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Succubus Summoning 209 (part 3)

Still just about keeping to a daily schedule by the seat of my pants.  As I'm being a little faster and looser with the editing than normal, there will be a few typos and other stupid errors.  Some people commented and pointed out the mistakes they'd spotted yesterday.  Thanks for that and keep it up.

Anyway, back to Phil...

* * * *

Nÿte led Phil through a series of corridors and then out through a metal door at the base of one of the towers.  They were outside.  The pink sky was far above them and a slight breeze carried faint traces of sultry perfume.  This side of the castle was perched on a rocky promontory.  Rough-hewn steps in the stone wall curled down to a round structure that resembled a miniature coliseum.  As they descended Phil was able to peer over the circular walls and see an arena floored with black sand.

It looked like—

“Is that a fighting arena?” Phil asked.

Nÿte nodded.  “One of my favourite parts of the castle.”

That the succubi’s castle had its own fighting arena didn’t come as that much of a surprise to Phil.

“This is more of that catering to all kinds of fetish thing, isn’t it?” Phil said.

“Yes,” Nÿte said.  “Some like to play with themes of submission and dominance in a more physical manner.  Our little arena makes a perfect playground.  I like to spar here with daemons from the other dominions as well.  I believe succubi should extend their abilities beyond the arts of pleasure.”

“We’re going to spar?”  Phil asked, dreading her answer.  He knew from experience Nÿte took a lot of pleasure in inflicting pain.

“Not today,” Nÿte said in a way that implied they would at some not-quite-so distant point in Phil’s future.  “You have some unfinished business to attend to first.”

Phil was still pondering what she meant as they reached the base of the steps and walked up a short flight of steps that terminated in a massive curved gate that resembled a giant vagina.  Steps curled away along the inside of the walls and up into the stands on either side of the entrance.  Nÿte carried straight on down a wide tunnel and took Phil through a small door on the left.  They walked along a narrow stone corridor and then entered a small stone room where the other succubi were waiting for him.

With them was a figure Phil recognised.  It looked like a young man in baggy blue jeans, a Slayer T-shirt and a knitted blue bobble hat.  He was wearing an oversized pair of headphones.  Phil knew him.  His name was Carnivrillarofax.  He was a Kullockian rage daemon and a good deal more fearsome than his mild art-student appearance suggested.

“’Sup,” Carny said to Phil.

“Hi,” Phil said back.

While Carny was a terrifyingly deadly rage daemon, he’d never been anything less than friendly to Phil.  Actually, for something that was capable of tearing a person’s arm off in the blink of an eye, Carny was a pretty decent bloke.

“Carnivrillarofax is our special guest,” Nurse Honey said.

Cέrμləa, back in her little girl form, bobbed excitedly in front of the older succubus.  “We have a surprise for you,” she said.  “And Carny’s here to watch.”

Good surprise?  Bad surprise?  Phil looked at the faces of the daemons.  They weren’t giving anything away.

“I’ll go and get it ready,” Nÿte said.  Her high heels clicked against the stone floor as she left the room.

“What combat magic do you know?” Carny asked.  “I never got a chance to see it when we last met.”

When they’d last met Phil had spent most of the time semi-conscious on the floor while Rosa and Carny had torn through a pub of hooligans.

“A little,” Phil said.  “I know some defensive shields—magic and daemon—and some summons and dismissals.  At Wargsnouts we don’t get to learn offensive magic until the 3rd year.  I’ve been learning some fire magic with Cέrμləa, though.”

Carny looked alarmed.  He looked at the other succubi.  “Are you sure he’s ready for this?”

“Yeah, he’ll be fine,” Rosa said.  “He responds best under pressure.”

Carny continued to look doubtful.

“Okay okay, I’ll give him some extra fire magic to help out,” Rosa said.

She walked over to Phil and held out her hand.  A little ball of fire popped into existence and floated above her palm.

“So you know how this bit works?” she asked.

Phil nodded.  “It’s an extension of the soul,” he said.

Rosa looked aghast.  “Cέrμləa!” she turned and glowered at the little daemon with spiky blue hair.

Cέrμləa looked at the floor.  “Sowwee,” she said.  “I started with the simple explanation, the one that college tells their first and second years.”

Rosa shook her head.  “The soul can’t generate that level of energy.  The fire is summoned from the Elemental Plane of Consumas Infernum that lies at the intersection of the Dominions of Lust, Gluttony and Wrath.”

“We can always postpone this until he’s had more time,” Carny suggested.  “I’m okay with that.”

Rosa ignored him and carried on with her explanation.

“The fire isn’t truly sentient, but it can respond to its summoner’s will.  For beginners there are various words that aid in focusing and transmitting their desires.

“Flambasglob.”  Rosa threw a fireball at the stone wall.

“Flambas-Ejaculax.”  A tongue of flame jetted out of her palm and licked the stone wall.

“Shelduk nidafacii Flambastinaai.”  Flames span and formed a Catherine wheel shield about a foot and a half in diameter.

“Gladucx nidafacii Flambastinaai.”  Flames extended in her other hand to form a sword.

“There’s also Immolatum nida Flambastinaai.”  A flickering nimbus of flames surrounded Rosa’s body.  “The flames won’t burn the summoner’s flesh, but they will set fire to your clothes and anything else around you.”

She closed her hand into a fist and the flames flickered out.

“Get all that?”  Rosa smiled at him.

“Uh,” Phil said.  The words span around in his brain and fell down a black whirlpool of misapprehension.  He wasn’t sure he liked where all this was going.

“Oh, and this is important,” Rosa said, holding up a finger.  “The flames nibble on the spiritual energy of the summoner as the price for summoning them.  Summon too many or run out of energy to feed them and your soul will catch alight and you’ll burn to a crisp.  Many a stupid warlock has gone out that way.”

Phil’s eyes boggled in fear.

“Really, I can do this some other time,” Carny said.

Rosa put an arm around Phil and smiled at the rage daemon.  “He’ll be fine,” she said.

“There are other forces you can call on,” Verdé said.  “The heart of the Qištu is close to here.  It will listen to even the quietest and most inexperienced voices.  Ĝiškimiti za bursaĝ ul Urpâdu ni Guberim li Išduum Qištu.”

She held out a hand and tugged upwards as if pulling on an invisible rope.  Vines erupted out of the stone floor and tangled around Rosa’s ankles and lower calves.

“Don’t confuse the poor boy with too much,” Rosa said.  She snapped her fingers and the green tendrils caught fire and burnt to ash.  “They’re weak to fire, so he should use that.”


Phil wished someone would tell him what was going on.  Instead Rosa steered him through another door and then down some steps that terminated in a corridor leading out to the arena floor.  The daemons left him there.  Verdé was last to go.  She blew him a kiss that tingled on his lips.

Phil looked ahead at the archway.  His heart fluttered anxiously in his chest.  He knew by now that turning around and running away was not an option.  He took a deep breath, walked through the archway and stepped out onto the black sands of the arena floor.

And it was an amphitheatre—a coliseum in miniature.  The central arena was a circle of around thirty metres in diameter.  It was surrounded by a stone wall about ten feet high.  Above the wall, stone benches provided seating in rising concentric rows.  Metal portcullises were set into the wall at regular intervals.

No cheering greeted Phil as he entered the arena.  Most of the seating was empty.  The succubi and Carny were sitting together up on the top row to his left.  Cέrμləa sat perched on the edge of her seat, her hands pressed against the sides of her face.  Rosa lounged casually next to her.  Carny sat in the middle and looked as chilled as ever.  Nurse Honey sat next to him, looking regal despite wearing a fetishized nurse’s outfit.  Verdé joined them and sat elegantly on the end.  Nÿte was missing.

“Savour this,” Rosa called down.

The succubi weren’t the only audience.  Puff and Pfaffle were sitting in the middle row on the other side of the amphitheatre.  They acknowledged his presence with a languid wave.

Phil’s heart continued to thud loudly in his chest.  He had a horrible feeling they expected him to fight something and he felt woefully unprepared.  Wargsnouts students were strictly forbidden from engaging in magical duels until their fifth year.

A heavy black portcullis slammed down behind him and Phil jumped.  Well that was that.  Definitely no running away now.

Nÿte emerged on the other side of the arena.  She was not alone.  Walking next to her was a daemon that was half human and half spider.  A naked, pale-skinned female torso rose up out of a black bulbous abdomen.  She walked on eight spindly legs.

Phil recognised her.



* * * *

to be continued (because I'm a bastard and drop cliffhangers right in the middle of chapters) . . .

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  1. You are a perfect bastard. However, you can expect alot of traffic on here.

    I have a small suggestion for you. Most of us are a bit impatient and constantly hounding you for new stories or tidbits. I remember your post about similar authors and I thought you could do the same thing with stories online. If you stumble across something the fans might like or tickled your fancy, post a link or review.

    Lord knows bobsamade kept me happy for a while.

    Keep killing it, Mr. Hydra.

    1. I did do that a while back, but I think a lot of the people I linked to aren't writing anymore. I haven't kept as close tabs on Literotica and other fan fiction for a while. Day job + heavy writing hobby doesn't leave me as much time to browse and check out new writers.

    2. At the very least, I thank you for keeping up your stories.

  2. Glad to see some of that story interconnectivity going on with Carny and Puff/Pfaffle - elegant lizard girls are... very nice. ;)

    Also, damn, L'mactia was summoned to kill Phil... wonder if he'll get his revenge of even add to his number of mistresses. :O

    1. Maybe he will learn the power of friendship and forgiveness and they will all go on a picnic with cake and icecream and.... who am I kidding? Someone is getting toasted, and someone is getting fucked! :P

    2. Then hopefully afterwards they'll enjoy a nice picnic in the area and hopefully for philip it will not consist of him.

  3. Glad to see Carny is back!

  4. I'm happy to see some connection between some the earlier 201 stories and this chapter.

    1. Considering the succubi know quite a bit more magical knowledge how come other than Cerulea the others really haven't tried to teach him battle magic, or generally more magic?

    2. So what clothing are Verde, Rosa, and Cerulea wearing? Can you describe that a bit? Is it just clothes from earlier chapters or something new?

    1. Clothing is same as earlier chapters. I didn't want to repeat the descriptions as the word count is already too high. The descriptions will return when the other students get to encounter the succubi in their full sexiness ;)