Monday, May 11, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 47

Tartarus III (Get the Brain Bleach on Standby...)

So it's time to descend into the third and final Tartarus pit of Monmusu Quest: Paradox chapter one.  This is my playthrough, the first part of which can be read here.

We're descending back into Tartarus.  Are you scared?  You should be.

The Monster Girl Quest series is chock full of sexy monster girls.  The conventional idea of sexy monster girls is sexualised mythical creatures – succubi, cat girls (nya nya!), lamia, alraunes, etc.  Monster Girl Quest does have them.  It also has other... things.

After Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 3, artists Delphinus and Xelvy cemented their reputation as the go-to people for those other... things.  For the Tartarus sections I'm guessing TTR gave them free reign to come up with the weirdest designs they could think of.  Then TTR passed it out to us unsuspecting fools with a knowing wink.

The 3rd Tartarus pit is out to the east of Saloon, surrounded by some kind of poison swamp.  There's also an investigation taking place here, but on a smaller scale to the diggings on the Ilias continent.  It sounds like the people here are trying to avenge/find the Sabasa king, who went missing here some years ago.

Initially the path to the ladder is a blocked by a big pile of dirt.  One of the NPCs tells us a White Rabbit left it there.  The White Rabbit herself pops up to confirm this after we use Gnome's mastery of the earth to clear it away.  This was what the White Rabbit intended – she didn't want us to enter Tartarus until we'd contracted Gnome.  She runs off, but again briefly pops back up to give us Nero's glasses.  As usual, I miss the significance of this.

Okay, brain bleach on standby, it's time to descend the ladder and into Tartarus we go.  What horrors have Delphinus and Xelvy left for us this time?

Delphinus's effort is relatively restrained.  It's a slime girl.  Well, the slime part is for definite.  The girl part less so.  Her body is simply a manikin given animation by the slime inside her.

Her temptation move is to give Luka a very unusual handjob.  The Bad End has her get astride us in something that looks like sex.  In reality it's feeding for her as she takes great relish in telling us how she's absorbing all our doomed little sperm.  It's also a fatal feeding as her slime overstimulates Luka to the point he runs out of energy and dies.

Unusually for the new monster girls, she also has an additional request move back in the castle – a slimy blowjob.

Then it's time for Xelvy's contributions.  First up a machine girl with a massive arm.

Mecha stuff doesn't float my boat, so to speak but this doesn't seem so...

Uh?  What's happening here?

It looks like she sort of disassembles around Luka.  Then there are whirring sounds.  Now look, fast moving metal parts and soft fleshy sexual organs should not come into contact with each other.  Just thinking about it causes so much retraction in my soft fleshy bits I'll probably need forceps to dig them out afterwards.

At one point in the Bad End she overstimulates Luka to the point he has a heart attack.  No biggee, she simply shocks him back to life.  You don't get out of it that easily, son.

What's next?

I mean I've heard of the expression, "You're all mouth," but this is a little ridiculous.  Obviously she has a good chew on Luka.

(Her one request scene after recruitment is also 100% fatal as well.  No amount of sausage will sway her.)

Okay, so that must be the worst of it out of the way.

Haha, don't be silly.

Nope, not a clue what she is.  She doesn't have any dialogue either.  All she does is laugh and giggle.

As for her Bad End...

Obviously that weird proboscis appendage was going to suck up Luka's dick.

Recognising she might be too much even by MGQ standards, she pokes a finger into Luka's ear and directly stimulates his brain into thinking he's fucking a more conventional hottie.

Alas, if only the audience could do the same.

Jeebers!  Those eyes!  What the fuck is up with those eyes?

Hmm, as a writer of erotic horror it appears as though I need to up my game.  Time to get the little black cells working...

Back to the story.  In this Tartarus bad things are happening.  Luka and party encounter what look like holes in the fabric of reality.  There are also sections of Tartarus where it looks as through space is coming apart.  It's also quite a short section in comparison to other areas of the game.

We find the door which leads to another bridge between worlds.

And on the other side of that... well, that will have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. Good God........

    how can ANYONE get off to stuff like that????!!!!

    Too much Xelvy/Delphinus

    1. Well, in fairness, Sonya is done by Xelvy, and she's perfectly fine. So it's not like Xelvy can only draw abominations or anything. But yes, they do have a preference for the strange, sometimes terrifying, Delphinus more-so, as they have very little in the way of normal looking girls (the fairies are the only normal ones I can think of by Delphinus.

    2. Heh.

      My reaction?
      Finally monster girls that aren't just kemonomimi or 'taurs. Because so far, most monster girls are just "take thing, slap girl on". In the original MGQ, no matter what part, a large part of the "monsters" were just "take weird stuff, slap human torso on it".
      Monsters were either pretty much human, "kemonomimi" (Cat Girls and other "humans with some animal features glued on"), or 'taurs (No centaurs until Paradox, but Lamia (snake taurs), mermaids (fish taurs) and angels (weird Chthulu taurs)). Even the weirdest angels always had the standard human torso glued onto them.

      That's just boring. This here? This is at least *creative*.

    3. There was a centaur in MGQ chapter 2.

      I'll take boring, but fapable, over creative, but "Oh my God keep it away from me!", any day.

    4. *double-checks centaur*
      ...indeed there is. Then why did they make a new one for Paradox?

      Anyway, you're just weak in the way of the fap. Though I shouldn't judge, I don't like lethal sex scenes - but other than that, pretty much anything is fine. I *like* "inhuman". And judging by the monsters in MGQ, either TTR does to, or he has a great time trolling his fans.

    5. Sorry if this is rude, but I hope you don't mind me asking "why" you like like "inhuman"? What about "inhuman" do you find fapable?
      I'm not judging, my fetish is insemination/impregnation, and it's strong to the point I can fap to stuff like Chimera Bug, Beelzebubs and Power Musukiel (though if it was just the picture without the words Musukiel's wouldn't work). And I think part of that is finding an appeal in "exotic mating", but even then I don't think I could do without at least a human looking (or at least mostly human, Queen Bee is fine despite the eyes) face.

    6. I kinda agree. The monsters should at least seem vaguely human to have any sex appeal. These new monsters are certainly interesting, but not particularly erotic. They are simply too far removed from humanity. Aroused by a naga/centuar/bee girl? Fine. Aroused by a snake/horse/bee? Weird.

  2. Desert Eagle11/05/2015, 14:02

    I told you you'd like the 3rd Tartarus hole. :P

    Well, in all honesty, I do like it. My party reflects that too.

    The four girls are Vitae (Slime girl), Valto (Machine Girl), Vetala (Vore girl?) and Shinifa (Laughing Arachne). In patch 1.10 and beyond, Valto and Vetala both got new scenes; Valto gives a non-lethal blowjob, and even Vetala gives a non-lethal titjob.

    On a different matter, Nero's Glasses. I hope nothing bad happened to him. I can't imagine him giving up his glasses willingly. If you knew what they cost, you wouldn't either.

    1. He probably made them himself, like the rest of his outfit.

      But nah, the White Rabit said she "got away" from him - the last time we saw her was the Fake Tamamo incident, which ended in Nero stopping her from harming the group, and with her being chased by Nero.

      The last time we saw Nero was in Sylph's forrest, but I wouldn't be surprised it he took "Time moves in a straight line from the past to the future" as more of a suggestion.

  3. Yeah you'll be done with this before the week is over, and prolly before the next English Patch is out. Was a fun ride though.

  4. The slime girl isn't bad. The rest... yikes.

  5. And I am reminded once again that I am alone when fapping to the beauty that is Xevly's mind. Sigh....

    1. Did you not read Yuuto's comments above? He seems into Xevly's stuff too.

    2. Little Bug (the one in the "Ancient Shrine"/Secret Lab under Luddite Village) is one of my favourites. As is the shrimp girl MEHydra "noped" away from.

      But my all-around favourite would be (Brun)Hild. She kinda reminds me of the Next Dolls from the original MGQ. And she's a nice mix of obedient servant and psycho.
      (For example, her reaction to the Lily/Lucia question:
      "This is to complicated for me. Tell me when you decided which one we will kill."
      I also seem to remember her asking "So, when are we going to kill Sara?" or something while investigating the Princess' personality change in Sabasa.)