Saturday, July 05, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 5

And more from the squicktastic hentai/vore game Demon Angel Sakura.  Part 1 is here.  Yesterday we had our skull eaten by Treant, so it's time to dish out some demonic/divine justice.

After zapping Treant good it’s time to move onto the fourth level, Lake Clarus.

Rather unwisely Sakura decides to strip off and frolic in the shallow end.  This attracts the attention of the ginormous Skylla (I assume this is a misspelling and they meant Scylla).  She’s the classic half giantess, half giant octopus (but without the wolf heads of myth).  Emphasis on Giant!  She decides Sakura looks tasty and it’s time for boss fight no. 4.

Skylla starts out by flinging massive pink tentacles at Sakura and we have to dodge by bouncing between the upper and lower level.  She also has another attack where she lifts up her sea-shell bikini and squirts milk out of her ginormous boobs.  Yay for crazy imagination.  The milk attack is like Treant’s energy attack in that it triggers a boring end rather than a Bad End.

Skylla has two bad ends depending on whether Sakura ends up wrapped up in the top tentacle or squashed under the lower tentacle.

Losing to lower tentacle squashing has her scoop Sakura up and use him as a human dildo.  Into the pussy headfirst goes Sakura and much moaning and grunting as Skylla rubs him up against her 'button'.  Asphyxiation by vagina aside, it’s all going reasonably well until Sakura loses control of his bladder.  Skylla decides to join in with the watersports, which pretty much ends up with Sakura dunked headfirst into a lake of piss.  Oh boy.

And you thought you had it bad in VH, Luka-clone buddy.

The second Bad End is triggered by being caught by the top tentacle.  Skylla decides to milk out Sakura by squashing him between her enormous breasts and jiggling them around.

After much bouncy-bouncy Sakura is out of baby juice (and loses control of his bladder . . . again).  Time for a typical giantess vore scene as Skylla swallows him whole and we get the classic vore cutaway scene of victim jiggling around in stomach.

Definitely a vore/giantess fetish game, but we’re going to battle on to the end.  After all, it can’t get any worse for Sakura.  Can it?

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  1. It can ALWAYS get worse

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