Thursday, November 08, 2018

A brief look at Toro Toro Resistance's new thing

Toro Toro Resistance (とろとろレジスタンス) is the person (people?) behind Monster Girl Quest and Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  You might be familiar with those.  I've talked a lot about them in the past.

Toro Toro Resistance has a new thing on the way.

It's... uh... different?

This is going to present a challenge.  How to talk about this without coming off like an overly judgmental prick or have the rozzers knocking on my front door tomorrow morning with a warrant to examine the contents of my hard drive.

I checked out the demo (it can be downloaded from Toro Toro Resistance's blog).  In structure it seems very similar to the Monster Musume HYAKURAN Vol. 1 product TTR put out between MQ:P 1 and MQ:P 2.  i.e. Rather than being a game, it's more a collection of illustrated Bad End scenes selected from a menu.

Choices... choices...

The demo has two encyclopedia entries and an introductory section showing off the artwork for some of the other things that will likely appear in the finished product.  I don't have access to machine translation at the moment, so I can't give more information than what's in the blurb or can be google-translated from Toro Toro's blog.

The main difference to Monster Musume HYAKURAN vol. 1 - and I imagine this will be the main deal-breaker for a lot of Monster Girl Quest fans (it is for me, to be fair) - is this time the monsters don't have the girl part tacked on.  Instead of cum-hungry succubi, harpies, slime girls and the like, there are cum-hungry leeches, insects, plants, worms, slimes, and other oddities.

I think nope.

I'm guessing each will have a encyclopedia entry detailing their stats and a Bad End scene/story.

The central framing device is an unusual shop selling sex toys, with the witchy owner telling stories about their use in a variety of settings.

That in itself doesn't seem a bad idea.  I can see the erotic potential in a witch selling a variety of unusual and living sex toys, which are just a bit too good at sucking semen out of their unsuspecting users.

Slurp? Mmm... nope.

This is not exactly new territory for TTR either.  Their earlier voice dramas had some scenarios where the femdom villainess would set some crazy biological cum-sucking device loose on the hapless (lucky?) hero.  I just didn't think those scenarios were as hot or as sexy as when the villainess set a sexy spider-girl or alraune loose on the hero.

But... diff'r'nt strokes for diff'r'nt folks and all that.

Nope nope nope nope.

However, there is a massive elephant in the room concerning the age of the (un)lucky individuals getting to try out these exotic sex toys.  The work's title is The Encyclopedia of Tentacles for Boys Vol. 1.  The artwork I've seen definitely puts it into the shota-esque category.

While I am intrigued to see what bizarre and exotic organic sex toys TTR's devious mind can come up with, I wish they'd set them loose on a cast of gormless eighteen-year-old university or college students.  It's hard to enjoy a good wank over a sexy witch and her selection of fantastical sex toys when you're concerned someone else (the authorities especially!) might consider the Bad End scenes child porn.

WTF!!!!  Nope!

Kudos to TTR for trying something different, but I think I'll pass on this in these outrage-hungry times and wait for MQ:P 3.

(There's also not enough hawt femdom succubus boobage for my liking.)

Nop...  Hmm, wait.  How much...?


  1. A reasoned summary, sure - so why the hell would you post images of this onto this blog post?

    1. Toro Toro Resistance is usually a creator worth following for monster girl/succubus stuff. Heard they had something new coming out. Checked it out. Noped the hell out of it. Thought I'd post something on the blog just in case I got any "Hey, you covered MQ:Paradox in detail, have you checked out their new thing?" queries.

      The images are to highlight how weird some of the designs are. I think the idea of a sexy femdom witch with various exotic sex toy organisms to milk subs with has potential. Unfortunately, the apparent age of the participants in the artwork is too low for me to be comfortable with (though they could be 18, or whatever equivalent Japan has for age of consent - I have no machine translation, so couldn't read the demo stories).

      It's just pixels at the end of the day, although in this case, ones I'm not so keen in looking at. :)

    2. I didn't mean it from the judgemental angle (though it's safe to say I'm not a fan of this either) - more that I just didn't appreciate legally dubious content appearing on what is meant to be an adult blog. The pictures without people in are of course harmless to me, as a reader.

      Genuinely, massive fan of your writing - but if reading your blog means I might expose myself to stuff like this, perhaps I'll have to stick to your literotica page.

    3. Ah, gotcha. I see your point.

      The worst pic is the title pic, but as that's taken from DLSite's shop page and they haven't been shut down, I assume it's not that legally dubious (probably because cartoons, even ones depicting morally dubious stuff are still ultimately harmless).

      Generally the only thing this blog exposes people to is pervy succubus smut. This post was mainly me expressing my disappointment that one of the best creators of succubus/monster girl smut appears to have left the lovely succubi and monster girls out of their newest work.

    4. Age of censent in Japan is 13. Make of that, what you want...

    5. Why would I make anything of it when it's illegal in Japan anyways by all the prefectures so it has no bearing on anything? Are you going to freak at us to be scared about the age of consent being 18?

    6. Hydra said he didn't know what aoc in Japan was, so I provided the information. What you use that information for, is up to you. End of story.

  2. From what I've heard, this game isn't something that Torotoro made themselves, they're publishing it on behalf of a smaller group. For this reason, it won't delay the release of Paradox Part 3.

  3. I see it like this, the sooner in life you get sucked off by some weird tentacle thingies provided by a witch, the better for you.

  4. i um, might have played it some, figured that the last image meant some okay things. Nope! that one is freaky too! lets just say, huero dress opens up.