Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 8: Grand Noah

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We’re off to Grand Noah.  On the way there’s a fork leading off to Yamatai to the east.  That’s for later according to Alice.

Don't turn right just yet

Further north the path loops back south and we get another campsite scene.

These camps are getting a little crowded

The campsite is starting to look a little crowded with all the recruits to Luka’s ‘harem’.  I would have said the characters here are the ones the player should focus on levelling up for the extra dialogue pieces, but so far those additional bits of dialogue have been fairly random.

(and occasionally amusing – take librarian boss Cornelia to the casinos of Grandeur and you’ll find out she’s a bit of a gambling fiend on top of being a fan of racy romance literature.)

The camp scenes are pretty cool for giving the cast a little bit of development.  The phoenix Mini is free of Don Dahlia’s control, but she still likes her pot.  Promestein and Alice are usually the characters to talk to for additional information.  Promestein seems a little too happy that all the other angels might have died.  Alice is a bit down over the defection of her heavenly knights to her mother, but gets over it by resolving to give her mother a good slapping.  Being sealed in a loli form isn’t going to hold this demon lord back!

Grand Noah

The guards try to stop us on entering Grand Noah, but it appears Luka’s fame has already begun to spread.  Despite this, we still need permission if we want to visit Esta and explore the Tartarus location next to it.  I suspect fighting in the coliseum might be involved.

The blacksmith here talks about dragon scale weapons and armour.  Sounds like we’re due another gear upgrade.  The quest for that is in the caves just south of Grand Noah.

There’s mention of the Queen’s mysterious advisor, Mephisto.  Yup, that name doesn’t sound evil at all…

There’s a house with a sickly kid in it.  Some people are spreading rumours he might be a spy because he refuses to sign up.  Instead the lad is sensible enough to know he’s too wimpy for the first line and would rather have a role boosting morale with songs and poems and the like.

There’s another battle fucker, although I wonder if she might need a talk with sickly lad about suitability for certain professions.  Heavy armour and giant axes are not things I’d normally associate with sensual pleasures.

Are you sure you're in the right profession?

I was expecting the Queen’s castle to be off-limits for now, but a couple of words from Sara is enough to open the gate.  Inside there are more NPCs to talk to in order to glean more background information.

Everyone is terrified of Grangold’s ant girls and automatons.  There is a bit of rivalry going on between the first two regiments.  The 1st regiment is led by the Dullahan from MGQ chapter 2.  The 2nd is led by the Cerberus you also fight around the same time in the original series.

Hmm, of course, the big question is:  Where is Alma Elma?

The queen is upstairs.

Queen of Grand Noah

She and Sara chat and initially it seems like she’s going to give us a permit to go investigate Esta.  Then the mysterious Mephisto shows up.

The Queen of Grand Noah's totally trustworthy and not at all suspicious adviser, Mephisto

Yup, not suspicious in the slightest.

She’s not convinced about our strength and suggests we prove ourselves in the coliseum first.

Told you.

But before we do that, Alice suggests we upgrade our gear by retrieving some dragon scale stone from the fossil mine just south of Grand Noah.

Sounds like a sound plan, so we’ll head off there next.

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  1. The coliseum fight (or well, how it ends) should be amusing. Or rather, your reaction should be.

  2. man once you really start unlocking races your mental image of Luka might get horrifying as humans can unlock worm summoner(like Lily, Lucia and the rest of the girls from witch hunt) and vampire.

  3. No one cares about these games

  4. Please ignore anonymous number 2. I am enjoying this.

    1. anonymous number 1 here! yeah I find this very entertaining.

  5. I'm too obscure/oblivious to troll, so I suspect Anon 2 might be frustrated that I seem to be spending time on this rather than put out new H-space/Succubus Summoning stories.

    And I feel for them, to be honest. It's been a rough year for me story-wise. I planned to enter a short story in Literotica's recent Halloween competition. That fell apart halfway through. Same as the really good idea I thought I had for the Nude day competition before then. Sandwiched by Smoke has been stuck at the halfway point for about 4 months now. Two really cool novel ideas I thought would be straightforward to write petered out.

    It's frustrating, but it happens. Sometimes you have really productive periods and sometimes there are lean times where none of the story ideas seem to hold together.

    I could leave the blog dark during this time with the occasional "woe is me, I'm blocked" post, as some writers do. Or I could fill it with lewds and commentary on sexy succubus/monster girl H-games. I figured posting sexy succubus/monster girl lewds would be more interesting for readers while I try and sort my shit out behind scenes.

    It's not an "either/or" thing, in case people were concerned I was doing this at the expense of other projects. Ideally it will be an "in addition to" thing as soon as I get this latest batch of H-space stories done!

    1. of course, if he meant what he said as he said then that does beg the question as to why he's reading/posting on the blog of a talented erotic horror writer.

    2. I haven't posted any H-space stories for a couple of months. It's been a year since Succubus Summoning 201 came out. If someone was coming here for either of those, I imagine it might be annoying to see post after post on a Japanese game they might have no interest in. :)

      Gave me an excuse to clear some things up, so not a bad thing.

  6. on that note it looks like Dieselmine is making a Succubus themed game... it'll be out next month it seems