Friday, February 26, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Latexian Leechwoman

Name: Latexian Leechwoman
Type: Worm
Habitat: Lake Latex

In their unfed form they've been described as looking like a faceless fashion manikin painted in shiny black latex.  Physically they have proportions similar to a catwalk model—slim, long legs—but exaggeratedly so, like an artist's stylised rendition of a beautiful woman.

When fed they balloon up to the point of resembling a morbidly obese woman.

They seem to possess rudimentary intelligence and as of yet there are no reports of any speaking.

Attack Strategy:
They use their alluring figures to draw men in close enough to embrace.  At this point the leechwoman fastens themselves to their prey through suckers on the wrists and ankles.  They possess multiple sucker mouths located where the mouth, nipples, naval and vulva would be on a human female, and use these to drain the bodily fluids.  As with other hindigs, seminal fluid seems unusually prized and the leechwomen are extremely adept at using their sucker mouths to stimulate a man to ejaculation.  After draining their host of semen they move onto sucking out all their blood.  Even this isn't enough.  The leechwoman secretes powerful enzymes into her prey that turns their insides into a liquid soup that is then sucked out and ingested.  Thankfully, most victims will have already passed out through blood loss by this point.

Their rubbery skin is surprisingly tough to puncture or cut.  Most low calibre bullets will not penetrate, especially if the leechwoman has just fed.  They also have powerful regenerative capabilities.

They are slow moving, but once they have someone in their embrace and have attached their sucker mouths it's next to impossible to remove them before their victim is completely exsanguinated.

Threat Level:
Low to Moderate.

They are most dangerous to those traversing Lake Latex due to their ability to blend in with or hide under the surface.


  1. Wanted to ask a question (and maybe make a humble suggestion):

    Have you ever written any story where the guy would be fully aware of the danger and actually want the succubus to kill him from the start? (aka "suicide by succubus")

    I just started re-reading the Succubus summoning and in the second chapter Verdé mentions that this actually DOES happen from time to time and that she finds it unsatisfying.

    I think it would be amazing to see this!

    Very different from the usual unwilling or semi-willing-at-the-end victim scenario.
    The power play would also be interesting in such scenario - the succubus obviously holds the greater power but it is her willing victim who allows her to have it.

    What do you think?

    1. One of the Nicole stories (Summer Dance) is close to that, but where the terminally ill protagonist decides they want to squeeze out a few months of life first.

      I've jotted a few ideas down along those lines. Main problem is it takes a lot of the tension out unless the protagonist's intentions are hidden from the reader.

      I have a novella idea queued up that is basically this. Demons (probably from H-space) invade and take out a school/university. One of the survivors, realising it's all completely hopeless, throws himself at a group of succubi, reasoning that being killed by them would be a lot better than some of the more horrifying monsters roaming around the campus.

    2. >One of the survivors, realising it's all completely hopeless, throws himself at a group of succubi, reasoning that being killed by them would be a lot better than some of the more horrifying monsters roaming around the campus.

      I like this idea a LOT.

    3. Despite this being unrelated to your question but would you mind to check out my monster entry?
      Heres the link:

    4. @Unknown. The first two sentences contradict. Are they normal but highly trained humans, or human-monster hybrids with abilities. Human-monster hybrid has the better potential as they would then be the (possibly unwanted) babies from all the monster girl sex, which gives a potential back story that can be fleshed out.

    5. They are both since Uber Sapiens mostly are highly trained humans before the current demon lord came to power but ever since the current demon lord came to power there are some that are human monster hybrids due to them being unwanted at birth due to monster girl sex. For example, Meta Sapien (who is an Incubus/Uber Sapien Hybrid was abandoned as a child due to him not being wanted)
      is a prime example of an unwanted baby from the excess monster girl sex but lucky for him, he was taken in by the teenage verssion of the Ancient Uber Sapien

  2. Maybe do something like the School/university is secretly taking over by demons. They immediately replace the teaching staff and some of the students and then slowly have there way with the student body.

    make it sorta a mini series where students are disappearing. some idea's:
    -a student gets detention with a hot teacher and thinks he's getting lucky when she suddenly becomes seductive on him but ends with a cruel but kinky death.

    -a nerd who thinks he will never score is suddenly approached by the beautiful Cheerleader Captain and asked if he was interested in a 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' to have sex with several of her cheerleaders. He gets to have sex with them but it turns out the Captain is a Demoness and she took control of the other cheerleader girls to keep fucking the nerd till he breaks, literally.

    -and some other things like a Centaur MG is pretending to be the Sports coach and punishes(kinky and fatally) any who fail to finish there exercises.
    -The Principal/Dean is a Kitsune who likes to find couple who like each other but haven't confessed there interest. She brings them to her office and tricks one to have sex with her while the other watches. If they stay faithful and admit there interest in the other she makes them leave the school. If one sudden hate the other for having sex with the kitsune she kills the scorner and keeps the scorned as a 'toy' as a form of apology.

    Also was wondering if you would consider some monster girls who 'unfortunately' kill there partners in a painful way. Example a Fire Demoness who climaxes will having sex combusts her partner and continues to ride him until hes ash. or a slug-girl (or something that's generally covered in mucus or some form of bodily fluid) where when she climaxes her bodily fluid suddenly becomes corrosive.

    Just some idea's I know your busy with these Bestiaries and other stories but I hope some of these catches your interest.

    1. The slow infiltration part was how I thought the Megan Fox succubus film Jennifer's Body should have gone. It is slightly more difficult to write, but makes much better use of a succubus's abilities. Admittedly, I keep making the same mistakes of having my succubi/monster girls be an overt threat out in the open rather than working behind the scenes and gradually spreading perversion and corruption.

      Maybe I'll get around to doing it right some day! :D

    2. I was the Anonymous forgot i had a account :P
      anyway I enjoy your darker take on Monster girls but that doesn't mean they all need to be 'dark' just not as lovey dovey they are usually made.

      I'm liking the idea of a School being secretly taking over by H-space monster girls. Hope you do it one day if you liked my idea's I've got more XD
      But it would allow you to both show how monster girls would infiltrate/take over a human area and how they slowly have there way with the students.