Friday, November 15, 2019

New demo of "House of Hellish Harlots" (ver 0.006) out now

I guess it might not be much consolation to people that can't access Patreon, but the last month or so might be the most I've been fired up for a project in a long time (if only I'd been like this for some of those novel ideas a couple of years back, sigh...).

If you've been following the previous posts here, or me on twitter, you'll have heard me talking a lot about the "House of Hellish Harlots".  This is where I not only came up with an idea for a sexy monster girl/succubus game, but a sexy monster girl/succubus game I could feasibly develop rather than just talk about.  And that's what I've been doing for the past couple of months.

For now it's a text-only game built in Twine.  At some point, if it really takes off and proves popular I might migrate it to Unity and hire artists, etc.  For now it's still at proof-of-concept stage, so I'm still not sure whether what seems like a good idea in abstract translates to a fun (and more importantly, sexy!) game to play.

The last couple of releases featured a skeleton showing what the main game loop would be, followed by an example sexy scenario with Sapoonismenos Nerei.  Since then I've been adding more content and come up with another playable demo.

This demo adds 2 NPCs, The Madam and The Elegant Woman.  Both can be used to obtain information on the various harlots (and other things).

More importantly, I've added 5 new harlot scenarios for the player to play through.  These are of varying degrees of lethality.  The harlots have a wide range of different triggering events to determine whether the player gets their brains fucked out or... less pleasant things.

For now, the demo is a Patreon exclusive (you can find details on it here).  I'm still looking into ways to get it out to other people (to make it a timed exclusive rather than just plain old exclusive) as I want to try and build up as big an audience as possible.

More on that when it's sorted.

As for now, the demo is up on Patreon and can be unlocked for the low price of $1.


  1. Nice one! I'm super excited to see how your project will turn out ^^

    By the way, I don't know if you'll comment on this or not but I'm actually the translator for Succubus Senki. I was wondering if you'd be interested in checking out the game for promoting, sharing, or just otherwise giving me writing critiques. I love your stuff and would love to interact with you as a writer.

    1. Cool. I'm glad someone is working on a translation for that. I checked out the demo a while back and it seemed interesting, but impossible to play without any sort of translation.

      I might give it a look, but I doubt I'll be able to do a full write-up. Doing that for things like MGQ was fun, but looking back on it, I probably should have spent that time writing books. :)

    2. Ah, that's a shame, but understandable. Thanks for the quick response!

      You say that, but the effort you spend on those write ups was not lost on me. Every day I'd check your blog for new updates, and loved to read what you had to say.

      I completely understand though. once again, all the best ^^

    3. Succubi Senki? What engine it is? RPGMaker MV?

    4. Succubus Senki is SRPG, think Fire Emblem, but with sexy succubi.

    5. Uh, I'm pretty familiar with SRPGs, I'm asking what is the ENGINE, the program used to make the game, GameMaker, Unity, Unreal Engine, RPGMaker... These kind of softwares

    6. Not sure if this is too long ago for a reply or not, but there might be one suspect for the Engibe - the Wolf RPG Editor Engine. It’s a free open license rpg maker copycat made in Japan that’s been available since 1998, and I think it’s been mentioned that it does Strategic RPGs well.

      Only problem with it is that full English versions of the engine are few and far between, though I think I remember seeing a newer English version was up when I googled it just now. And Steam has at least one game that was made using the engine - One Way Heroics. The game was published in two versions, the second one being under a new publisher and in an expanded version of the game.

    7. Haha sorry for the miscommunication, you both missunderstood. The game engine is literally called SRPG (like RPG maker but instead SRPG maker).

  2. hi giratena my compliment for the nice work
    on succubus senki when the last chapters will traducted