Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Succubus Summoning 209 (part 1)

I didn't get as much editing done on Succubus Summoning 209 over the weekend as I'd have liked.  When it comes to editing I'm a bit of a faffer.  209 is an enormous 10K words, but it does break down nicely into a number of sub-chapters.  As I do tend to faff when it comes to final edits I'd thought I'd put myself under a bit more pressure.  I haven't posted the whole thing to Literotica yet.  I'm going to start posting the sub-chapters here daily (ulp!) and see if I can have regular updates here and have the full Literotica version come out before I post the last part.

(This is going to go so horribly wrong . . .)

209 is a little more plot-heavy.  There is sexy stuff, but it will be near the end.  In the meantime here's Nÿte being utterly terrifying again.

Succubus Summoning 209 (part 1)

Phil felt the same degree of trepidation he always felt when entering Nÿte’s domain.  In contrast to the rest of the succubi’s castle—where the decor was opulent and sensually decadent—Nÿte’s area resembled a dungeon, or the headquarters of a perverse and sadistic Satanic cult.  As he walked down the stone corridors he imagined he could hear the ghostly screams of past torment.

He was here because Nÿte had insisted she be involved with his extra tuition.  Phil was not altogether happy with this.

He paused at the obsidian side entrance to her throne room and gathered up the courage to open the door.  He took a deep breath, walked inside and was about to approach Nÿte’s throne when he realised that—once again—he’d managed to walk in on something else.

Phil glimpsed a large, bulky figure making its way up the central path.  He ducked away out of sight behind one of the many black pillars that lined the central walkway.

Not a warlock this time.  Or even human.  He watched as a corpulent daemon ambled along the path towards where Nÿte sat waiting on her black throne.  It was white-skinned, hairless and wrinkled like a mole, and grossly obese.  Oddly, the face was out of keeping with the rest of the daemon’s grotesque body.  It was handsome in that rugged way that used to be commonplace amongst the leading men of old movies.  Apart from the eyes.  They were vacant and together with a slackness of expression suggested some degree of mental retardation.

It definitely wasn’t human.  A long appendage, like an elephant’s trunk, dangled from its waist.  The organ was white and wrinkled.  It resembled a giant maggot and dragged on the floor between the monster’s legs.  Phil’s felt a shudder of revulsion when he realised it was the daemon’s enormous penis.

The thing walked with a bow-legged gait and as it passed Phil’s hiding spot he saw the reason why.  An enormous pair of hairless testicles, as big as footballs, swung between the daemon’s legs.

Nÿte shifted position.  Her black eyes shone with interest as the daemon approached her throne and went down on one knee in supplication.  Phil’s gorge rose as he realised the daemon was carrying a severed head.  Its meaty paw was wrapped around a twisted rope of ginger hair and the rest of the head hung underneath like a ghastly morning star.  The daemon held up its hand and presented the head to Nÿte as if it was an offering.  Then, its gift delivered, the corpulent daemon stood up and ambled back down the central pathway between the obsidian pillars.  Its gargantuan sex organ dragged between its legs, leaving a glistening trail in its wake.

The succubus examined her gift.  The severed head was closer to a skull.  Most of the soft tissues had already sloughed away.  Nÿte kissed the head on the remnants of its lips and the remaining flesh blackened and disintegrated into fine ash.  Nÿte held aloft the bleached white skull, a cruel smile of triumph on her black lips.

“You can come out now,” she said, not even bothering to turn her head to look at Phil.

He shuffled out from behind the pillar.

Nÿte inhaled a deep breath and closed her eyes.  “I do like the smell of your fear,” she said.  “It will be a pity when we’ve trained you up enough to not be frightened of a minor equuphalloid incubus.”

Phil looked the other way down the path towards where the daemon had exited.  “That was an incubus?” he said.

“A more primal and brutish type, but yes, an incubus.”

“I thought they were supposed to be . . . well . . . sexy,” Phil said.

“Don’t be too hard on our equuphalloid friend,” Nÿte said.  “You didn’t see him at his best.  equuphalloid incubi are prodigiously endowed.  When fully erect they look rather buff.  When not erect . . . well that extra blood has to be stored somewhere, hence our friend’s rather flabby appearance.”

Phil pictured that monstrous cock fully erect and immediately wished he could scrub the image from his brain.

Nÿte laughed at Phil’s disgust.  “The full range of what people find sexy is broad and varied.  The Dominion of Lust caters to all.  Personally I find equuphalloid incubi to be a little too simple-minded and simple-minded beings are so limited in how you can play with them.  Equuphalloid incubi do have their uses though.”

She tilted the bleached skull in her hands, examining it from different angles as if it was a piece of fine art.

Phil’s vision wavered and he thought he saw some kind of shadowy miasma floating around the skull.  It even looked like a . . .

Oh dear fuck.

It was a face.  The mouth was open in a soundless scream of fear and pain.  The soul.  It was the soul of a person, now trapped within the lifeless shell of their skull.

“Oh, you see it,” Nÿte said.  “Good, that means your attunement is growing.”

She tossed the skull aside.  It joined the other skulls heaped around the legs of her throne.

“I wouldn’t shed a tear for that one,” she said.

Phil looked at the pile.  All of the skulls possessed the same shadow image of a face.  They stretched and tugged, but were unable to escape their bone prisons.  Trapped, they screamed in eternal torment.

Nÿte bounced off her throne and ran a long nail along the line of Phil’s jaw.  “I was hoping I might have your skull one day,” she whispered in his ear.

Phil blanched.  He looked at the pile of screaming skulls heaped around Nÿte’s throne.  He saw too that the pile didn’t begin at the floor.  There was a pit dug out beneath the black chair.  He didn’t want to think how deep that pit went or how long the bottommost skull had lain there.

“Oh, I wouldn’t put you there,” Nÿte said.  “That’s for the trash.”

She took his hand and led him to a set of heavy black drapes at the back of the room.  She pulled them aside to reveal an alcove containing a set of shelves.  Each shelf contained a neat row of bleached white skulls.

“I’d make space for you here.”

The shadow faces on these skulls were calmer.  Nÿte plucked a skull from the shelf and passionately kissed its rictus grin.  The shadow-soul face returned the kiss with the same ardour.  It was smiling when Nÿte placed the skull back on the shelf.

“So many,” Nÿte said.  “I do worry I neglect some of them sometimes.”

She drew the drapes back.  Phil wished he could do the same to his memory of that alcove filled with row after row of living skulls.

Nÿte put an arm around Phil’s waist and turned him back towards the exit.

“I really do like the way you smell when you’re terrified.  It gives me the strong urge to ravish you right here and now.”

She gave his waist a squeeze.

“But that will have to wait until later.  There’s the second part of your business to conclude.”

* * * *

Part 2 here


  1. damn your such a tease ;-) Looking forward to more Nyte...

  2. That teaser xD. Nÿte is awesome. She is scary with a twisted sense, and yet she is surrounded with a mysterious and irresistible aura.

    How about this game then ? : http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE132283.html

    Control a succubus in training, fighting and draining the souls of different enemies....and all that in Pixelated Zelda style.

    Perhaps Nÿte went through a similar process to become the queen....or worse ;0

    1. Not sure on that game. Graphics were a little too unclear in comparison to games like Eroico (good game, unfortunately I'm shit at it)

  3. Such a tease, hope to see more soon :)

  4. So why are the "trash" souls in torment while the prized ones are relatively happy? I didn't think Nyte did happy, even for people she respected like that poor father whose soul she annihilated in as horrible a way as possible (that forever colored her more negatively than your succubi who at least are erased while happy).

    1. Nyte has an odd moral code. Prized souls are likely former masters she liked. Possibly respected foes too. Trash souls are people she thought unworthy. (It should also be fairly easy to guess who the new skull belonged to - I hope I left enough hints).

      The dad from Halloween Nyte is a different category. She was summoned to kill him and that took precedence over whether she liked him or not. She respected him precisely because he chose the horrible death. That was her price to protect his family.

      As I've said before. Nyte does adhere to her own moral code, but it's alien by our standards.

    2. The new skull has to be that student that summoned that spider succubus to kill Phil.

      1. How many "good" skulls are there? Does each shelf in the alcove hold quite a few skulls or are there actually not that many skulls in total in that special alcove?

      2. So from what you said, would that father from the short story possibly be among the skulls on the shelf or is he completely gone?

      3. And judging by the skulls on the shelf, it appears Phil really isn't as special as we thought to Nyte. Well special in the sense of being unique. No doubt she's had quite a few "Phils" in the past. I wonder if there's anything that makes our protag stand out enough, in a good way, that will make his skull a particularly special and favorite one for Nyte, as in enough to merit its own single special shelf?

      4. Can you describe what clothes Nyte was wearing here? I always like a description of the succubi's, and hers in particular, seductive and arousing clothing.

    3. Nyte's been around a long time. There are a lot of skulls on that shelf (and even more in the pit around her throne).

      The father, sadly for him, was just an equivalent of a 'hit'. He's outside the warlock world and wouldn't be part of either of Nyte's skull collections (she also has other collections. shiver).

      Not revealing too much about Phil just yet ;)

      Same clothes she was wearing in 203. Unless it's a prelude to a sex scene or they're wearing something new I avoid describing the same clothes in too much detail in case it slows the story down too much.

  5. This is why I love what you created with the Succubus Summoning. Every succubus here is kinda of an unique individual... and I do not mean just appearance and behavior, but especially what she does with the victim.

    Nurse Honey keeps them in her body and I think you wrote that Verdé burns the soul inside her... and now we now what Nÿte does :)

    Trapping those poor souls in their dead skulls is so like her, heh :) I am VERY glad that Emma Brennen has found a way onto Nÿte's pile... along with her brother I assume :)

    I was very curious about those other skulls of hers... they seem to be in eternal pleasure? That is so unlike her... but I guess she can be merciful too. Her spirit kiss with her former victim's soul was pretty hot :)

    I hope that we eventually get to see what Cerulea and Rosa does to their victims too...

    1. Most consume the soul (apart from Nurse Honey, who finds other uses). Sometimes there's residue and that gets absorbed into other items (eg Remnants of Jake into a wargen).