Thursday, July 03, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 3

This is continuing the mini-playthrough of the mini hentai game Demon Angel Sakura I started here.

Yesterday, Sakura (who we found out was actually male) got jiggled around in giant slime girl cleavage and made into soup.  This was not an auspicious start to his (mis)adventures in hell.

After shooting the slime girl enough to make her wobble away we’re off to level 2: Astrum Hill.

Ey up, looks like boss 2 is a large lamia.

Oh, maybe not.  She offers to show us the way to the mirror we’re looking for . . .

. . . which is an obvious trap, as she takes us back to her nest and promptly jumps us.

Lamia’s attacks consist of rushing back and forth, jumping halfway across the screen, or bending over and exhaling clouds of aphrodisiac poison.  Once Sakura has taken enough damage to knock his dress off the Lamia switches to smexy grapple attacks that have to broken out of by hammering back and forth on the left and right arrow button.  If the poison breath envelops him, Sakura immediately sits down and starts wanking until he shakes free of it (or runs out of hearts).  Lamia’s other attack is to pick us up and hug us tight between her boobs.

Her Bad End is more cleavage hugging and rubbing Sakura up and down until he comes between her breasts.

She even wonders if this is good for her skin while breathing aphrodisiac all over him and licking the top of his head with her long snake tongue.  The game creators seem to have a thing for water sports as well as Sakura strikes a small but defiant blow back by pissing all down her.

Then it’s time for the vore finish.  All the cool vore kids have their lamia ingest their prey through the vaginaDemon Angel Sakura eschews this and stays old skool as Lamia opens her mouth and down the hatch we go.  All the vore tropes are present as we get the belly bulge and the cutaway shot of Sakura in the stomach.

Poor Sakura would probably even take THORN PUSSY! in Violated Hero 5 at this point.

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  1. I also just picked this up recently, and though the game is very simple, there is a certain charm to the attention the make gives to varying the animations. If only the game was a little longer. :S