Friday, May 08, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 45

Saloon (Another Rescue Mission to the Hills)

It's part 45 of the epic Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough (for part one, see here).  We're approaching the end.  Saloon is the last village/town to visit before heading in to the third Tartarus pit.  It can be reached by going through the mountain pass to the north of Gnome's ruins and then heading east.

Saloon is fairly straightforward.  According to gossip, a lot of the inhabitants are descendants of ninjas that came from the east.  They work or at least used to work for the Sabasa monarch.  Some still wander around in full ninja getup, even if they happen to be the postman.

It looks like there are a couple of quest strands from here.  Some NPCs talk about Mimi.  She's the NPC that sells accessories in the weapon/accessory store.  She went to the hills to the west of Saloon and hasn't come back.

The blacksmith can make crystal weapons, but requires us to fetch some raw crystal from the mines to the south of the town.  The problem with this is that the mines are currently the hideout of the scale thief corps, a bunch of thieving lizards that have been making a nuisance of themselves.

The scale thief corps are also the next item on Vanilla's list.  Sort of.  She wants holy and dark stones for the castle shop.  The item shop in Witch Hunt Village can sort out a supply for us, but we have to do something for her first.  The scale thief corps attacked a caravan and stole an agricultural stone.  The shopkeeper either wants that returned or the scale thief corps busted, not sure which.

Today we'll go off to the hills and rescue Mimi.

The hills are out to the west (basically, once you walk through the mountain pass turn left in stead of turning right to Saloon).

The monsters here are the same wandering monsters that can be found all over this section of the continent.  There is one new monster girl type – some kind of oni with eyes all over her body.

The succubus with the sword?  That's devil fighter.

Oh right, I don't think I've mentioned her on the playthrough yet.  Like big spider, she appears all over this part of the continent.

Devil fighter seems quite na├»ve about the sexual stuff.  Despite looking like a typical succubus, her race type is given as High Yoma.  In the castle she apologises for her shameful appearance and explains it's because her armour is passed down through the family, so she must wear it.

She might claim to be inexperienced in sexual matters, but if she wins she'll transport Luka to her own personal pocket dimension for some extreme nookie.  Oh, and that pocket dimension comes with its own naughty tentacles.

Unusually for the new monster girls, devil fighter has an additional request scene where she gives Luka a blowjob in her little pocket dimension.

In the middle of the hills we find someone lying on the floor.

It's Mimi.  She slipped and fell over.  After Luka gives her a medicinal herb she gets back to her feet and teleports back to Saloon with a harpy wing.  To claim your reward go talk to her in the weapon and accessories shop.

Hmm, that was relatively straightforward.  I was wondering if TTR had run out of fresh encounters for the hills, but to be fair I think all the hill locations have been like this (one new monster girl, the other encounters the same wandering monsters as in the surrounding region).

Tomorrow we'll tackle the scale thief corps in the mines to the south and hopefully secure ourselves some blingy new crystal gear in the process.


  1. Desert Eagle08/05/2015, 12:10

    I chatted one of those youkai monsters. If I understood them correctly, there seems to be a tunnel of some sort which they used to travel from Yamatai to South Sentora. It was rather curious why youkai monsters would be in northern Sabasa.

    By the way, SlapStickStrike's / Stealth Kaigyuo's other three monsters are in those mines you're about to venture into.

  2. "The succubus with the sword? That's devil fighter." #But she's not... Ah.
    "Despite looking like a typical succubus, her race type is given as High Yoma."
    Yah. She's not a succubus at all, but a Yoma. She doesn't even have access to the Imp race, if I remember correctly.