Friday, July 25, 2014

Succubus Summoning 209 (part 4)

A rather short post today as we switch PoV to another one of the students.  That's how the sub-chapters break I'm afraid.  Tomorrow's post will be longer.

* * * *

This was so gay, Jack Stone thought.

He looked around and saw he was surrounded by lush, verdant jungle.  Vast trees rose up into the sky.  Long creepers dangled from their branches.  Exotic blooms exploded all around him in a profusion of riotous colours.

Some would have been awed by the spectacle.  Not Stone.  He hated the outdoors.  It was wet, smelly and icky.

No, he’d rather he was back in his room playing Xbox and sharing a fat roach with his righteous buddy, the Pholi Xonz.

He wished Joey and Herbie hadn’t been so quick to agree with Darvill.  He hadn’t wanted to go through the portal—busting into hell, fuck that crazy shit—but once the others had said yes he didn’t want to be the odd one out.

Where were they anyway?  Where was this?

Stone had expected the Circle of Lust to be like the set of an expensive porno—big beds, soft divans, perfumed cushions, gauzy silk curtains blowing in a sultry breeze.  He hadn’t expected to end up in some fucking reeking jungle.  Maybe all this plant growth was a representation of fecundity or some other shit like that.

Stone didn’t like it.

Something must have gone wrong.  Maybe Darvill had screwed up.  They must have gotten separated after passing through the door in Rowling’s room.

“Where now, buddy?” he asked his righteous buddy, the Pholi Xonz.

The hairy slothxren pointed in the direction of a narrow trail winding through the massive trees.

Stone sighed.  He hoped the others hadn’t been ported too far away.  He hated walking.  As he walked down the overgrown trail he decided the smell of the jungle wasn’t as horrible as he first thought.  There was an earthy, musky taint to the air that made his balls itch pleasantly.

* * * *

Part 5 here.  Phil vs L'mactia!


  1. What kind of demon is the Pholi Xonz?

    Are their demons that are generally more amenable to humans than others, considering Stone's comment on his "righteous buddy"?

    I know about that one demon that farted a lot, the one that girl summoned but is he sorta like an outlier or are they more common than one may think?

    I know that rage demon is alright.

    1. My best guess is that 'Hell' is so chaotic that for as many demons there are that want to where your skin as a pair of jammies, some enjoy the company in humans and accept the title of 'pet' to merely reap the benefits. Just look at cats. :D

    2. Pholi Xonz is a slothxren. It's a daemon from the Dominion of Sloth. The warlock-daemon relationship is complex. More of it will be uncovered in the upcoming chapters. Daemons give warlocks power, but they're also in the relationship for specific things as well.

  2. >>There was an earthy, musky taint to the air that made his balls itch pleasantly.

    Yes, he's feeling it already :)

  3. You used the term "righteous buddy" two times. Not sure, if you want to emphasize it, or if it's just a mistake.