Friday, May 29, 2015

Okasare Kenny 1-4: Sulpa

And we're back!  Sorry about that.  The pause ended up being a little longer than anticipated.  This part ended up being a complete nightmare to write for some reason.  About six or seven versions of it ended up in the wastepaper basket over the last couple of days.  Either the characters weren't right or the story was spinning wheels without actually going anywhere.  Sometimes that happens (and I suspect there will be a few more similar pauses where the story gets stuck before the whole tale is told).  Anyway, here's part 1-4 and I hope I won't be making you wait as long for part 1-5.

1-4: Sulpa

She turned her dark eyes on Ken.  They smouldered like sultry magnets.

"Why don't we go upstairs and fuck?"

That sounded like a good idea actually.  Ken started to get to his feet.


She tempts unwary travellers and feeds off their life force.

No, not that.  That was Celestrico's silliness.

"Will I need to pay for this?" he asked.

Sulpa gave him a languid nod of her head.  "All who enter my house are welcome to partake of the pleasures of my body... for a price."

That was annoying.  Did he even have any money?  Yes.  He did, surprisingly enough.  He found a pouch bulging with coins hanging from his waist.  Had that always been there?

He detached the pouch and emptied some of the coins into his hand.  They looked like gold.

Or this was really his wallet and the funky post-hypnotic suggestion shit was fucking with his perception and making him see it as a fantasy-world equivalent.

"Five of those and all this..."  Sulpa stood up and swept her hands over the perfect contours of her body.  " yours for the night."

That sounded perfectly reasonable to Ken.

Assuming the money was his and he was not carrying it on behalf of someone else.  It would be more than a little awkward if he later found out it belonged to the local crime lord and he had to explain how he'd blown it on a hot hooker.

Sulpa saw his reluctant expression.  "You were likely on your way to spend your coin on me anyway," she said.  "There's no real other reason for travellers to be out here."

"Well in that case I owe it to past-Ken to carry out his wishes," Ken said with a charming smile.

He walked around the table and dropped five coins into Sulpa's outstretched palm.  She secreted them about her person, as scantily-dressed as it was, like a magician making coins vanish.

"That's my name, by the way," Ken said.  "Ken."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Ken," Sulpa said.

Lithe and graceful, Sulpa led him to the curtain she'd entered through.  She glanced over her shoulder at him.  "My room is this way."

The passageway beyond was dark and the only illumination was tainted with fleshy shades of pink and red.  He followed Sulpa's shapely rump up two flights of stairs.  It was a lovely sight if a little spoilt by the shitty post-hypnotic suggestion that caused him to see a slender tail swinging back and forth with her hips.

Although it wasn't that bad.

Strangely alluring, in a way.

Current-Ken wondered if past-Ken had some strange tastes he'd neglected to tell him about.

He followed Sulpa around an intimate maze of narrow corridors.  This place seemed a little bigger than it looked from the outside, Ken thought.  He didn't pass any doors.  All the rooms were hidden behind thick sets of red drapes.  He tried to peep through the gaps and saw only darkness inside.

Sulpa stopped before one room and pulled the curtains aside.  They didn't swish aside like normal curtains.  The fabric was fixed in the centre of both floor and ceiling.  The entrance stretched open like the pupil of a cat's eye.

Or a particularly private part of the female anatomy, Ken thought.  An impression that was likely deliberately encouraged.

Sulpa turned to him.  Her lips were bunched up in a lush pout.  "Come inside," she said.

Nothing accidental about that innuendo either.

I'd love to, Ken thought.  Lots.

The room on the other side was mostly all bed.  A massive circular mattress lay against one corner.  It was piled high with fancy cushions and looked invitingly soft and luxurious.  Sulpa stood to the side, her body equally invitingly soft and luxurious.

"This is a little full on," Ken said.

"It's okay to have second thoughts," Sulpa said.  "This is a house of pleasure.  No-one is forced to do anything they don't want to."

"Oh I want to," Ken said.  "It's just this damn memory loss.  I don't know me.  I might be the sort that's uncomfortable with the idea of paying for it."

"You don't know how comfortable I can make you feel," Sulpa said.

Faint exotic scents tickled Ken's nostrils.

"I don't doubt it," he said.  "But I'm going to feel like a real piece of shit tomorrow if I wake up and remember I have a girlfriend or wife."

"Why?  You have a perfect excuse," Sulpa said.  "You were ensorcelled... confused.  Any lover, if she truly loves you, would understand."

She slowly peeled away the gossamer veils covering the shiny curves of her gorgeous breasts.

"You're a very bad girl," Ken smiled.  "Leading me astray like this."

Fuck it.  She was as hot as fuck.  He'd deal with the consequences—if there were any—later.

"Of course, what else would you expect from a succubus," Sulpa said.

I suspect the only one who thinks that's a twist is poor Kenny.  Let's see how he handles it next time (which hopefully won't be as long as the wait for this part).


  1. Ken really is astoundingly stupid, isn't he?

    1. Not really. His head's just been messed with.

  2. For this writing project would it not be a good idea to take a few days of no updates so personal delays don't stop your schedule. Just my thoughts. PS great content overall