Friday, July 04, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 4

Continuing the playthrough of the lewd, rude and undoubtedly squicky Demon Angel Sakura I started here.

Turns out I really need Super Easy mode as even with a screen full of hearts I still end up nearly dying trying to blast Lamia away.  There were probably attack patterns I failed to recognise and learn.

Anyway, it’s off to the Village of the Rabbit People for level 3.

They seem friendly enough as Sakura sits around chatting to them.  However, they also look considerably bigger than Sakura and I have visions of the poor lad ending up in the village cooking pot.

Ah, the rabbit people are the prey animal of this hell.  Normally it’s cat girls.  Never really understood that as cats are efficient little buggers when it comes to killing stuff, as any cat owner will tell you.  But back to the story.  An unseen monster attacks the village, Sakura gets on the back of one of the bunnies and they all make a dash for the nearest safe-hole. 

Which turns out to not be very safe as the 3rd boss teleports right inside.

Boss 3 is Treant.  She looks like a cross between a pitcher plant girl and a dryad.  Like a dryad, she uses roots to entangle (and molest) the giant bunnies and Sakura.  During the cut scene she boasts about how good her digestion system is.  As a demonstration she drops one of the bunny girls into her fleshy pitcher bit and after some wobbly pulsy animations, spits out a skull.

Alas poor bunny girl, we never knew you at all.

This makes Sakura mad and it’s time for boss fight 3.

Treant teleports around the boss fight arena and fires two missile types.  The first is a glowing green ball of energy.  The second looks like a rock and causes molesto-vines to erupt from the ground.  Only the molesto-vines appear to do anything smexy, as dying to the energy blasts doesn’t even give a Bad End ending.

For the Bad End Treant makes use of the two captive bunny girls.  First up she rams Sakura’s face right into the asshole of one of the hapless bunny girls.  Has a definite liking for the femdom stuff does Treant, I reckon.

As Sakura is male and males are apparently rare, Treant decides to harvest his sperm for “science”.  She does this in a fairly creative way by sandwiching Sakura between two busty bunny girls and rubbing them against him while sucking up his cum with a long suction tube vine thing.  Not a bad hentai scene actually - an imaginative use of a plant girl (and rabbit girl fluffers).

It’s a little too good.  After four pops from Sakura, Treant thinks he’s enjoying it too much and that pisses her off.  That means we leave the sexy behind and finish off with the vore ending as Sakura and the two bunnies end up in the pulsing pitcher.  A few wobbly squooshy bits later and Treant spits out the skulls.

That’s not even the end of it.  Treant catches Sakura’s skull and starts munching on it.

Cold, Treant.  Cold.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll zap her good.


  1. Aw man - it's too bad I'm not a hard vore fan as so far every one of these monsters has had at least one really nice attack.

    For me, this game would be perfect if the threat wasn't so much vore as overenthusiastic monster girls who didn't realise (or care) about the limits of poor Sakura's body.

    ...wouldn't be much fun for the vorephiles it was designed for, of course.

  2. Just watch up until the vore bit. :P