being human again.

    So if a Sinner Demon were to have sex with Nyte, or Rosa, the Sinner Demon would actually die. Why? Because Hydra's succubi can drain a human's life energy through sex, and the Sinner Demons don't eat souls and still have their souls.

    But some of your might say that Sinner Demons can only be killed by angelic weapons, or they can regenerate from any thing. And well, that is not true.

    Yes a Sinner Demon can probably survive from Nyte, or Carny ripping them to pieces, but they can't recover from their life force or soul being drained/eaten.

    So while a Sinner Demon can regenerate from no problem after being torn to shreds, their "immortality" can bypassed once Hydra's succubi start directly attacking their life force.

    Just goes to show how powerful Hydra's lust daemons are while the sex demons from Hazbin/Helluva are wimps.

    1. It is very different world-building to be fair. From what I've seen, Hazbin Hotel's demons are human souls after they die.

      My daemons are extra-dimensional predators that feed on souls/lives, and lust and sex is a forced requisite to obtain what they want. (They need the human to experience sexual ecstasy - they can't just rip him apart.)

  8. Hazbin Hotel Hell is much different than Hydra's Hell. The Hell in Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss feels more like a "different world" and not an afterlife where humans that die are reincarnated as demons and get to do whatever they want. It doesn't help that the cities they have in Hell look like New York, but with a Drug Store, Porno Studio, Night Club, and Gun Store on every corner and there is no police.

    Hydra's Hell? His is more on the mysterious and eldritch side. We still don't know what Hell's society is like, but it does have different clans that stick together, like lust daemons that practice suffocation while fucking their prey has the Sanctum of Strangulated Sighs.

    Which Hell is worse? Hydra by a long shot. You can at least become a demon with a healing factor, can get a job, do all the drugs and sex you want without dying, and can even meet your past ancestors in Hell.

    Good luck surviving in Hydra's Hell that has daemons debate which is the best way to catch and eat humans.

    1. It's probably down to influences. Hazbin Hotel seems to be a slant on the traditional cartoony version of Christian hell.

      My Dominions only really took the traditional seven deadly sins as a starting point. I wanted them to be more like the eldritch locations in the Cthulhu Mythos dreamlands.

      I'm still on the fence as to how hostile to human life (and souls) to make them. On the one hand, if everyone that enters them is pretty much going to get eaten right away, that limits storytelling opportunities. On the other, making them incredibly hostile unknowable places gives them a nice cloak of mystery. If people could go back and forth, make deals with daemon clans, have adventures, they'd be just another fantasy setting. I think I want them to be scarier than that.

  9. Im just surprised there is no succubus wearing a slutty version of the Japanese school uniform. You know? Those uniforms that have the white shirt, tie, skirt, knee socks, and brown shoes? The uniforms that are very common in anime that has a school/college-like setting? Would be cool to see a succubus in one.

    1. Have to be very very careful with anything that could be construed as underage. From a world-building perspective, it would make sense for succubi to target any kind of desire. That would mean succubi in traditional school girl garb. It would also mean loli succubi posing as much younger to ensnare pedophiles.

      Unfortunately, it's an area where I have to consider our-world problems. In a sane world you could do it and it would quite clearly be an adult 'woman' cosplaying in a school uniform, and completely harmless. Unfortunately we're in a batshit-insane social media age where people think clearly adult-age anime characters with DD boobs, or videogame characters scanned from a real-life 32-year-old model (Stellar Blade) are 'pedo'. That limits certain opportunities because it's just not worth the hassle of dealing with the online crazies.

      I know what you mean with the uniform. It's a common trope in anime. Maybe? I think if I was going to use it, I'd probably make it clearly fetish in the same way a fetish nun or nurse outfit cannot be mistaken for the real thing.

  10. Lol the Woke jerks complaining that chick from Stellar Blade looks too "young" are being low key racist by implying that Asian women look like little underage girls because of their youthful faces and short heights. Leftists and their double standards...

    Are you ever going to add the Bedmistress succubi clan in like HoHH part 2?

    1. It's just lies with Stellar Blade. I don't think they actually believe she's underage, or the anime drawings they frequently attack. I think they know now that screeching about 'objectification' or 'male gaze' isn't going to be taken seriously, so the nastier ones just throw 'pedo' around instead. It's exactly the same as how they use 'racist', 'bigot, and other '-ists' and '-phobes' to try and bully people. As always the strategy relies on no-one checking what the accusation is for and taking it at face value. I think people are wising up to that nonsense now, although it's still very unpleasant when the mob comes a-dogpiling.

      On the plus side, that they're having to throw out 'pedo' instead of 'muh obectimification' means that the tide is slowly turning. Unfortunately, I expect the more fanatical ones to get nastier and more vicious as they sense their grip slipping.

      As for the bedmistress clan, I should have put them in HoHH 1! Still kicking myself for that. Instead there's a 4th faction of generic succubi that lacks a strong identity.

      Completely missed it when they were right there and perfect for the task. Oh well, maybe in a later version. It will be nice to expand their lore. They're adversarial in Succubus Summoning, but putting a few in the House would show their other side - they take the bedroom arts very seriously and are phenomenally good at it.

  11. The Woke jerks that are saying the chick from Stellar Blade is "childish looking" are being low key racist, implying that Asian women with youthful faces and short heights look like little underage girls. The Leftists and their double standards...

    Are you going to add the Bedmistress succubi clan into HoHH part 2?

  12. Sorry for double posting dude, I didn't see my first comment earlier and thought the site deleted it.

    1. No worries. Posting can be a little unreliable here. Blogger used to eat comments regularly and I'd have to retrieve them from email notifications.

  13. My god, you really don't miss when you make stories. Some Youtuber named Vaush got in trouble and well...ill just say this to sum it all up:

    Vaush: Calls pedos loser degenerate Nazis that aren't masculine and jerk off to child p0rn.

    Also Vaush: Has multiple saved folders on his computer of child p0rn with one image of an underage teen girl getting fucked by a horse that he accidentally revealed on Twitch live...

    Bro...your "Proud Male Feminist Gets Creamed" one shot doesn't feel like a parody anymore....

    1. Yeah, I've seen that drama. It's pretty funny. Projection and double standards as always with that crowd.

      I consider loli drawings fairly harmless if distasteful. But if people are going to try and equate anime with 'fash' and pedos, crank up the petard and hoist them into a wall when they get caught with the more worse examples of it on their computer. It's what they'd do to you given the chance.

      Sadly, the real life examples that inspired ProudMaleFeminist are far worse - actual abuse and other nastiness. Definitely seems to be a trend that the ones who trumpet their feminist credentials the loudest often turn out to be the least safest to leave alone with vulnerable women.

      It's not really new as a trope. It used to be the gay-bashing evangelical or Republican politician that turned out to be a closet homosexual. Times move on, though, and the loud feminist/SJW turning out to be a secret abuser/bully is probably a better modern example if you want to write that trope.

  14. I kind of want to see more stories like Proud Male Feminist. How about a story about a black guy that is openly a black supremacist that looks down on White people, thinks they are scum, and praises black women, but he is one of those "Talk Black, Sleep White" hypocrites that will secretly fuck white girls when no one is looking.

    The white girl he would be fucking after he just attended a black supremacist rally will be a Boobella-type succubus >:)

    After all, didn't the bar dudes jump and beat a black guy to death in "Night at Mchooligans"? This could be a good change in perspective to show you that any race, no matter if they are black, white, or asian can be bigots.

    1. Yeah, that could work. It's just the classic asshole victim racist, but with the twist of them being black rather than white. There are certainly real life examples that think that way to draw upon. It wouldn't even need to be black-on-white. Black-on-Asian has been a thing in quite a few online viral videos, although I suspect that's less a race issue and more an issue of common criminals going after perceived soft targets.

      It would throw up some interesting choices as to whether to make the protagonist cartoony evil, or more nuanced. Weirdly, for my type of erotic horror, the usual cosmic justice payoff doesn't work so well - people don't like the assholes getting 'good' sex from hot succubi, even if it kills them. :D

      I'd want to stress the individual when it comes to character. The usual assholes will asshole anyway. It's not worth caring about them. I think from a good writing perspective you should always aim to create good characters. Characters that are just cardboard-cutouts to represent groups (positive or negative) are bad writing (and boy is there so much of that with modern films and shows!).

      When I was thinking about it, I wanted to push a corruption angle on top. Maybe something similar to what happened with BLM (the organisation) and how lots of the money was funnelled into buying mansions and self-enrichment rather than benefiting the wider community. That would add more cause and effect.

      Black racist guy runs a charity that swindles community for his own gain.

      He books a hot white escort, who turns out to be succubus.

      It's later revealed this isn't an accident. Someone sent the succubus after him as revenge after the embezzling caused a death because the money wasn't where it was supposed to be.

      That would be a nice succubus story in the "succubus justice" sense, I think.

  15. Especially if the black supremacist dude got away with murdering an innocent white man. It would mirror what the drunken white thugs from the pub did to the innocent black guy that they beat to death in "Night at Mchooligans"

    1. That could work as well. That story is a stealthy 'demon for revenge' story that doesn't reveal itself to the end. You could flip the races and it would still be a satisfying cosmic justice story.

      There are a lot of potential stories outside of the tired 'evil white corporate villain dude' trope. (I've had my succubi kill plenty of them!)