Friday, February 19, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Penishroom

Name: Penishroom
Type: Fungus
Habitat: Dense Vegetation.  Jungle.

A bizarre giant fungus, usually growing to around ten feet in height.  So called because of its resemblance to an erect male penis, right down to the presence of two globular structures resembling testes at the base of the shaft.

Attack Strategy:
The fungus, if it is a fungus, is carnivorous and functions like an ambush predator.  If any prey walks within range the head will bend down and attempt to swallow it.  Once ingested, the prey is pushed down the shaft and into one of the 'testicles' to be digested.

The penishroom is rooted to the ground and can only attack individuals that walk within range.  This one's straightforward—stay well clear of the big mushroom that looks like a giant dick.

Because people inevitably won't stay clear of the big mushroom that looks like a giant dick, this is what you should do if a member of your squad manages to get themselves swallowed.  First off, you won't have much time.  Digestion within the basal sacs occurs extremely rapidly.  There have been reports of swallowed men coming completely apart within a few minutes of entering the digestion organ.  With that in mind, the first course of action should be to slit open the basal sacs with a heavy bladed weapon such as a machete.  Don't attack the stalk—it's composed of a tough fibrous material and you won't be able to cut through in time.  Slit open the basal sacs.  This will drain away the enzymic soup contained within them and enable the penishroom's swallowed victim to be retrieved unhurt.  The digestive enzymes denature rapidly upon contact with the open air, so there is no need to worry should any get splashed on you while cutting the basal sac open.

Threat Level:

*ETA.  Later reports have come in that suggest the penishroom gives off a luring scent that is very difficult for some individuals to resist.  Women and homosexual men appear to be the most affected.

What is it with H-space and sex...?  Why are sexual lures used so aggressively out here in order to attract prey?  Understanding this might be the key to understanding the various flora and fauna of H-space.


  1. Ok... that one was kinda trollish :D
    Hope the next story brings us back to our beloved succubi!

    Btw how is SS going? When could we expect the next chapter... cause i guess that is what every1 here wants to read :P

    1. Yep, the H-space ones are the weird ones. This was a bit of a one-off. The rest will be your typical sexy monster girls, but more in the MGQ sense.

      SS is still painfully slow. I'm trying to get that pinned to the Monday slot to yank the rest of it out of me, but the first 1,000 words are still proving a pain to get down. :(