Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 2

Welcome back to the playthrough of Violated Hero 5In part 1 I introduced the game and set out the mechanics.  This time we’ll get stuck in.  Usual disclaimers apply—Violated Hero 5 is a fairly extreme hentai game and you shouldn't read any further if such things bother you.

First thing to notice is that Luka-clone ver 5.0 has more in common with Luka-clone ver 3.0 in that he seems to know how to hold a sword the right way up.  Luka-clone ver 4.0 represented a nadir in uselessness in that he couldn’t actually fight and was little more than an ambulatory bag of charge-up semen for his harem of crazy monster girls.  Combat is back to how it was in the other VH games—standard sword and magic attack, and a special attack menu I’m sure will gain options later.

They still don’t appear to have got the hang of making the random wandering mooks sexy-cute rather than ugly-cute.  The artwork is nice, but it’s not exactly challenging my underwear elastic.

The mushrooms growing out of her belly also look awfully . . . suspicious.

The other wandering mook is a palette swap with slightly different facial expression and clothing.  At least she’s cheerful.

As with the other VH games there are mini-sub bosses that give out stats bonuses when defeated.  As with VH 4 these are also sexy(ish) monster girls rather than the generic dragons and trolls that appeared in the previous games. 

In the forest world we have a plant girl in the form of Lily.

I heard a rumour that the mini-bosses have their own Bad Ends as well this time around and I throw the fight to check it out.  This is a new development.  I think.  It might have been in the last game as well but I was too busy blasting them with Lilith to notice.

There’s no new CG for the scene, but it is fully voiced.  Lily wraps us up in petals and I’m not actually sure what she does.  After some suspiciously squelchy sound effects Luka-clone shuffles off to Game Over with a satisfied smile on his face.

One reload and successful fight later and we carry on to the end of the second location.  Before the boss shows up there’s a bit of dialogue between Luka-clone and Ariel, who seems to be along purely for the shits’n’giggles rather than actually offering any combat support.  Luka-clone thinks some terrible monster is going to show up and is surprised when the alraune Marron shows up.  One of the translation sites displays Chestnut instead of Marron, so I’m going to guess that’s what her name is supposed to be.

Luka-clone also appears to be a terrible perv as he spends most of the intro gawping at Chestnut’s big tits until Ariel gives him a slap.

Ah, that’s her role in the party.

Good job really as Chestnut nearly catches us with an ivy tentacle.  Pay attention there, Luka-clone.

That’s a cue for the fight.

Chestnut’s normal attack has her throw pollen at us.  As with the previous two games she also has a sex attack that looks like a green sex toy.  As with the previous two games it’s a bit pointless.  I’m about to throw the fight when I remember that would mean having to go through the whole level and fighting Lily again.  Instead I use up the last of my potions and finish Chestnut off.

But we can’t play through Violated Hero that way.  The whole point of the game is the sexy and bizarre Bad Ends.  Fortunately I saved before the fight.  One save to slot 2, one load from slot 1 and whoops, sorry Luka-clone, I don’t think the fight is going to go so well this time.

The picture shifts to Luka-clone being bound in ivy and with a tentacle tube positioned ominously above his cock.  In goes the tentacle tube for a bit of slurpy slurpy.  After draining Luka-clone of a few ejaculations she climbs on top for a lot of fucky fucky.

Players more familiar with the VH series will realise this is cause for alarm.  The Bad Ends normally consist of two separate scenes and if she’s already jumped to fucking in the first scene, the second is a sure bet for WTF-ville.

Chestnut likes Luka-clone so much she’s going to keep him forever.  One of her tentacles opens up a big mouth and Haumph!  No hanging around this time, eh Violated Hero.  Two scenes in and we’re already at the vore.  It’s the cutaway shot of helpless Luka-clone being molested by naughty tentacles inside Chestnut.  One feeler engulfs his erection and gives it a nice suck while another ends up in the ass.  That’s generally a given—it’s not a Violated Hero game if something doesn’t end up in the hero’s ass at some point.

Personally I prefer the scenes that focus on the big-boobed monster girls, but I suppose it’s unavoidable here given that poor Luka-clone is actually inside her.

Ah, now Chestnut’s saying she wants to put a baby inside him.

Not sure I like where this is going.

Ugh, yeah, nice . . . I guess.  The tentacle in Luka-clone’s ass swells up and so does his stomach as she fills him with spooge.

(horror-head scribbles some notes down for future stories)

And that’ll be the death of my boner.  Now I know what it’s like for you poor bastards when reading one of my more horrific tales.  At least we don’t get the full Alien of Chestnut’s offspring busting out of his gut.  The scene fades to black with Luka-clone describing a scratching sensation in his ass.

(horror-head scribbles down some more notes)

Come back THORN PUSSY!  All is forgiven.

Well I suppose that settles any doubts over whether Violated Hero has gone tame in this installment.  To paraphrase a certain other RPG, “This is Violated Hero!”

Part 3 here


  1. Boner death is a serious matter!

  2. I was afraid you wouldn't post before I went to sleep. Here's hoping the next girl is more to my tastes, though I'll give this alraune marks for being different from other alraune.

  3. Well one thing is for sure: VH 5 is going to give a lot of female erotic fanfiction writers ideas on Mpreg!

  4. Well....I don't believe I would say this but...VH 5 is easily the worst in the series. VH 2 and 3 are awesome and the best in my opinion. VH 1 is great. But 4 and 5 are just bad.

    The MG's in 4 are too ''buffed'' up and unattractive. And the summoning system just breaks the game.

    The art design for the MG's in VH 5 is too immature and childlike. Even their personalities sound like they are 10 year old, and less dominating compared to the previous installments. And again the with the buffed up thighs and boobs. These characteristics are a let down.

    I have to say I am disappointed with the last 2 installments so far (not counting Another Story since I have not played it).

    Still your commentary makes it a lot more enjoyable than it is :)

    1. I agree on the art design. It's a lot more cartoony. It's really obvious when comparing the mockups for the 2 fan winners with the eventual designs.

    2. I see :) I have wrote a lot more in in-depth on Dargoth's page with a few typos here and there :

      Feel free to take some ideas if you finish the game with an overall review :)

      ( I should consider doing a blog or something in the near future ;0 )

    3. CivilDeviation01/08/2014, 01:33

      Billy/Hydra all I can say is thank you! On Dargoth's site most of the MG otaku seem to have lost the capacity to have a critical eye when MG is even mentioned..

    4. Yeah, I agree with both of your comments on Dargoth's blog. Ariel seems well-characterised as an unhinged manic pixie dream girl. The others seem a little too cute-cartoony to me. I wonder if Dieselmine took flak from their local market for VH3/VH4 and overcompensated in the other direction.

      VH2 is probably still my overall fav. I didn't complete VH3, but I thin it had more bad end scenes I enjoyed than VH4, although VH4 had a more imaginative roster of monster girls.

      You should get the blog going, Billy. Monster girls are a popular niche, but there aren't many people covering it.

  5. I'm not going to lie, I prefer this slightly to thorn pussy.

    Just slightly

  6. If I remember right marron is a french for a type of chestnut or something like that.(I didn't get the best grade in french class back in high school)