Friday, October 13, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part2] - 3: Navy Headquarters

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To progress further, we need to get a boat, and to do that we need to ask permission of the Admiral at the Navy Headquarters.

Navy HQ is a single big building with docks on either side.

Walking around are even more Sea Horse Marines.  They’re also joined by cutesy Sea Slug Marines.  I imagine we’ll be fighting both later on.

Inside, the Naval HQ has its own shop and blacksmith.  There is also a sailor girl battle fucker – Milia.

Her special technique is... armpit jobs?

Talking to the various characters reveals some background history.  There used to be three main pirate groups.  The Justi group went on to become the navy.  Rosa (who you might remember as the former queen of the mermaids in La Croix’s undead circus) led the mermaid pirates.  The third group was led by Selene.  She cropped up in the original series as a ghost and it’s also her treasure Luka needed to find in order to cross the sea to Port Natalia in both series.

Currently, both Rosa and Selene are missing.  The mermaid pirates also got beaten up during Neris’s mission to quell the rebel queens and are in hiding.

There is also information on two previously locked jobs – Pirate and Marine.

The quest character is Admiral Leviathan.  She’s not hard to miss.  She’s the giant monster girl on the top floor that looks like a monster girl version of a gyarados.

Is this what the sea horse marines become after evolving to the next level?

She can lend us a boat to take us to the next continent, but there is a problem she needs our help with first.  There are a new bunch of pirates causing trouble, the fishy pirates, and she wants us to help her put them down.

The plot thickens as a dog girl meets us on exiting the main HQ building.  She’s working for the fishy pirates and she takes us around the corner to their boat.  There we are met by the second-in-command, Ashel.

She also does all the cooking, cleaning and nursing

Talking to the crew reveals Ashel is hyper-competent.  The captain, Bonnie, isn’t.  Put it this way, she’s a mermaid that can’t swim.

To advance the story, you need to go downstairs and talk to the cat girl sitting on the main chair.

Go to the captain's chair first

She’s not in command, she just sits there because it’s warm and no-one knows how to get rid of her.  Talking here reveals Bonnie is upstairs sneaking food out of the storeroom.  You can find her here:

Bonnie is sneaking food in the storeroom

Luka is given a counter offer.  The fishy pirates can also provide us with a boat (this one), but they also need something from us.  Bonnie wants our help with fetching an item from a nearby dungeon.  It’s an old pirate treasure and Bonnie thinks nabbing it will raise the reputation of the fishy pirates.

Captain Bonnie of the MS Fish

So, the game is giving us another one of those mutually exclusive choices – Pirates or Marines?

Come back next week to see which choice I make.


  1. "Is this what sea horse marines evolve into?". Yes actually.

    1. Port Marle seems pretty doomed then with all those lickle sea horses about to evolve into monstrous dragons running around! :D

  2. I vote Pirates

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  4. I been reading your let play. I have MGQ Paradox part 1 never played due to time constraints cause of work. Also because I wanted to wait till the translation is 100% done. But now after reading this,I seriously want to play this! Do you think I should invest in a GPD WIN?

    1. The English translation for part 1 is already pretty comprehensive. It covers the base playthrough and most of the hentai scenes from the 1st half.

      Not sure on the GPD WIN. Personally I tend to avoid items that try to be multiple things as they invariably end up being worst at all. This seems like it's trying to be both a laptop and handheld console. Might be wrong, but I'd rather have designated devices.

      (I am a bit of a luddite when it comes to tech though. I don't own a tablet or smartphone.)

  5. Tbh you will have the oppertunity to fight some marines later in the game, albeit at a much higher lvl than intended. If you go pirates you will miss out on the loss scebe with ashel and bonnie but the choice is yours