Friday, October 20, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 6: The Open Seas

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“It’s a pirate life for me… a pirate life for me…” or whatever it is pirates sing.  Probably with lots of added “Yaarrrrrrr”.

We have a boat, the MS Fish, thanks to Bonnie, Ashel and the rest of the fishy pirates (who only pirate other pirates, so they’re the good fun pirates that don’t get up to all that raping and pillaging stuff, unless it’s Luka, of course, because the game wouldn’t be fun if there wasn’t a hot succubus trying to jump his bones every five paces or so).  Anyway, we have a boat, and the next place we’re supposed to go is directly north of the Navy Headquarters.

Which, of course, we’re not going to do, because it wouldn’t be a JRPG if you didn’t go haring off in search of hidden locations the moment the map opens up.  I’ve played Final Fantasy before.

The open section isn’t all that open to be fair.  We have the run of a central sea, but most of the northern shores are blocked by impassable mountains.  The Navy Headquarters is on an island to the east.  The sea to the north and south of it is blocked by rocks.  There is a canal running through the island, blocked at the far end by a massive stone gate.  I don’t think we’re going to see that open until Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 3], to be honest.

The Grand Pirates’ Cave is surprisingly far away, being right out to the west.  As with the Navy HQ, further progress is blocked by rocks.

There is a huge black smudge of a Tartarus location right in the middle of the sea.  Currently there is no way to enter it, at least none that I can see.

Just to the west of the Navy HQ is Sheep Island.

Sheep Island

It has a location filled with sheep girls.  Sheep girls are the chronic drunks of the monster girl universe, so we get silly music and lots of drunken sheep milling around.

Where the sheep girls go to get drunk

There isn’t a whole lot to do here.  Both the entrance to the building and a pathway behind it are blocked.  I tried bringing both the sheep and rabbit girls and nothing changed, so I think this might be a location to revisit later.

There are two other locations to explore along the north.

Spider Island

The first has a cave with the entrance blocked by an arachne (one of the ones from MGQ chapter 3, judging by her portrait).

Arachnes be here, but no entry for now

I guess this is where the spider girls holed up after Neris bashed them around.  The arachne won’t let us in or fight us, so I think this would appear to be another place we’re not supposed to be visiting right now.  There are some items hidden in chests in the surrounding woods, so it’s not a complete waste of time.

The second island doesn’t even have a name.

??? Island

There’s a bit of a Lovecraftian Cthulhu vibe here as we find the corpse of a doomed explorer/castaway.  They left a notebook that talks about fog, being unable to leave the island and some kind of eldritch structure.

Notebook found in a deserted campsite

As none of that is happening right now I think we can add another item to the list of interdimensional weirdness.  I suspect its significance will become clearer once we go through another one of the Tartarus locations.

At least we get a few new monster girls to play with along the way.

Mermaid Assault!

One is a returning mermaid from the original series.  I like this artist’s style and I liked the encounter in the original series, but I don’t think they’ve drawn that many characters.  It’s a shame as they’re perfect for the more vanilla monster girls.

The other two are more of Arekishi’s busty cuties.  And if it’s Arekishi, you know exactly what you’re getting…


More Boing!

…titty jobs!  Lots of big bouncy boobwanks.  Yummy.

The mermaid merchant also shows a true entrepreneurial flair.  She charges Luka for every spurt, and the poor lad is too addicted to the experience to turn her down.  So, by the end of it, he’s completely drained of both gold and cum.  Tick another one off as Monster Girl Quest adds findom to the list of fetishes.

Or should that be fin²dom, hurr hurr.

(It’s coz she’s a fish, with fins, geddit.  Never mind… I’ll get my coat.)

The returning mermaid from the previous series also has a sweet paizuri scene, if I remember right.  These seas are pretty much titjob heaven, if you can avoid the odd creepy Fusuma flapping around.

There are also a trio of similar Bolt of Cotton girls flying around.

Sky dancers

They also like to warp Luka up in smooth silky heaven.

Private dances.  Refusal not accepted

Although in this case, there appears to be an absence of both creepy doll faces and drooling digestive acids, so they’re fine by me.  We’ll have a private dance later, if you know what I mean.

Nothing for you to worry about, Luka my old pal.  Just keep sailing north.

The open seas aren’t all that open as it happens.  There’s only really one place to go – Finoa.  So that’s where we’ll head off to next time.

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  1. You'll get that gate to outer seas open in this part along with 12-(wo)man party upgrade later in this Part.

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble on the ??? island, but as of now there's nothing that happens there. Trust me, I've looked around. Hopefully it's sidequest material in part 3.

  3. Let's play... Let's play... how about we don't play. Enough.