Friday, August 25, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 11

And we’re back for more Monmusu Conquered World action!  If you’re looking for the first part of this series, it’s right here.  The usual warnings about adult material apply.  If you’re squicked out by such things, now is the time to stop reading.

Okay, so we cleared out the sexy babes in the demon lord throne room.  What now?

There are the foxes in the desert.  Unfortunately, I’m running blind this time thanks to Windows 10 borking all my Japanese translation software, so I have no idea what their relevance to the plot is.

Little Fox gives us an utterly adorable Japanenglish “Bye-bye” before vanishing.  Yay, we understood something other than “hora hora”.  (And “shiborito”, there is always plenty of shiborito going on.)

Then we get to run-and-dodge through a largish top-down desert section.  It’s a completely wasted opportunity as Dieselmine decides to mark the change in location with... no new sex anims at all.

We do get new ones after entering what appears to be some kind of forgotten temple, including a blowjob from a monster girl with very unusual pupils.

The filler gets even more tediously filler with some trivial puzzles.

Once that’s out of the way we get some ominous fx before 4chan’s (or is it 8chan) favourite monster girl, Manticore, puts in an appearance.

The meme arrives...

Kenkou Cross (of Monster Girl Encyclopedia fame) is to blame for codifying this one and the infinite tailpussy memes she spawned.  To be fair, shaggy fur, lion paws, scorpion tail, and demon wings aside, she’s marked improvement over the manticore male.

No wonder female manticores are so keen to capture human males

(If you remember where this picture is from, you are probably, like me, quite old.)

Manticore beats the snot out of us and continues to beat the snot out of us in the wordy bits that follow.  Way to confirm to stereotypes, Manticore.

After sufficiently tenderising us, Manticore climbs on top for a spot of 69.

Manticore 69

Just keep her happy and lick her pussy, Luka-clone.

Luka-clone, lick the pussy of the scary monster with lion paws.

The voice acting is pretty nice here.  The actress really gets into the slurpy sloppy blowjob sounds.  Manticore really seems to like sloppy 69.

Just keep licking and we might come out of this okay, Luka-clone buddy.

Manticore must be an important midboss.  She’s the first to transition into a second Bad End scene.  Now this one looks a little more uncomfortable.

This does not look comfortable...

Is there any reason to hold our legs up like that, Manticore?  I’m supposed to be playing cricket this weekend and you’re murdering my hamstrings.  Oh well, at least Monmusu Conquered World is a little gentler than the Violated Hero series that proceeded it.  If this was Violated Hero, Manticore’s stinger would already be in our...

So much for being tamer this time around

Goddamn it.

That would appear to be a scorpion stinger inserted into the rectum.  Turned on yet?

(Hey, didn’t you already have NĂ¿te do something similar back here)


“A little squirt of my special venom in your prostate and you’ll be coming for days,” Manticore says

There are easier ways of getting Viagra into the body

That’s more than a ‘little squirt’, Manticore.  Oh well, Luka-clone, looks like we’re going to be here for a while.

Her sex attack uses the same her-on-top artwork from her 2nd H-scene.  Except it’s animated.  It’s rather tasty indeed.

Oh why oh why didn’t you put these animations in the Bad End scenes, Dieselmine?  You’d be starting to approach Succubus Prison in quality if you did, and that is a damn fine succubus H-game.

Even after losing, Manticore still wants to fight.

Oi, we just had the RPG fight.  You lost.

Seriously, just cut it out, Manticore, we’ve got places to go, other sexy babes to scre... be utterly violated by.

Best I can discern, without being able to follow the plot at all, is that Manticore is the guardian to some kind of portal.  With her defeated, the portal is open and it’s time to head off to... who knows.

Come back in a couple of days to find out.


  1. Manticore is best monster.

    1. Of the ones shown so far, I'm more partial to Atomis the steam girl. I'm the type to be attracted to big tits, probably stereotypical of me.