Friday, February 05, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Bubble-Tail Succubus

Name:  Bubble-Tail Succubus
Type:  Succubus
Habitat:  Wherever they feel like.

As with all succubi, an extremely attractive humanoid female with demonic features.  They possess horns, a tail, and leathery wings like those of a bat.  Their skin colour comes in a variety of hues with blood-red being the most common.  Overall they resemble the female demons of Medieval art and mythology, which, along with reports of them 'draining life' through sexual intercourse, is how they came to be named after the mythical demon.*

The distinguishing features of this type of succubus are their eyes, which are nearly always white-pink in colour, and tail, which is thicker and possesses a series of bulbous glands near the tip.  These bubble-blowing organs are what gives this type of succubus their name, although they can produce bubbles from their other orifices and not just the tail.

*One possible conjecture, admittedly wild, is that these creatures visited Earth at some point in the past and became the source of the succubus myth in the first place!

Attack Strategy:
These succubi are adept at using their bubbles in both attack and defence.  At close range they will attempt to capture prey by enveloping and incapacitating them with a large bubble.  The bubbles they blow are elastic, adhesive and sturdy despite their fragile appearance—there are reports of the larger bubbles being able to support the weight of a full-grown man without popping.  Other subjects have reported feeling intense weakness or paralysis after coming into skin contact with one of these bubbles.  It is likely the bubble membrane is impregnated with some kind of toxin that is absorbed through the skin.

Any individuals they capture are transported to a safer location and then either drugged or mesmerised into having sex with the succubus.  Sexual intercourse seems to function more as a source of nourishment rather than copulation to these creatures.

(Again, the reports reference soul sucking, but I'm not ready to regard this as anything other than fanciful superstition.)

If faced with greater force, a bubble-tail succubus will produce opaque bubbles to both screen her escape as well as clogging up the ground with obstacles to hinder pursuers.

Don't take her appearance lightly.

Don't let her get close.  If she manages to get one of her big bubbles wrapped around you that will be the end of the fight.  You will be captured, dragged off and made their plaything to torture or kill.

Succubi can be harmed by conventional weapons, but their alien physiology enables them to heal and recover from wounds at a terrifying speed.  To take one down requires a massive amount of damage in order to overwhelm their regenerative capabilities.

Threat Level:

They are considerably more dangerous than they first appear.


  1. What ammo would be most useful against succubi in your opinion, if you were armed with a standard rifle against one?

    1. From the information they have on H-space at the moment - heavy calibre ammo that makes big holes (there is another weakness that readers of my other stories are likely to have figured out, but the H-space characters don't know it yet). One thing I was trying to achieve with this setting, and don't always get right, is the concept of the fighting being fought on a different angle. The succubi are supposed to be dangerous because of their ability to seduce and manipulate opponents into not fighting them in the first place. Unfortunately, I break this rule a little too frequently :D

  2. If the succubi came to the world to inspire the myths then what forced them out? Is the Hell-Space Earth coterminous with the world of warlocks? And where's that Succubus Summoning? ;)