Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 1

After Violated Hero 4 I was going to make playthroughs of hentai monster girl games a regular feature of the blog.  Then they seemed to dry up for a while (and Dark Souls 2 came along to absorb a lot of my spare time).  The big (relatively – we’re not talking triple-A here) releases like Monster Girl Quest: Paradox and Violated Hero 5 are still a while off, so I thought I’d have a run through some of the smaller games.

First up: Demon Angel Sakura.

 I picked this one out because I like predatory monster girls and it promised a range of bizarre Bad Ends that will probably be fun to blog.  Because . . .

“* Situations
Watch out, there's plenty of weird and even grotesque scenes:
eating alive, monmusu enemies, giants, pissing, milking, phlegm, anal penetration, jizzblasts, etc.”

. . . has to be good for a chuckle if nothing else.

I’m not sure what Bad Ends we’ll get.  As the blurb is positively gleeful about monster girls eating you I suspect the Bad Ends will veer more towards the WTF!  If it gets anywhere near the bonkers-ness of Violated Hero or Lvl1 Yushe Breeding Program (aka the WTF-iest of all the WTF hentai games) it should be good for a laugh.

Also, everything is subtitled in English.  That makes it a lot easier to work out what’s going on, but it also takes the charm away from trying to figure out what “A smell of the Japanese spaniel refuse drifts angrily just to bring a face close” actually means.

Okay intro scene.

I’m going to reveal my wussiness straight away by going into settings and setting the difficulty level to “Super Easy”.  It’s an action/platformy type game and if you ever saw me play Eroico (very very badly) you’ll know why I’m doing this.

Here’s the generic fantasy world background.  Demon world, Angel world, can’t set foot in each other’s world because of yadda yadda.

Oh, we’re actually playing the girl in the white dress from the intro scene.  Big momma angel (Ilias-clone) wants us to go to hell to get eaten . . . correction, retrieve a stolen mirror.

Huh, “He”?  Did someone get the pronouns screwed up in translation?  Main character Sakura looks like a girl . . .

Before we run off to hell we get waylaid by some angels that throw rocks at sad Sakura because she has a demony tail and is all demony or something.  Angels are racist jerks.  Sakura’s fairy friend comes along and blows them away with a magical tornado.  She begs us not to go because we might get eaten.  But we have to go because this is a hentai vore game and Sakura’s sole reason for existence is to be devoured in horribly perverted ways.

There is an option to do something else, but it’s greyed out so I guess this might be some NG+ type thing.

We jump into hell and . . .

I’ll carry this on tomorrow (providing my iffy internet connection doesn't punk out.  Again.)


  1. oh, so this is the game that dargoth recommended

    from reading the comments on his blog, i gathered that its a bit messed up

    seems interesting

    1. Yep, the same one. His recommendation seems to have pushed it to the top of the English dlsite chart :).

      It's short, but also very vore-y. The Bad Ends are extremely fucked up (more so than VH).

      I'll post a full review after the walkthrough.

  2. Didn't see it mentioned(maybe i missed it) but you can jump on the into the big angels lap and she will smoother you with her breasts...in a motherly sorta way. you can do this repetitively but nothing else happens

  3. does someone know how can i buy it and pay with paypal?

    1. There are links to the English dlsite.com (click on the name or the first pic). I had problems trying to pay with Paypal, though. Might be because my location at the time didn't match up to the country where I created the paypal account.