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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 53: Recruiting the Queens II


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Time to pick up more of those gorgeous, sexy monster girl queens.  Hopefully ones that won’t try to eat us mid-nookie.

Queen Harpy - Lucretia

This is straightforward.  Go back to Queen Alraune at the top of the World Tree.  The Yggdrasil fruit will have ripened by now.  Collect it from Queen Alraune, warp to the Harpy Tower and present it to Queen Harpy.  This will cure her and she’ll join the party.

And we get some lovely nights filled with fluffy feathers...

Touch Fluffy... Wing?

Queen Alraune - Alrauna

Recruiting Queen Alraune is a little trickier.  Go back to the World Tree and talk to her.  She wants to secure succession to the throne and put the Alraune Priestess on it.

Alraune Priestess doesn’t want to have anything to do with it, thank you very much.  Running Plansect Village stressed her out to the point it gave her stomach ulcers.

Queen Alraune carries on talking as though Priestess had accepted.  She tells us we need to go to the gold coast to look for “light seedlings”, whatever they are.  Priestess still isn’t particularly happy about this.

Hmm, these queen quests seem to involve a lot of questionable choices and screwing over previous party members.  In other mainstream RPGs I’d be thinking these decisions would come back later to bite us in the ass.  But this is a frothy hentai game about collecting a harem of monster girl waifus... created by someone very familiar with RPG tropes and fully cognizant enough to twist and exploit them.

Are you up to something, TTR?

It turns out it’s the alraunes that are up to something.

Gold Coast is the beach section just before Poseidoness’s temple.  Wander around the grassy sections and look for the sparkly lights indicating an item.  Once you find it, Priestess will beg you to break it.  She really doesn’t want to be the new Queen Alraune.

If you refuse, she grabs and breaks it anyway.

...which upgrades her into a Queen Alraune, just as the old Queen Alraune planned all along.

Alraune Priestess promoted to Alraune Queen

Former queen alraunes burst out of the ground and scary boss music plays.  Uh oh.

I think we've been had...

Turns out it’s a prank.  It seems no-one wants to be queen of the plants, so the previous queens are continually tricking their successors into breaking the light seedling and getting stuck with the job.  Cue much weird supervillain cackling.

Alraunes are strange.

As with Spider Princess, we don’t lose anyone.  Queen Alraune, real name Alrauna, joins the party and Priestess stays with you and gains a new form.

She also gets three new request moves that are variations of her sitting on our lap.

Flowers suck.  (That is Luka under there, I think.)

The variations come from what she decides to suck our balls empty with—her pussy, or two types of fleshy flowers custom-designed for maximum sperm suckage.

Queen Mermaid - Laura

This had me stumped for a while and I had to look up how to do it online.  Even after the battleplan to go to Black Alice’s alt demon castle, Queen Mermaid still refuses to join.  It’s clear we need to do something with El, but this isn’t triggered by talking to Queen Mermaid.

For this you need to check the side quests in the pocket castle (you might have forgotten about them, which is understandable as it’s barely been used in part 2).  El has one where she wants to make amends for waging war on San Ilias.  How, is a little confusing.  I did run around all the locations in this region with El in the party without much luck.

Turns out you have to talk to El first in the pocket castle (or rather on the MS Fish, as that’s where she can be found).  El is really hurting over her role in the violence and comes to the conclusion she needs to use her blood to heal the people who’ve been injured.  After coming to this conclusion she rushes up to the deck and throws herself into a nearby iron maiden.

Of course, MGQ-universe iron maidens don’t work that way and El gets a rather pleasant shock instead (I think she liked it).

You need to take her to Queen Alraune (who was in my pocket castle at this point).  She will give El some seeds for medicinal herbs to be planted on Natalia Coast (the region before the descent into South Ocean Temple – Meia/Kraken’s domain).

The site of El's herb garden

Plant the herbs.  Come back.  Come back again.  Beat up the poor mini-crab girl because she was curious.  El learns that beating up people just because they’re curious is bad.

Now go back to Queen Mermaid.  El will talk to her and convince her to join.

And we can have some nice family fun tog—

A nice... eggjob?


Queen Fairy - Airy

We left Queen Fairy recuperating on the island at the centre of Fairy’s Isle.  Her recruit condition is pretty random and not related to picking up the red orb at all.

She wants to see the Hide’n’Seek trophy.  You pick that up by finding all the hidden Amiras... which we already have.

So that one’s easy.

(Unless you haven’t found all the Amiras and—worse—can no longer remember which locations you found her at and which you didn’t.  At which point I imagine there will be much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair.)

Queen Elf - Freya

Queen Elf’s recruitment condition is also rather random.  She wants to see a silver and gold trophy from Grand Noah’s coliseum.

She denies being a fan of all that sweaty fighting stuff, but is also very specific on what we need to do to obtain those trophies.  (Alice just rolls her eyes.)

The silver trophy is obtained by winning the first race restriction fight.  This is the second option and requires all four members of the party to share the same race (the imp party with a random other succubus is fine if you've kept leveling them up).  Fight three random encounters and win and the trophy is yours.

The gold trophy is obtained from the third option, which is some kind of endless mode.  You’ll need to win ten fights in a row, but as the monster girls they throw at you are low- to mid- level it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Take both trophies back to Queen Elf and she’ll join the party.

And we get to experience the exquisite pleasures of her pussy if we ask her very nicely in the pocket castle.

Mmm, luscious tight elf pussy.  You never got this in LotR.

And that, I think, is that for recruiting all of the monster girl queens.  I know there are still some side quests outstanding in the pocket castle.  I’ll come to those later.  As for now, it’s time to penetrate Black Alice’s... castle.

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  1. Hmmm... I wonder, who is your favourite Queen? At least, queen that you've recruited?

    1. Hmm. The main problem is all the main queen characters already featured in the original series and they haven't really been given anything new (one of the weaknesses of MQ:P, but hard to criticize it for it because there's also so much new content as well).

      I like the new scenes with Priestess.

      The vampire queen was a pretty hot fight in the original series. Harpy was also fairly cute as she was the first to catch players off guard with the counter traps.

    2. Queen Mermaid (laura)