Monday, February 01, 2016

A new Violated Hero (6) is out

I thought the Violated Hero series might have reached its end with the fifth instalment, but no, you can't keep a good, dick-trampling monster girl down and Dieselmine are back with a sixth game in the series.

I haven't had a chance to check the new one out yet.  It looks as though Dieselmine have decided to hitch their wagon to the popular Kantai Collection phenomenon and it's machine (ship) girls vs. monster girls.  Or rather, given how the Violated Hero series usually runs, it'll likely be machine girls + monster girls vs. (un)fortunate brave hero.

I've heard they've rejigged the game mechanics and combat is different this time around.

It will be interesting to see how this works out.  I've covered all the Violated Hero series so far and even did a fairly detailed "let's play" of the last one.  The series generally has great art, imaginative Bad End scenes... and an unfortunate tendency to always randomly screw up some aspect of gameplay/story/art that's different every time.  V was let down by some fairly uninspiring early bosses, but picked up later mainly through the strength of the main characters and a story that had a surprising amount of depth.

Will I do a detailed "let's play" again?  I'm not sure yet.  Ship girls and the KanColle thing doesn't really do anything for me to be honest, although given that it's Dieselmine I'm sure they'll find a way to make the Bad End scenes hilariously inventive anyway.  At the start of the year I was fairly on top of my plans and then another game came out to devour the last week and a half (in my defence, Darkest Dungeon is really really good and well worth a look if you like either Lovecraftian eldritch horrors or turn-based RPGs).

Currently I'm trying to get Succubus Summoning up and running in a regular Monday slot.  It's proving fairly resistant at the moment, but I intend to keep plugging away at in on the principle that if I can get the first thousand or so words up, the rest of it will start flowing again.

The H-space Monster Girl Bestiary will continue to be added to at a rate of one new monster girl a week.  I have a nice backlog of shorts there and mostly it's a case of putting them out at in an order that hints at the larger story going on behind them (you didn't think I was naming the main character the same in all of them out of laziness did you...? ;) )

I'll give Violated Hero 6 (Okasare Hero ~Is Everyone After My Cum...!?~) a look in the next couple of days and if it looks promising and I'll run the "let's play" posts in between the other stories.  It will be fun to see which has it worst - Stewart Peter Bate or VH6's newest vic... ahem, hero, Chrono.


  1. Word of advice, without spoilers, for the latest VH game. As you go along monsters girls will join your quest. Four of these are new and six are returning characters from prior games. The returning characters aren't really worth the time investment. All the fights to get them are difficult, especially the last three, and there are no additional scenes with them erotic or otherwise. Unless your a die hard completionist, you will have wasted your time. They are not required to 100 percent the game, and by the time your powerful enough to get the last three, you'll be able to finish the final fight with a glance.

  2. Jeeze. I still haven't gotten around to getting VH3 patched for English.

    1. Still waiting on English dubs for 4 and 5 here.

      The fact that Dargoth's offering all of his blood, sweat and cum to the dark goddess Paradox right now, along with my anti-malware software going into full on witch-hunt mode when I try installing AGTH or Aggregator isn't really helping either.


      It seems that this fellow here has translated almost all of 4, and is working on 6. I haven't been using his translations, so I don't know if he'll be as good as Dargoth, or that blessed fellow that translated the original MGQs, but hey, anything is better than text hooking.

  3. I played all of the other games in this series, suffering through text hooking, and, upon downloading this game, I'm suddenly assaulted with a battle mode that includes player spaces and multiple characters? I'm currently going through the tutorial trying to piece together what the various diagrams and shadings mean around the gibberish moon runes.

    It'd be wicked cool if someone could give me a crash course on how this game is played.

    1. Got it figured out after a few hours of play time. Honestly, the battle system in this game is somewhat enjoyable to use, and still goes quickly enough that it doesn't feel grindy.

      From what I've seen so far, this is honestly the best VH game I've played so far. The pacing is much more enjoyable, all of the different girls and their H content are varied, and not super cringy. The voice actors are perhaps even better in this one than they have been previously.

      As far as story goes, I'm not sure if it's better than 2, but once I finish, I'll probably have a better idea.

  4. I'm still having trouble with the first five games I keep getting syntac error no matter what I do how can I fix this/