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Friday, June 19, 2015

Plot Bunny - EPL Football Stars in Racist Orgy Shocker!

I saw this news story floating around the UK papers.  Some members of Premier League football (soccer for my US readers) team Leicester City filmed themselves taking part in an orgy with some sex workers in Thailand.  This is the type of story the UK tabloids loves to whip themselves up into a salivating froth over as witnessed by this Sunday Mirror piece.

There is an uncensored video floating around on the various porn clip sites (I found it on XVideos after about 2 seconds of searching).

I'm not really interested in the morality of it.  Young, stupid oafs behave in young, stupid, oafish way and say young, stupid, oafish things.  I doubt the sex workers were that fussed so long as they were adequately compensated for their time and work.

My interest as a writer is the potentials of the scenario and getting an ear for the dialogue.  Especially as the setting is Thailand, a country known for having an active sex industry (and therefore a good setting for my type of erotic horror story), but not one I've actually visited (I hope this wasn't too obvious in my recent story "Number 66").  While I've been toying with adding annoying SJWs to my roster of asshole victims, the old standby of oafs being oafish to sex workers and getting their (disproportionate) comeuppance at the hands of sexy succubi is always fun.  Work out what interesting forms the succubi take when they reveal themselves and hey presto, instant manyeyedhydra story.

Now that's the obvious route a story like this can take, but then the little black cells started to spark and think about other options and pathways.

The one thing modern mainstream media is very good at is omitting context, especially context that gets in the way of establishing a juicy narrative guaranteed to whip the audience up into a forth.  Context is the bigger picture that might show the events being witnessed in a different light.

In this case we have a minute and a quarter of some guys indulging in an orgy with some working girls and making a lot of degrading and derogatory remarks about their (I'm assuming) paid-for-escorts.  Now, the thing is, if you took any random minute and a quarter of a dom roleplaying with a sub, it's going to make the dom look like an asshole.  And if you want to, you can likely take any random small slices of someone's life and stitch them together in a configuration that presents the person in any way you choose to present them.  Reality TV shows run off this chicanery.

For example, a writer/storyteller could take a fictionalised version of this minute and a quarter and pan the picture out to reveal a more complex scenario.  Within that minute and a quarter frame it's fairly clear-cut - those characters are horrible, we want them to come to a Bad End (in my erotic horror stories, that's usually literally).  Pan outside that fictionalised version of a minute and a quarter frame and...

Maybe this is all role-play.  Some usually-perfectly-gentlemanly guys wanted to experience being in a really filthy orgy.  They hired the sex workers, responsibly went through with them in advance what was and wasn't permitted and the minute and a quarter is a snapshot of an artificially arranged scenario.  Maybe their oafish behaviour was encouraged by the working girls themselves.  Why?  To liven up the orgy to give better client satisfaction.  Because they're not actual sex workers and playing at being degraded cheap whores is a turn-on for them.  Because this is a honey trap and they need to show their marks off in the worst possible light.

That's the fun part of playing what if? or devil's advocate.  What the storyteller initially presents to the audience might become more complex with future information.  It can be rewarding to veer the story off down a path the audience was not expecting.  It's great if you can switch the audience's perception of a character and maybe have them hoping for a different ending than the one they were expecting.

There's definitely stuff I can play around with here.  I might try both versions.  The conventional story where usual asshole victims come to sexy Bad End at vaginas of succubi/monster girls.  And maybe an unconventional story where things are not as they first appear.

As a should-be-obvious postscript, I hope people aren't thinking I'm attempting to defend the real-life people caught up in this scandal.  Sometimes people are assholes that hire women for sex, treat them like shit, are found out and then punished accordingly.  Sometimes there's no more to the story than that.  (Although it goes without saying - modern mainstream media is not very trustworthy.  Always leave yourself open to the possibility there might be more to the story than the narrow slice you're being fed)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Where does Hydra get his inspiration from: part 1 of an infrequent series

Monday was one of those days when a whole bunch of news stories caught my attention and triggered some ideas.

I was going to post this on Monday, but I was out drinking that night and after that in the middle of a blog post on something else that I later abandoned because I realised it was pandering to the holier-than-thou crowd, and as they're a group not exactly known for their intelligence or reading comprehension, it was time I was better off spending on something more worthwhile - like writing more succubus smut.

First off there was the story of the poor drunk lass tricked into giving 24 blokes oral sex in a Magaluf nightclub for a $4 cocktail (she thought she was getting a holiday).  This is fairly extreme behaviour even by the usual standards of drunk Brits abroad.  Sadly for her, some wanker filmed it, uploaded it to the internet, and . . . well you can guess what happened next.

While it's an embarrassing story for the poor lass in the middle of it, I thought that scenario could be flipped around into an interesting succubus story.  A group of drunken lads out on the lash in a Spanish tourist hotspot, and then a ribald and debauched challenge organised by one of the tour guides.  The woman is mysterious and extremely sexy, and she seems eager to give out blowjobs to a whole line of blokes.  Of course she sucks out more than semen and that might be a fun story to write from the perspective of the last bloke in the line as he starts to get a feeling something is wrong . . .

Then I heard about a US artist taking a slum vacation in one of Bangkok's shanty towns and using the resulting shack as an installation piece.  I don't really want to judge the bloke.  It sounds horribly condescending to the people that have to live there day in and day out, but he might have done it with the best of intentions.

Of course, in fiction-world, that sort of character can be painted as the stereotypical rich, condescending asshole more interested in stroking their own ego that helping the plight of those in poverty.  Tasty monster girl chow, in other words.  I have a few ideas for some interesting monster girls, but no protagonist to make it a proper story.  Take exotic locale, throw in annoying artist tourist, ring the dinner bell . . .

And speaking of prime monster girl chow.  This showed up in my facebook feed as a (presumably feminist) friend of a friend posted it with a single comment: "vile".

Um, yeah.  I don't do the whole outrage or holier-than-thou thing, so we'll describe that one as a little . . . blunt, and leave it at that.

An anime convention has certain advantages as a succubus story location.  As with Halloween or a fancy dress party, the succubus-type character can be placed in the open.  All the other characters will assume she's just a hot girl in a slutty succubus costume (although I may have used the 'protagonist realises it isn't a costume' denouement a few too many times already).  The protagonist presents options.  They can be an out-an-out bastard, in which case it's a straightforward Cosmic Justice tale.  Or I can muddy it up and give them an insecure centre to make them a little more sympathetic (although last time I tried that I muddied it up too much and ended up with a protagonist more sympathetic than I originally intended.)

I also now have the desire to create a 'landwhale' succubus character for the hell of it.  Big, curvy, beautiful, irresistible . . . yum.

For anyone writing their own stories, taking newspaper/online articles and thinking up a possible 'masquerade' explanation for what's happening behind the scenes is a good story-telling exercise.  But avoid the obviously weird ones, because hundreds of other writers will already have gone through the same thought processes and scrawled down the exact same story.

And then there's my highly fucked-up imagination.  I saw this:

(I found it on E-Hentai galleries, bizarrely enough.  The artist is Caroline Jamhour and more of her work can be found here)

. . . and remembered the eyes-as-nipples scene in Ken Russell's Gothic.  I was thinking there wasn't really anything I could do with--

The demon woman has eyes where the nipples should be.  She pushes her boobs into the face of her victim.  The eyes in her breasts eat the eyes of the victim and then take their place.  They send feelers into the brain and the victim sees . . .

Um, thanks imagination.  I guess.

That was one day of the little black cells working on overdrive for new story ideas.

If it sounds vaguely interesting, I can write some more where-did-that-idea-come-from pieces for the stories I've written (assuming I can remember, some are a few years old now).  Let me know in the comments below if there are any you're curious about.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Resurrecting the #DailyWriting Tag

For most of last year I used the #DailyWriting tag on twitter as an aid to writing.  I set a target of either typing at least 500 words or handwriting 3 notebook pages a day (roughly 1-2 hours of writing).  Before going to bed I'd tweet the word/page count.  I doubt the people of twitter cared either way, but having the illusion of witnesses was a good way to keep me honest.  It was a good discipline aid.  One of the best tips for writing is to make it a habit.  Once it becomes a habit it's a lot easier to keep the words flowing and a few pages every night eventually pile up into a full novel.

I stopped doing it earlier this year.  A big part of that reason was because I'd become pissed off with twitter and all the self-righteous, holier-than-thou jerks that stink out the place.  It was also because I was worried it had become a creative straitjacket - that I'd end up joylessly grinding out a bare minimum of useless words every night because of trying to keep to arbitrary targets.

I was also worried about how it would look on my twitter feed.  Posting word counts is often sneered at as something those vulgar self-published types do.  It's just not the done thing.

By the way, that reason above is without a doubt the stupidest reason of the lot.  A quick check of most of the more vocal, sneery writery types on social media will reveal them to be rather light in the publishing credits column.  Give those characters a wide berth (and most online writing communities in general, though there are exceptions) and your muse (and readers) will thank you.

Anyway, I decided to stop using the #DailyWriting tag.  I was getting the pages done anyway and there was no need to bore the world with the proof.  Then indiscipline crept in.  A couple of weeks ago I was off work and had a good writing week where I finally burst through a Succubus Summoning chapter that had been blocking me for a while, as well as finishing off another short story that had been clogging up the tubes for a bit.  Then the following week I was a lazy cunt and barely got anything done at all.

After that I decided to resurrect the #DailyWriting tag.  I'm a shameful procrastinator.  Once I start writing I can normally clock in a good hour or two.  Starting that first hour and not bumming around on facebook or youtube is the problem.  It's surprising how much difference a little tag can make.  When I stopped using it I'd have those nights where I'd fart around until the clock ticked past midnight and then think, fuck it, it's too late.  The first night I decided to start using it again the same thing happened, but instead of going to bed I thought, no, let's get those 3 pages written first.  Sometimes a little psychological push is all that's required.

So the #DailyWriting tag is back and you can follow my feed here:

It also has the nice side effect of reassuring people I'm still alive and writing during those periods when this blog goes quiet.  I know a few people were concerned about that given the shit that went on earlier in the year.  It should also give an idea of what I'm working on currently and how far along I am.  (The next chapter of Succubus Summoning needs a further 2.5-3K words typed up and a full edit before posting).