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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 53: Recruiting the Queens II


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Time to pick up more of those gorgeous, sexy monster girl queens.  Hopefully ones that won’t try to eat us mid-nookie.

Queen Harpy - Lucretia

This is straightforward.  Go back to Queen Alraune at the top of the World Tree.  The Yggdrasil fruit will have ripened by now.  Collect it from Queen Alraune, warp to the Harpy Tower and present it to Queen Harpy.  This will cure her and she’ll join the party.

And we get some lovely nights filled with fluffy feathers...

Touch Fluffy... Wing?

Queen Alraune - Alrauna

Recruiting Queen Alraune is a little trickier.  Go back to the World Tree and talk to her.  She wants to secure succession to the throne and put the Alraune Priestess on it.

Alraune Priestess doesn’t want to have anything to do with it, thank you very much.  Running Plansect Village stressed her out to the point it gave her stomach ulcers.

Queen Alraune carries on talking as though Priestess had accepted.  She tells us we need to go to the gold coast to look for “light seedlings”, whatever they are.  Priestess still isn’t particularly happy about this.

Hmm, these queen quests seem to involve a lot of questionable choices and screwing over previous party members.  In other mainstream RPGs I’d be thinking these decisions would come back later to bite us in the ass.  But this is a frothy hentai game about collecting a harem of monster girl waifus... created by someone very familiar with RPG tropes and fully cognizant enough to twist and exploit them.

Are you up to something, TTR?

It turns out it’s the alraunes that are up to something.

Gold Coast is the beach section just before Poseidoness’s temple.  Wander around the grassy sections and look for the sparkly lights indicating an item.  Once you find it, Priestess will beg you to break it.  She really doesn’t want to be the new Queen Alraune.

If you refuse, she grabs and breaks it anyway.

...which upgrades her into a Queen Alraune, just as the old Queen Alraune planned all along.

Alraune Priestess promoted to Alraune Queen

Former queen alraunes burst out of the ground and scary boss music plays.  Uh oh.

I think we've been had...

Turns out it’s a prank.  It seems no-one wants to be queen of the plants, so the previous queens are continually tricking their successors into breaking the light seedling and getting stuck with the job.  Cue much weird supervillain cackling.

Alraunes are strange.

As with Spider Princess, we don’t lose anyone.  Queen Alraune, real name Alrauna, joins the party and Priestess stays with you and gains a new form.

She also gets three new request moves that are variations of her sitting on our lap.

Flowers suck.  (That is Luka under there, I think.)

The variations come from what she decides to suck our balls empty with—her pussy, or two types of fleshy flowers custom-designed for maximum sperm suckage.

Queen Mermaid - Laura

This had me stumped for a while and I had to look up how to do it online.  Even after the battleplan to go to Black Alice’s alt demon castle, Queen Mermaid still refuses to join.  It’s clear we need to do something with El, but this isn’t triggered by talking to Queen Mermaid.

For this you need to check the side quests in the pocket castle (you might have forgotten about them, which is understandable as it’s barely been used in part 2).  El has one where she wants to make amends for waging war on San Ilias.  How, is a little confusing.  I did run around all the locations in this region with El in the party without much luck.

Turns out you have to talk to El first in the pocket castle (or rather on the MS Fish, as that’s where she can be found).  El is really hurting over her role in the violence and comes to the conclusion she needs to use her blood to heal the people who’ve been injured.  After coming to this conclusion she rushes up to the deck and throws herself into a nearby iron maiden.

Of course, MGQ-universe iron maidens don’t work that way and El gets a rather pleasant shock instead (I think she liked it).

You need to take her to Queen Alraune (who was in my pocket castle at this point).  She will give El some seeds for medicinal herbs to be planted on Natalia Coast (the region before the descent into South Ocean Temple – Meia/Kraken’s domain).

The site of El's herb garden

Plant the herbs.  Come back.  Come back again.  Beat up the poor mini-crab girl because she was curious.  El learns that beating up people just because they’re curious is bad.

Now go back to Queen Mermaid.  El will talk to her and convince her to join.

And we can have some nice family fun tog—

A nice... eggjob?


Queen Fairy - Airy

We left Queen Fairy recuperating on the island at the centre of Fairy’s Isle.  Her recruit condition is pretty random and not related to picking up the red orb at all.

She wants to see the Hide’n’Seek trophy.  You pick that up by finding all the hidden Amiras... which we already have.

So that one’s easy.

(Unless you haven’t found all the Amiras and—worse—can no longer remember which locations you found her at and which you didn’t.  At which point I imagine there will be much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair.)

Queen Elf - Freya

Queen Elf’s recruitment condition is also rather random.  She wants to see a silver and gold trophy from Grand Noah’s coliseum.

She denies being a fan of all that sweaty fighting stuff, but is also very specific on what we need to do to obtain those trophies.  (Alice just rolls her eyes.)

The silver trophy is obtained by winning the first race restriction fight.  This is the second option and requires all four members of the party to share the same race (the imp party with a random other succubus is fine if you've kept leveling them up).  Fight three random encounters and win and the trophy is yours.

The gold trophy is obtained from the third option, which is some kind of endless mode.  You’ll need to win ten fights in a row, but as the monster girls they throw at you are low- to mid- level it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Take both trophies back to Queen Elf and she’ll join the party.

And we get to experience the exquisite pleasures of her pussy if we ask her very nicely in the pocket castle.

Mmm, luscious tight elf pussy.  You never got this in LotR.

And that, I think, is that for recruiting all of the monster girl queens.  I know there are still some side quests outstanding in the pocket castle.  I’ll come to those later.  As for now, it’s time to penetrate Black Alice’s... castle.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 47: The World Tree


<- Previous: Fairy Isle

And we’re back.  Kind of.

We’re in the middle of taking the fight back to the monster queens.  After knocking some sense into the Elf Queen, it turns out the real malodorous influence is happening over at the neighbouring World Tree.  The normally passive and peaceful Queen Alraune has become rather warlike all of a sudden.  So over we go to bring peace by setting everything on fire.  Starting with the Walraune blocking the entrance.  I suspect Inferno Mage Alicetroemeria is going to enjoy this particular dungeon.

We come in peace.  Burn everything down.

The world tree has a very similar structure to the slug and harpy towers of MQ:P part 1.  There are three floors with multiple stairs (or rather, vines in this case) leading to the next floor.  Some lead to dead ends with treasure chests.  The central path pretty much gets you to Queen Alraune.

It also gets you to the rainbow material required for smithing prism weapons.  That is reached by climbing down a vine in the southeast corner of the 3rd floor and gets you to here:

Rainbow rocks

Before we show Queen Alraune the error of her ways by setting her on fire, I suppose I should go over the wandering monster girls you can find in this region.

Walraune was in the original series.  She likes to trap Luka in her petals and give him a very long blowjob.  Also present is the Dryad you fought around the same time.  In the original she was also brainwashed and switched from sweet to sadistic after taking enough damage.  Both versions are present here.

Nice 'n' nasty dryads

If I remember correctly, you probably don’t want to lose to either of them as their Bad Ends involve attaching their roots to you and leaching out all your moisture.

We also get two new Forest versions of Alraune and Dryad.

New model Alraune and Dryad

Forest Alraune likes attaching a special flower to our dangly bits and gulping down all our juices.

Forest Dryad starts innocuously enough with what looks like a blindfolded handjob.

This doesn't seem so bad

She doesn’t seem too bad to lose to.  Sweet and innocent and... what’s that?

Wait!  That isn't a hand.

A plant gal’s got to get her moisture, and her favourite way is to attach her tentacle root to the crotch and start sucking away.  At least she’s considerate enough to keep Luka around afterwards rather than sucking out all his fluids and leaving behind a dried-up mummy.

In the original series Queen Alraune was brainwashed by one of the doll weapons designed to beat the heavenly knights.  They haven’t showed up so far in Paradox (thankfully, they were a bit shit compared to the other bosses), so I’m guessing it’s either Lilith or another one of Black Alice’s creations behind all this.  Queen Alraune can be found in the middle of the third floor.

She's big, bouncy and flowery... but mostly bouncy

She’s also no less flammable than the other plant girls, so prominence away Black Alice!  Uh, I mean, Alicetroemeria.

Queen Alraune does have a few annoying AOE status effect pollen attacks, including an instant kill one, but her vulnerability to fire should make this a fairly straightforward fight.

Afterwards Mephisto is brought in to clear the brainwashing, which causes the real culprit behind it all to reveal herself:

Who and what are you?

And you are... Aži Dahāka.  Whoever that is.  It looks like someone added a bunch of extra nonsense to the letters to make the name sound more mysterious.  That seems a really lame thing to do (ahem).

In this case Aži Dahāka is the name of an ancient Persian demon.  I must confess to not knowing too much about that particular mythology.

This Aži Dahāka looks like a lamia with other bits thrown in.  She reveals she’s acting on behalf of Black Alice which triggers a very suspicious facial expression from our own Black Alice.  Seeing the respective Black Alices face off against each other is something I’m rather looking forward to, even if the most likely outcome is they team up to snu snu Luka to a particularly icky Bad End.

But first we need to take out the real boss for this area.  As she appears to be a lamia, I figured it would be a simple switch from fire magic to ice magic.  And it worked... ahem.

Ilias’s evaluation afterwards (and the monsterpedia) reveals Aži Dahāka is strong to both fire and ice.  Really, I didn’t notice.

(Alicetroemeria might need a teensy bit of a nerf.)

But Aži Dahāka is a new gal, so what we’re really interested in is what debauchery she gets up to if you deliberately throw the fight lose to her.

Her temptation move is to hold Luka up and tempt him with her pussy.

Seems tempting enough.  Why not.  What’s the worst that can happ...

Snakes on a... particularly sensitive part of anatomy

Um, Aži dear.  Why is there a snake biting the end of my cock?

Aži.  Why is there a motherfucking snake biting the end of my motherfucking cock!  I’ve had it with these mother... yeah, we’re just going into cliché now.

Afterwards is more conventional sex.  Being a lamia, Aži Dahāka has quite a mobile pussy and uses it to full effect to squeeze and suck out all our semen.  Rather refreshingly for one of MGQ’s snake gals, she even refrains from opening her vagina wide and shoving us in face first.

She's a good squeeze

But that’s alternate!Luka’s fate.  Our Luka froze her into an icicle (despite her being resistant to ice – have I said enough times already how OP Alicetroemeria is).

She’s one of Black Alice’s minions, so there are no opportunities to recruit afterwards.  She does a runner and I imagine we’ll see her again in part 3.  With the snake demon gone, Queen Alraune returns to her normal placid self.  Unfortunately, we can’t seem to recruit her either as she’s too busy recuperating from being set on fire repeatedly.

There is also a very long callback to MQ:P [part 1].  If you remember all the way back to the harpy tower, we were able to cure all the harpies of the lust plague afflicting them, but not the queen.  She needed a special fruit from the World Tree.

Well, we’re here now, so does that mean we can recruit Miss Fluffywings?

Not quite yet.  Queen Alraune needs some time to grow the fruit.  I suspect we’re waiting for the requisite plot trigger.  Maybe after we’ve dealt with the other three queens.  However, she does give us the soul item that unlocks the advanced singing and dancing jobs.  Sonya is curious as to why Queen Alraune had this item and she reveals she wanted to be a star when she was younger.

Returning back to the fairy isle has Queen Elf reward us with an item.  Unfortunately, both her and Queen Fairy are still not recruitable as yet.  I suspect it’s the same trigger condition as the World Tree fruit.

Now that we have the requisite material for the elf blacksmith to make prism items, there are some side quests to catch up on.  Papi can be taught how to make prism gear.  There is no quest here, just bring her along to chat with the blacksmith.  Papi fails the first couple of times, but then gets some help from Salamander and between them they learn how to make prism items.

Unsurprisingly (as this is a 3-part series), this is not the ultimate material.  The elf blacksmith talks about the greatest blacksmith, Randolph, and legendary weapons forged from meteorite iron.  Alice also mentions she knows about this as the weapons were forged in the demon castle in Helgondo.  As for Randolph, nobody knows where he is, but I suspect he’ll show up sometime in a future chapter.

And that’s that for the World Tree and Fairy Isle (at least until we come back to recruit the queens).  One Queen down, three to go.  Next up, it’s time to have some fun with some frisky fishies in the secret mermaid base.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 7: Finoa

<- Previous: The Open Seas

So far Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] has done pretty well in throwing new monster girls at us.  The only repeats so far have been Dagon and one of the mermaids.  And if you happen to like Arekishi’s big-boobed paizuri scenes, well…

Your brave sacrifice will be remembered, but forge onwards we must.  There are many more monster girls to fuck is a world (possibly many) in need of saving.

The next location is Finoa, which is north of the Navy HQ and can be found here:


And the originality comes juddering to a halt.

In the countryside around Finoa we can find centaurs...

Something for the bronies?


Something for the gardeners?

…and some of UN_DO’s frog girls.

Something for the... I got nothing.

We’ve slotted back onto Luka’s path from Monster Girl Quest [chapter 2].  These were the first three monsters en route to Grand Noah if I remember right.  Centaur was a training fight to see if you’d remembered you’d picked up Gnome.  Forget that and you ended up wedged against a tree and stuck in wrong horse pussy.

Remember, it doesn’t count as bestiality if they can speak.  Gnooommmmeeee!  Haaalp!

The froggies have three request scenes back in the pocket castle – a tongue job, a communal tongue job and a frog sandwich with Luka in the middle.  I’m not sure if any of these are new.  In their first appearance I remember they had different Bad End scenes depending on how many Luka had knocked out before succumbing.  Maybe the tongue job scene is new.

Frog girls are very talented with their tongues

Not much else new here, but as Torotoro Resistance is trying to remain faithful to his original series, it makes sense.

Finoa is also a bit nothingy.  I am back to relying on machine translation, so it’s possible I might have missed a quest somewhere.  Aside from that, the NPCs here are mostly just information sources for the new continent.  From them you can learn that:

The next Tartarus location is west of Grand Noah and difficult to get to as it’s right in the middle of a lake.

There is another disappeared village.  Just like Rubiana in part 1, all the inhabitants of Esta have mysteriously vanished.

There’s lots of talk about avoiding the draft to fight the war against Grangold, which doesn’t appear to be going very well.

Despite all the war, people are still excited about the Queen’s Cup held in the coliseum of Grand Noah.  Ah, I remember that from the original series.  When you lost, you got fucked in front of the whole audience.  Good times.  Does this also mean we might be seeing a first appearance from Alma Elma?  The heavenly knights were conspicuously absent from the first game (aside from a recording/hologram of Tamamo).

Yamatai Village, another location from the first game, also gets a mention.  Alice advises visiting Grand Noah first to upgrade gear as the monsters on the way to Yamatai will be too strong for us currently.

Lastly there’s mention of a mysterious school of magic, which, I believe, is a new location.

There’s also the obligatory battle fucker – Lara.

Footjob technique.  Either that or she's trying to pull Luka's head off

My Luka might be a teensy weensy bit on the over-levelled side, so it’s not exactly a contest.  Ironically, she drops Cat Gloves, an accessory that bumps the rate of finding items to %150.  If I’d had that earlier, my Luka might be a more sensible level than 40 (that damn Grizzly Bear rare drop, grr).

As an aside.  In the first game I levelled up a lot of characters in Merchant for the buff to gold drop.  If you’re a completionist, I’d recommend following the Fortune Teller/Gambler path instead as these give abilities that improve item drop rate and trying to get the rare item drops is by far the biggest grind when it comes to removing all those ??????s from the library profiles.

Anyway, there’s not much going on in Finoa.

(I’ve botched a translation and missed something, haven’t I?)

Time to head off to Grand Noah.

-> Next: Grand Noah

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 13

Time for more Monmusu Conquered World.  This is part 13 of the Text Play series I started back here.

Last time we...

No, stop looking at the jiggly jelly slime boobs.  We have a series to write.


No buts.  Sword out.  Fight properly.

Sorry, Slime.

Anyway, after a bit lot of slippery, bouncy slime titjob action, it’s time to move on.

The next run-and-dodge section is more of the same as the last one, but with a tedious boulder trick to slow us down and be even more irritating.

And then it’s time for the next boss – Alraune.

Flowers, lots of lovely... um... flowers

As with Slime, Alraune looks like the kind of generic monster girl fight you’d expect to encounter as the first or second boss.  It’s almost like we’ve had some kind of restart.

Alraunes are the classic plant monster girl and normally consist of a hot babe standing in the centre of a giant rose.  They crop up in mainstream videogames like Castlevania and Disgaea, and usually utilise status-changing pollen/perfume attacks.  Their H-game equivalents are the same, but with the addition of flowers (or vines) that are used for more... explicit attacks.

What's with the mushroom?

Alraune’s hair, with the vines and the big fleshy pink openings at the end of them, looks suspicious.  Might want to keep it in the pants here, Luka-clone.

Too late.  Alraune exhales a big cloud of poison gas over us and that’s it for the first fight.

The Bad End sees us trussed up in vines and suspended at convenient height for Alraune.

What does Alraune like?

Danger lurking bottom left...
Giving out nectar-infused handjobs it appears.  I’m not sure where it comes from, but she slathers plenty over our cock before starting to milk.

And rimjobs.  Her tongue goes right in the ass and has a little worm around.

I guess if you’re part plant, ordure is pretty tasty.  Being fertilizer and all that.

This is pretty nice, Alraune.  So when do we get to fuck?

Oh, you want us to fuck one of your weird hair tentacle things.  Um, okay then.


Slurp.  Slurp.  Suck.  Suck.  Gulp.

I guess we’re hero-on-tap, at least until Alraune drinks us all up.

Alraune is also following the same script as Arachne: Poison, Bind, Sex!

Her sex animation is attaching one of those vine suckers to our dangly bits and gulping away.  Only without any gulping, throbbing or bulges that indicate any suction is going on.  The animation is surprisingly stiff.  One of the highlights of Violated Hero 3 was when the Thorn-Pussy plant girl first unleashed her suction sex attack on the hero.  This animation looks like an obvious paper cutout moving up and down.  The recent Succubus Prison DLC has an additional tailsuck H-scene that shows how best to use limited animation for this type of scene (and boy does that succubus take her sweet time in sucking everything out of the hapless protagonist!).

Alraune ends up mostly a miss for me.  However, if the thought of having a tongue wriggling away in your ass melts you into a heap of happy neurons, Alraune’s little suspension play will likely hit all the right buttons.

Oddly, despite writing many smutty plant girl stories, I appear to have avoided covering the conventional Alraune.  Pitcher Plant girls, Venus Man-Trap girls, even... whatever she is.  Not carnivorous enough I guess (that says things about my psyche that are best not thinking too much about).  Hmm, I really should get that Black Poppy story idea written (it was supposed to be another H-space Bestiary short, but I think there’s enough to flesh it out into a proper short story).

That’s for later, and we're done for this episode.

Join us in a couple of days for part 14.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 2

Welcome back to the playthrough of Violated Hero 5In part 1 I introduced the game and set out the mechanics.  This time we’ll get stuck in.  Usual disclaimers apply—Violated Hero 5 is a fairly extreme hentai game and you shouldn't read any further if such things bother you.

First thing to notice is that Luka-clone ver 5.0 has more in common with Luka-clone ver 3.0 in that he seems to know how to hold a sword the right way up.  Luka-clone ver 4.0 represented a nadir in uselessness in that he couldn’t actually fight and was little more than an ambulatory bag of charge-up semen for his harem of crazy monster girls.  Combat is back to how it was in the other VH games—standard sword and magic attack, and a special attack menu I’m sure will gain options later.

They still don’t appear to have got the hang of making the random wandering mooks sexy-cute rather than ugly-cute.  The artwork is nice, but it’s not exactly challenging my underwear elastic.

The mushrooms growing out of her belly also look awfully . . . suspicious.

The other wandering mook is a palette swap with slightly different facial expression and clothing.  At least she’s cheerful.

As with the other VH games there are mini-sub bosses that give out stats bonuses when defeated.  As with VH 4 these are also sexy(ish) monster girls rather than the generic dragons and trolls that appeared in the previous games. 

In the forest world we have a plant girl in the form of Lily.

I heard a rumour that the mini-bosses have their own Bad Ends as well this time around and I throw the fight to check it out.  This is a new development.  I think.  It might have been in the last game as well but I was too busy blasting them with Lilith to notice.

There’s no new CG for the scene, but it is fully voiced.  Lily wraps us up in petals and I’m not actually sure what she does.  After some suspiciously squelchy sound effects Luka-clone shuffles off to Game Over with a satisfied smile on his face.

One reload and successful fight later and we carry on to the end of the second location.  Before the boss shows up there’s a bit of dialogue between Luka-clone and Ariel, who seems to be along purely for the shits’n’giggles rather than actually offering any combat support.  Luka-clone thinks some terrible monster is going to show up and is surprised when the alraune Marron shows up.  One of the translation sites displays Chestnut instead of Marron, so I’m going to guess that’s what her name is supposed to be.

Luka-clone also appears to be a terrible perv as he spends most of the intro gawping at Chestnut’s big tits until Ariel gives him a slap.

Ah, that’s her role in the party.

Good job really as Chestnut nearly catches us with an ivy tentacle.  Pay attention there, Luka-clone.

That’s a cue for the fight.

Chestnut’s normal attack has her throw pollen at us.  As with the previous two games she also has a sex attack that looks like a green sex toy.  As with the previous two games it’s a bit pointless.  I’m about to throw the fight when I remember that would mean having to go through the whole level and fighting Lily again.  Instead I use up the last of my potions and finish Chestnut off.

But we can’t play through Violated Hero that way.  The whole point of the game is the sexy and bizarre Bad Ends.  Fortunately I saved before the fight.  One save to slot 2, one load from slot 1 and whoops, sorry Luka-clone, I don’t think the fight is going to go so well this time.

The picture shifts to Luka-clone being bound in ivy and with a tentacle tube positioned ominously above his cock.  In goes the tentacle tube for a bit of slurpy slurpy.  After draining Luka-clone of a few ejaculations she climbs on top for a lot of fucky fucky.

Players more familiar with the VH series will realise this is cause for alarm.  The Bad Ends normally consist of two separate scenes and if she’s already jumped to fucking in the first scene, the second is a sure bet for WTF-ville.

Chestnut likes Luka-clone so much she’s going to keep him forever.  One of her tentacles opens up a big mouth and Haumph!  No hanging around this time, eh Violated Hero.  Two scenes in and we’re already at the vore.  It’s the cutaway shot of helpless Luka-clone being molested by naughty tentacles inside Chestnut.  One feeler engulfs his erection and gives it a nice suck while another ends up in the ass.  That’s generally a given—it’s not a Violated Hero game if something doesn’t end up in the hero’s ass at some point.

Personally I prefer the scenes that focus on the big-boobed monster girls, but I suppose it’s unavoidable here given that poor Luka-clone is actually inside her.

Ah, now Chestnut’s saying she wants to put a baby inside him.

Not sure I like where this is going.

Ugh, yeah, nice . . . I guess.  The tentacle in Luka-clone’s ass swells up and so does his stomach as she fills him with spooge.

(horror-head scribbles some notes down for future stories)

And that’ll be the death of my boner.  Now I know what it’s like for you poor bastards when reading one of my more horrific tales.  At least we don’t get the full Alien of Chestnut’s offspring busting out of his gut.  The scene fades to black with Luka-clone describing a scratching sensation in his ass.

(horror-head scribbles down some more notes)

Come back THORN PUSSY!  All is forgiven.

Well I suppose that settles any doubts over whether Violated Hero has gone tame in this installment.  To paraphrase a certain other RPG, “This is Violated Hero!”

Part 3 here

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 2

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 4 walkthrough started here.  VH4 is a sexually explicit hentai game.  As before, if you’re likely to be offended by such things or under 18 years of age, please deploy the back button of your browser and read no further.

Last time around we let Luka-clone attempt to take on the Tentacle Girl, Igin, by himself.  That did not go so well.  Tentacles might have been inserted in places we’d rather not have tentacles inserted.

Now for round two and an explanation of combat.  The combat options are the icons down on the bottom right.  They are:

Blue sword – Luka-clone’s attack (this seems very weak)
Violet star – Lilith’s attack
Pink heart – Special monster girl attack (we’ll get to that in a tick)
Green eye – Shows opponent’s remaining HP
Red boot – Escape (normal mooks). Selecting this against bosses is not a good idea.
Orange bottle – Use item.

The pink heart option is a new addition for VH4.  Select this and one of your monster girls will wank you off, get a facial and then reward you for your cum by blasting the opponent with a strong attack.  In this case it only takes 2 hits to take out Igin.

After the fight I jump up to level 3 and get the opportunity to increase my stats.  After the disaster of VH3 I take the wussy option and spread the 6 points equally.

After her defeat Igin decides to join the party as long as Luka-clone lets her use her tentacle arm to suck out some cum every so often.  This is presumably not a problem because Luka-clone is not a real human.  Like all VH protagonists he’s actually an ambulatory bag of concentrated semen shaped like a man.

Having the defeated bosses join the party is a nice change.  In previous VH games winning against bosses sometimes ended up with the sexy monster girl brutally slain, which took the buzz off for some players.

Ooh, cutaway scene.  It’s off to the Demon Lord palace.

It looks like VH4 is following VH2’s pattern of a Demon Lord with 3 generals.  In VH2 they were a lamia, slime girl and a very odd spider-crab thing.  This time around we have:

Anua – an Egyptian-themed dog centaur type thing
Makina – a machine/computer girl
Selena – an octopus girl with big bazungas.

Out of them I think I prefer Selena (I reserve the right to change this opinion if she tries to eat me).  None of them are a patch on Milfy, the lovable glob of goo from VH2.

Makina sounds angry about something.  All that metal must chafe the tits.

And then it’s time for the Big Bad to make an entrance.

Her name appears to be Sharia.  My translation software can’t seem to make out whether she’s a ‘genie’ or ‘malevolent spirit entity’.  I’m going to go with succubus.

Makina continues to be very angry about something.  I’m guessing she’s Insector (the crab girl general from VH2) ver2.0.  So far the plot looks like a rerun of VH2.  Sharia (clearly Xueli ver2.0) is bored and wants to let Luka-clone run around for a bit.

And it’s back to Luka-clone in the spooky wood.  Spooky wood section 2 has opened up, but before we go there we’ll go back to section 1 and clear off the squares we didn’t walk through last time.

This time I run into a girl riding a frog thing and rather embarrassingly it kills me.  Oops.  Luka-clone, you suck.

Ah that would be because the button I thought confirmed my stats upgrades actually cancelled them.  Sorry there, Luka-clone buddy.  My bad.

The other route reveals a chest.  A couple of run-throughs later and I’ve unlocked all the wandering mook types, jumped a couple of levels and found a bunch of potions.  I have no idea what any of the potions do.

Then I find out all those run-throughs were a waste of time as the first wandering mook I encounter in the next section is the one that took me about five run-throughs to find in the last section.  In fact all the wandering mooks look to be the same as in section 1 (goblin girls and frog riders).

Waiting at the end is boss 2 – an Alraune (Lorre).

As an interesting factoid, Alraune comes from German myth (It’s German for mandrake).  They were believed to grow under gallows from the semen released by hanged men.  It’s the title of a 1911 book by Hanns Heinz Ewers and the book has been made into a film multiple times.  I’m not sure where the modern incarnation of a pretty girl growing out of a giant rose first appeared (Castlevania? Disgaea?), but they’ve been a staple creature in monster girl circles ever since. 

I leave the fight mainly to Luka-clone and predictably he gets slapped down.  I’m starting to think the sword button is actually the ‘defend’ option (you know, the button players select when they want to lose slowly) for this game.

And it’s time to crash straight into the big fluffy airbag of Lorre’s boob for the Bad End.  Those vines look prickly, but I’m sure she’s a lovely girl really.  She’s talking about love and . . .

Oww.  Watch it with the thorns.

And now the description's talking about blood and . . .

Ow ow.

Cue lots of strangling sound fx.

Lorre H-scene 2 doesn’t look so bad.  It’s her straddling Luka-clone on top of her rose in the classic Alraune pose.  But . . .


Ow ow ow.

Again VH, again . . . ?


I did think about playing a game of ‘Can MEHydra match Violated Hero?’  But shockingly, despite writing a few stories about dangerous plant girls, I’ve never written one featuring a classic Alraune.  I guess that means VH takes this round.  Plus, THORN PUSSY!  Even I’ve not dared to go there, yet . . .

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find some sticking plasters.  Join us again for part 3 and hopefully a less prickly monster girl.