Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Halloween Story Out - "AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed"

I didn't think I'd make Literotica's Halloween contest this year.  I had a story unfinished from last year, but when I picked it up again I realised one of the characters was too similar to Volumpula and I didn't want to put it out right after the "Escape Volumpula" CYOA.  (I still think it's a very good story idea and I will finish it at some point.)

With a couple of days to go before the deadline I had a few ideas and fragments, but nothing close to completion.  Then an old idea unlocked, I typed up 4,000 words in a day and got the story in with half an hour to spare.

Here it is:

"AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed."

Yes, the title is a little troll-y.  The story is a throwback to the old ones I used to write where random asshole runs into succubus/monster girl and (maybe) lethal snu-snu occurs.  Sometimes I try to add a bit of nuance to the assholes (or randomly destroy an undeserving good guy instead to keep readers on their toes).  With this one I stuffed him full of straw and gave him a good thwack.  Sometimes you have to have a little fun as a writer.

It wasn't the story I originally intended to put out, but I hope people have fun with it anyway!


  1. The type of humour you enjoy,and the things you like to take the piss out of, are most often indicative of your personal beliefs.

    Do you have any issues with male feminism Hydra?

    1. This... could get very complex. I'll see if I can get full post out on it over the weekend.

      The short version is that I've observed a shocking number of outspoken male "feminists" on social media later be revealed to be creepers and abusers of women.

      The "male feminist ally revealed as abuser" has become so commonplace people joke about it being this era's equivalent to the "pious priest being a child abuser" trope.

      The story is that concept dialed up to 11. (I've also done it before with the "nice guy" not being so nice and the "good doctor" being anything but).

      Overall though, it's just a single character and not meant to be representative of a whole group. Parker isn't "all" male feminists in the same way that a horror story with a child-abusing priest at the centre shouldn't be taken as saying "all" priests are child abusers.

      It's an interesting topic. I'll see if I can write something more detailed on it. (and also to clarify where I stand on certain things.)

    2. Don't get me wrong, I can understand what is and isn't a joke. I understand you don't believe all male feminists act like this. However, the fact you would choose this group to mock, not Christian priests, white nationalists, sceptics, conspiracy theorists, the alt right or evangelicals makes me cautious. Aren't these people far more toxic for women?

      Well, that and your anti-SJW, right-wing, and anti "unnecessary diversity in games" beliefs. Remember that long conversation we had a few months ago? Makes me think you have a dim view of male feminists in general.

      A shocking number? I'm not sure. There have been some very high profile cases, but in terms of volume, it appears quite uncommon. Certainly not ANYWHERE NEAR the scale of Christian priests.

    3. I wanted to keep quiet, but here we are again. I. Have. My. Dick. In. My. Hand.

      I look like an asshole now, so let me speak like one. Get your self righteous virtue signaling out of this discussion. This shouldn't be a taking place. This is a place for erotica, horror, and the occasional laugh. MEH should write whatever the hell they want, and the viewers should view it or not.

      This isn't some moral battlefield where people *should* be critically thinking. Save that shit for town hall or cancer Facebook politics.

      Just fap or don't

    4. *Skeptics, and how are Skeptics more toxic to women than a man pretending to be a feminist so he can prey on women?

      I'm with the guy above, take your virtue signaling elsewhere

    5. I think I've taken down individuals from all of those groups in my stories at some point. You don't get much more mocking than creating a super-hero called Christian Crusader and implying they spend their spare time beating up prostitutes.

      Culture moves on and it turns out the left has a few nasties that make for good villain fodder as well as the traditional corrupt politicians, sharky corporate bosses, and abusive priests of the right.

      I think it's interesting subject matter to explore. I like to vary the human characters just as much as the monster girls and succubi.

      The child molester priest has been done many times before. I don't think this has (at least not as frequently), so it's interesting territory to explore.

      I changed Parker's dialogue a lot from the 1st draft to the 2nd. There's a pretty big hint early on that he is using the label for ulterior purposes and isn't what he claims to be. When asked about it he beats his chest about now much "better" than the other sexist pigs he is. The better answer is "because it's basic human decency."

      I will try to find ways to give my succubi some alt-righters, gamergaters, etc to chow down on. Important to give them a varied diet. And also, if I'm seen as one thing or another politically, I'm doing my job wrong.

    6. I did chuckle at the "I. Have. My. Dick. In. My. Hand." comment. That does get straight to the heart of what erotica should primarily be. :D

      I do like to season the stories with a little extra, even if that extra is usually very icky horror.

    7. To Hydra: I wasn't aware of the Christian Crusader thing. I must confess that I dont read absolutely everything you put out, especially your older stuff. If I you do target all those groups, then I was wrong to suggest you are anti feminist.

      To those other two:

      Virtue signal. Hah. What a meme argument. In any case, I do this for fun.

      1) Pretty much everything has a political element. When you say "get politics out of my entertainment", what you are in effect saying is "get politics I disagree with out of my entertainment". It's the same complaint people used when players started kneeling in the NBA. What a cucked thing to say.

      2) Piss off. I don't care about your opinion. My message was ONLY to Hydra. Don't like politics? Scroll up. Only Hydra can decide what is and isn't appropriate for the comments. It's his site.

    8. Art has always been political, but in more recent times creators seem to have lost the skill of being subtle about it.

      It should always be:

      Story thing (sci-fi, fantasy, comic-book superheroes, horror, erotica, etc)



      When people complain about "politics in entertainment" it's usually a sign that the creator has botched it and put the message/politics before the thing they were supposed to be doing in the first place.

      (For my stories it's always sexy succubus snu-snu first, then whatever else I want to throw in afterwards.)

    9. Lovely how you cant answer my initial question but here is the thought, if you dont like the subject matter in the story why dont you piss off?

    10. I love you all equally, but if I'm here to fap, then I want to fap.

      Not think critically, not broaden my worldview, not examine new perspectives.

      But to fap. Here I am a pervert through and through, and I would appreciate if you don't try to inject this political discussion into my spank bank.

      If you wouldn't do this on pornhub, don't do it here.

      Rant done. Sincerely, an asshole

      P.s. MEH, please don't get wierded out, or do, whatever. As long as you keep the quality content going, all's good. You really are a talented author

    11. I don't really see it that way Hydra. The issue is that white straight men have been the 'factory default' for so long that whenever people try to introduce diversity into the mix, people instantly become critical. Subtlety becomes impossible.

      For example, if you make a game with a white male lead, you don't need to justify it/defend your decision at all. It's normal. On the other hand, if you introduce a female, black or LGBT lead character, you can expect a bunch of angry gamers saying shit like 'why does this character have to be x/y/z? 'Why are you forcing politics into my games?'. I don't want to use the 'white male privilege' meme, but damn do some people have unreasonable reactions. Why is it even an issue?

      I for one am glad video games/movies are making an effort to increase representation of minorities, even if it can sometimes be done in a clumsy way. The status quo will never change without a conscious effort, and it would be nice to have more diversity in our media.

      Finally, I want to point out that inaction IS action. If you do not defy societal norms, then you reinforce them.

      Oh, and to that brainlet in the comments, I've already answered: I do this for fun. It sounds like you aren't having much fun buddy. Take a deep breath.

    12. In the 80s, the biggest lead in movies was Eddie Murphy, a black man. In the 90s, the biggest lead was Will Smith, also a black man. The 3rd most iconic videogame character of all time is Lara Croft, a woman. Blade precedes Black Panther by over a decade.

      I don't think I'm going to continue this argument. At this point you seem to be arguing from an alternate plane of existence.

    13. Yikes. Not to be a dick, but you know that's not how data collection works right? Gotta watch out for your own confirmation bias.

      If I'm on another plane of resistance, I wonder where you're at.

      You hit all the typical gamerbro talking points just now. Bad argument. It's like saying:

      "the US elected a black president in 2008 and 2012. I guess that means no one in the US is racist anymore"

      In any case, I'll stop here. This conversation is a bit tired.

      PS: These sources are credible. Please don't hit me with the fake news meme.

  2. That ending put a smile on my face.

    I hope to see more of Corene in the future!

    1. I'll see if I can bring her back again.

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  4. What did she mean by Dagal Ama after she trapped the dirt bag? Is that a succubus goddess?

    Kinda like how we say oh my god

  5. One big thing I was thinking about while reading this is that I think a lot of people are focusing too much on the fact that the ‘victim’ of this piece claimed to be a ‘proud male feminist.’ My mom and dad have been watching a show many of you might be somewhat familiar with, called Criminal Minds, and my mom is also a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, while I’m a fan of Dexter. Why is that relevant? A feature of many of the perpetrators of crime in these shows is that they attach themselves to ‘causes’ of some sort or another to mask their own intentions and give them a way to find victims. The Trinity Killer from Dexter is just such a person, building homes for charity I think it was, and then putting victim’s bodies in them I think.

    So this killer ‘Male Feminist’ is nowhere near unique in other media. Manyeyedhydra is just doing a written form of something that has been very often before in shows featuring such people.

  6. Thanks for this new story! Accidentally posted comment on the pink jelly post earlier.