Friday, November 02, 2018

Updates and plans for November

Literotica's Halloween story contest is over. My entrant, "AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed" didn't place, but to be honest I didn't expect it to.  I'm trying to write myself back into form and that involves working through the gears of the more straightforward erotic horror stories I started out with.  I was pleasantly surprised by the final score (which I think was the highest in the Erotic Horror category, although not 100% on that), and that I didn't get a complete shellacking from angry male feminists.

It is a risk with certain hot button topics, especially when you want to create a juicy villain, that people see the end character as a stand-in for the whole group, rather than just an individual (and flawed) character.  I suspect it would be just as true if I made the asshole protagonist a MAGA-hat-wearing Trump fan, or a hardcore gamer.

I do like to give my succubi a varied diet, so please don't take it too personally if the current asshole-du-jour is from a group you identify with.  At the end of the day they're individual characters, and while my personal moral views will inevitably bleed into the stories, my overall goal is to create good characters first.

Okay, second.

Creating hot and icky (and usually fatal) horror-sex scenes is still first.  As it should be.

Anyway, I did put a full update post up on my patreon.  Rather than repeat it I'll just post the link here (this post should be open to everyone).

The shortened version is this November I want to sink my teeth into the next CYOA project.  I liked how Volumpula turned out (the trophy is gettable, honest!), but it did take too long and I want to see if I can get the development times down for these CYOAs.

I also have a few short story ideas I want to explore.  My version of a boob monster is something that looks close to fruition, so I'm going to see if I can pluck that and turn it into lovely cider (or something).

It's probably us she'll turn into lovely... milk...?


  1. Monster-Girl Lover03/11/2018, 03:17

    Now you SAY that Volumpula's trophy is obtainable, but I dunno what convoluted path you have to take or what triggers are needed to get it, and I'm also not sure what triggers the good end I got once where you cum in her but she doesn't fully drain you. I'd love if you'd at some point give a listing of how each of the choices changes stuff in the game. But still, looking forward to your next batch of stuff, especially a possible succubus harem CYOA deal!

  2. Turn us into milk? Interesting...

  3. Civildeviation03/11/2018, 15:22

    Betcha if you go out of your mold or stay truer to your sadistic side (kinda like the Nazi story), and make a longer story it will do amazing on literotica's next competition.

    1. I loved that Nazi story. It was Awesome.

    2. That type of story can't place in Lit's contest because of the way the scoring works. I still like to enter them (especially in the non-Halloween contests) to "get" people. :)

  4. As erotica, your story was totally predictable. It was also not erotic. It was, however, satisfying as a morality tale.

    1. It's good that the story succeeded on some front. Ouch on point 2 though. That's the one thing these stories need to be first and foremost.

  5. I honestly don't know where to ask this anymore so I'll just ask; do you guys know where there are good erotic artists that do succubi art with men (yes, no boys like they do in MGE and the sort)?

    1. I understand what you mean.

      The Japanese stuff has great monster girl/succubus art, except the protagonist frequently looks too young.

      Western stuff tends to be obsessed with futa, or uses too much of a hyper-deformed cartoon style to be sexy.

      Hentai-foundry with a search for succubus or monster girl might be the best bet - but would also involve having to scroll past a lot of shit.

      Shiki's succubus victims tend to look older, if I remember right (he did the lilith trio in MQ:P). A few of his doujinshi can still be found on ehentai.

    2. The Japanese are great with their artwork but the protagonist looking like a young kid just doesn't sit well with me; if it were a bearded muscular guy who was smug and an asshole then I wouldn't mind reading his story of being beaten by a monstergirl, but I guess I'll never understand why the boy-looking protag...

      Oh and Futa too. I will never understand those two topics, but yeah, Hentai-Foundry is a good place to find that oh so delicious succubus on MAN action.

      I guess I'll look into Shiki's art and see if their art fits the bill. Thanks Hydra!

    3. I've always got the impression it's wish-fulfillment or a way to emphasize the power of the succubus/monster girl with the Japanese stuff. I don't have enough knowledge of the culture to know for sure, so I prefer to assume the harmless explanation first unless evidence proves otherwise.

      Unfortunately, outrage culture is very very bad in the West at the moment, and there are plenty (on both sides of the political spectrum in this case) that will look for anything to give them that outrage fix. They will always try to hammer people with the worst-case explanation, even if context blatantly contradicts it. For that reason I'm a lot more reluctant to post some game screenshots nowadays, even if my interest in them is purely for the hot femdom succubus boobies.

      What I should do, if I wasn't so chronically disorganized, is pair up with a decent comic artist and get some adaptations of some of my stories done. That would fill the gap and cater for people who like their succubus smut with older-looking (non-shota) protagonists.

    4. When it comes to the whole japanese succubus stuff, I dont even think its the power over the victim aspect.
      Usually all the stories involving a succubus end up with the succubus being "forced" into submission. (Alma Elma, Shikis Succubi and so on are kinda exceptions in that case)
      So personally I think it is the other way around. A young man or child showing dominance over a demonic being.

    5. Hydra pairing up with a comic artist to recreate his written works? Damn. That's something I will wish upon a star every night until it becomes real!

      Unfortunately, you are correct with outrage culture nowadays, you can't do anything without offending some special snowflake somehow.

  6. "I also have a few short story ideas I want to explore. My version of a boob monster is something that looks close to fruition, so I'm going to see if I can pluck that and turn it into lovely cider (or something)."

    Isn't that the same as the story you just posted?

    I have always been a huge fan of your works and even now, am always looking forward to whatever comes out next but I gotta be honest with you amigo. Your works in the last couple of years feel somehow restrained compared with the older stuff. Almost as if you are afraid to unleash that dark and twisted creativity of the past that turned your "good" stories into "fantastic" ones. Is it possible that the politics that you get involved with are influencing you more than you realize? Don't let the SJW's hold you back dude. That is how they win. Please don't misunderstand. I am still very much a fan of yours, I will certainly continue to buy every book you release. Just as I always have done. I do miss the darker hydra of old though.

    Bring back the brutality :-)

    1. I think he’s referring to his version of a monster girl from the monster girl quest paradox series. Her body was literally made up of a large number of breasts. Think she was called witch boob.

    2. Yep, it's that monster girl. Titwanks are also likely, but her design is a lot freakier.

      Hmm, I hadn't been aware I'd become more restrained. I think it might be because I had a period of not finishing things. Some of those projects are as dark as anything I've written, but that wouldn't be apparent as they're still sitting unfinished in a word doc somewhere. Still working on trying to fix that.

      There is a slight problem that Literotica seems to have tightened up on the death-by-snu-snu trope. I've had a couple of works bounced and I've had reports of similar from another writer wanting to write their own version of H-space stories. I suspect stories like Halloween Nyte might not be accepted nowadays, but I'm not totally sure on this. I'm planning to try them with a few ickier stories to see where the limits are (and I don't really blame Lit if they've had to tighten up on this - it could be something forced on them).

      If something gets bounced, I'll just post it here or on patreon instead.

      There is also a book idea I've been thinking of serialising here. Some of the opening scenes are definitely brutal. It's also in a bit of a mess because I tried to be to clever-clever in chopping the continuity up. I want to star posting that here if I can get it cleaned up to the point I'm happy with it.

  7. Awesome stuff amigo. I'm definately looking forward to reading some of that :-)