Saturday, July 12, 2014

Where does Hydra get his inspiration from: part 1 of an infrequent series

Monday was one of those days when a whole bunch of news stories caught my attention and triggered some ideas.

I was going to post this on Monday, but I was out drinking that night and after that in the middle of a blog post on something else that I later abandoned because I realised it was pandering to the holier-than-thou crowd, and as they're a group not exactly known for their intelligence or reading comprehension, it was time I was better off spending on something more worthwhile - like writing more succubus smut.

First off there was the story of the poor drunk lass tricked into giving 24 blokes oral sex in a Magaluf nightclub for a $4 cocktail (she thought she was getting a holiday).  This is fairly extreme behaviour even by the usual standards of drunk Brits abroad.  Sadly for her, some wanker filmed it, uploaded it to the internet, and . . . well you can guess what happened next.

While it's an embarrassing story for the poor lass in the middle of it, I thought that scenario could be flipped around into an interesting succubus story.  A group of drunken lads out on the lash in a Spanish tourist hotspot, and then a ribald and debauched challenge organised by one of the tour guides.  The woman is mysterious and extremely sexy, and she seems eager to give out blowjobs to a whole line of blokes.  Of course she sucks out more than semen and that might be a fun story to write from the perspective of the last bloke in the line as he starts to get a feeling something is wrong . . .

Then I heard about a US artist taking a slum vacation in one of Bangkok's shanty towns and using the resulting shack as an installation piece.  I don't really want to judge the bloke.  It sounds horribly condescending to the people that have to live there day in and day out, but he might have done it with the best of intentions.

Of course, in fiction-world, that sort of character can be painted as the stereotypical rich, condescending asshole more interested in stroking their own ego that helping the plight of those in poverty.  Tasty monster girl chow, in other words.  I have a few ideas for some interesting monster girls, but no protagonist to make it a proper story.  Take exotic locale, throw in annoying artist tourist, ring the dinner bell . . .

And speaking of prime monster girl chow.  This showed up in my facebook feed as a (presumably feminist) friend of a friend posted it with a single comment: "vile".

Um, yeah.  I don't do the whole outrage or holier-than-thou thing, so we'll describe that one as a little . . . blunt, and leave it at that.

An anime convention has certain advantages as a succubus story location.  As with Halloween or a fancy dress party, the succubus-type character can be placed in the open.  All the other characters will assume she's just a hot girl in a slutty succubus costume (although I may have used the 'protagonist realises it isn't a costume' denouement a few too many times already).  The protagonist presents options.  They can be an out-an-out bastard, in which case it's a straightforward Cosmic Justice tale.  Or I can muddy it up and give them an insecure centre to make them a little more sympathetic (although last time I tried that I muddied it up too much and ended up with a protagonist more sympathetic than I originally intended.)

I also now have the desire to create a 'landwhale' succubus character for the hell of it.  Big, curvy, beautiful, irresistible . . . yum.

For anyone writing their own stories, taking newspaper/online articles and thinking up a possible 'masquerade' explanation for what's happening behind the scenes is a good story-telling exercise.  But avoid the obviously weird ones, because hundreds of other writers will already have gone through the same thought processes and scrawled down the exact same story.

And then there's my highly fucked-up imagination.  I saw this:

(I found it on E-Hentai galleries, bizarrely enough.  The artist is Caroline Jamhour and more of her work can be found here)

. . . and remembered the eyes-as-nipples scene in Ken Russell's Gothic.  I was thinking there wasn't really anything I could do with--

The demon woman has eyes where the nipples should be.  She pushes her boobs into the face of her victim.  The eyes in her breasts eat the eyes of the victim and then take their place.  They send feelers into the brain and the victim sees . . .

Um, thanks imagination.  I guess.

That was one day of the little black cells working on overdrive for new story ideas.

If it sounds vaguely interesting, I can write some more where-did-that-idea-come-from pieces for the stories I've written (assuming I can remember, some are a few years old now).  Let me know in the comments below if there are any you're curious about.


  1. The last Idea with the picture of the breast-eyes-thingies seems like a original idea, interesting!

  2. Sorry, but I could not deny this string of thought, but if she has eyes for nipples... is she crying milk?

    Would love to hear more stories about the writing of your smut as much as reading the smut. Keep being awesome, and stay shiney. :D

  3. That bit about the girl and the oral sex sounds like it was the inspiration for a Night at McHooligans.

    I like the idea of a convention setting for a story (as I've recently started attending cons myself). And yes, I'd love to hear more about the inspiration behind your stories.

  4. Yup it's definitely an interesting topic and i would love to read more where-does-that-idea-come-from stories héhé

  5. I'm digging the eyes where nipples should be. Maybe a Hellspace creature hmm...?

    The succubus costume you've done a time or two. What if the victim gets pulled into the screen one of those all night anime viewing sessions? The kind of session where four or five folks stay and watch an entire series, while those with more sense go and get a little shut-eye ;-) Obviously this one would be a Hentai series ^_^

    I enjoy transformation stories for the erstwhile hero or heroine, getting made into the very thing they fear or fight. Also the results of temptation a demonic make-over is also fun.

  6. This is more like : ''an insight into M.E Hydra's mind and messed up influences'' xD.

    That anime convention ''get laid tips'' though......I thought my eyes were playing tricks, or I had a Freudian slip perception when I was reading that paragraph. Oh well....right..
    I learned something today...thanks internet.

    On a serious note I find it amazing how you use everyday examples and experiences to create some scenarios and stories. Creating an in-depth male protagonist is quite challenging
    because the focus is more on the victor ( i.e monster girl) rather than the victim. So these dominating aspects can overshadow the developmental characteristics.

    I wonder...have you ever used any of your past relationships to shape some personality traits on let's say the succubi ?

  7. System/gameplay page with more pics and info has been updated for VH5 :