Thursday, June 09, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Boob-Snake

PFC Stewart Peter Bate had expected to see strange sights in an alien dimension, but nothing like this.  What he saw—a naked blonde girl with lovely big round tits lounging in a pool—was not that unusual in itself.  If this had been a sunken Jacuzzi in one of the more decadent areas of Vegas or LA, Bate wouldn't have been surprised.  But here, in an underground cavern on an alien planet, hot naked blondes lounging in pools were not something he expected to stumble upon.

The cavern they stood in was around the same size as the main room of a small club.  Phosphorescent mosses and lichens on the walls lit up the cavern with a soft blue glow.  The rocky floor sloped down to a pool filled with an opaque white liquid that looked like milk.  And sitting in the pool, her presence incongruous even if she seemed relaxed about her surroundings, was the blonde girl with the big round titties.

"What are you doing here, miss?" the squad leader, LT Lunn asked.

Lunn was young and green, barely out of West Point.  There were rumors going around he was still a virgin.

The blonde girl rose up out of the pool and immediately the squad saw she wasn't what she appeared.  Her first row of tits was followed by a second pair, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth...  They kept emerging from the water, pair after pair, as if she was a tampered image on a computer screen where someone had copied her bust and pasted endless copies beneath the original.  She reared up above them, her chest stretched out so long she resembled a tall pink snake with two lines of firm pink boobs running down her underside.

A boob-snake, Bate thought with a mental snerk that was totally unsuitable for their current situation.

Caught by surprise by her bizarre appearance, the whole squad froze in place.  The demon girl's gaze flitted from man to man before finally alighting on Bate.  Then she swooped.

Bate's next few moments were a confusing blur of motion as he was picked up and cast into the pool with a loud splash.  Some of the liquid got into his mouth and he was surprised to find that not only did it look like milk, it tasted like milk as well.  He was less concerned with that than the thing in the water with him.  Bate thrashed and fought and was able to free himself long enough to break the surface to grab a breath.  Then something long and muscular coiled around his legs and lower body, and dragged him down...

...and down...

...and down...

...until Bate thought his lungs might burst.  Then, just as Bate was facing the ignominy of drowning in a giant puddle of milk, he was dragged back upwards and deposited—gasping—on a beach of soft spongy white mud.  He lay there for a moment, coughing and retching as he expelled the cloying liquid from his air passages.

He didn't get long to recover before hands grabbed the seat of his pants and dragged him backwards through the mud until his pants and underpants slipped down far enough for his unknown tormentor to remove them entirely.  Bate had already lost his top and equipment on the way here.  This final act of disrobing left him completely naked.

He rolled over and saw the demon woman looming over him.  Closer up he saw she was a disconcerting mix of the beautiful and the grotesque.  She had a pretty heart-shaped face with high cheekbones.  Her head, shoulders and top pair of breasts would do a cheerleader proud.  The exception to this were her eyes and ears.  The latter were pointed and the former were milky-white orbs with neither iris nor pupil.  Both of these were minor differences to the human form in comparison to her body below her first pair of breasts.  Bate saw the additional tits streaming out behind her in a great long train.  Each pair, in themselves, was fine.  They were big, round and were covered in a sheen of liquid that gave them an appealing, shiny pink appearance.  If anything that made it worst—to see such perfect examples of the female form stitched together in a Frankenstein's monster abomination.

Thankfully the demon woman wasn't making any hostile moves.  After stripping Bate she seemed content to simply smile at him as he lay on the soft white mud.  Could she be... friendly?

She moved up to Bate and cupped hands beneath her top row of bulging breasts.

"Do you like them?" she asked.  "You can touch them.  I like them being touched."

More than friendly, even.

Bate reached out and placed a hand on her tit.  It felt as good as it looked—warm, soft, the skin silky-smooth.  Emboldened by her lack of resistance to his touching an intimate part of her body, Bate gave her boob an experimental squeeze.  It was pleasantly malleable like a boob and the skin dimpled and deformed before springing back like nubile flesh.  Enjoying the sensations of touching her, Bate rubbed a finger against the erect rubbery nub of her nipple.

Bate squeezed a little harder.  Her breast gave a little shiver and squirted warm milk into the palm of his hand.

"Oops," the demon girl said.  "I'm a little full."

Bate kept pawing her soft pink flesh.  He marveled at the feel, the weight.  The last time he'd touched tits that felt as good as this they'd belonged to a big-titted stripper down in Vegas.  He'd enjoyed touching them.  He'd enjoyed fucking her in his truck after her shift had ended even more.

"They all feel as good as this," the blonde girl said.  "Stand up and let me rub them all over your body."

Bate did as she asked and let her coil her long body around him.  She surrounded him in a sinuous dance.  She slid his leg through her cleavage, but it wasn't a single pair of breasts but a whole train of them.  Her nipples traced lines across his buttocks and up his back.  She slid his left arm through the groove of her many cleavages, then his right.  She pressed his face between one set of soft tits, then another, and another.

Bate was lifted off the floor and wrapped up in her warm breasts.  They pressed against him like soft cushions and as she moved her body he felt her erect nipples rubbing all over him.  Milky fluids oozed from her teats and let her slide all over Bate with greater ease.  It felt incredible.  It was like he was buried in a jumble of writhing big-titted strippers.

The boob-snake demon pressed his face into her top left breast.

"Drink," she ordered.  "Taste how delicious my milk is."

Was Bate into this kind of shit—suckling at a woman's tit like an overgrown baby?  The demon woman didn't offer him a choice.  Her arms were like iron bars around the back of his head as she pressed his face into the soft fleshy pillow of her giant boob.  Her nipple squirted and Bate's mouth filled up with milk.

He drank it.

Bate didn't know if he was into this kind of kinky shit, but he did know her milk was delicious.  The taste was of milk, but with an extra something that slid down Bate's throat like fine whiskey on a cold evening and warmed him up from the inside.  The taste grew on Bate.  At first he wasn't sure.  Then he wanted more.  Then he needed more.  He actively sucked on her teat while she gently ruffled fingers through his short hair.

Not only did Bate feel warm inside, he felt horny.  Really really horny.

Sure, having lots of big round naked tits rubbing all over his body, jostling his erection, would do that to a man, but this was more.  Maybe he was into this kinky adult breast-feeding thing.  Or there was something in her milk that really got his balls juiced.  Either way, Bate started to hump his hips against her.  What he really wanted to do was bury his hard-on in tight wet pussy, but he couldn't find it and didn't even know if she had one.  Instead he found the tight warm cleft between her swollen tits and decided they were close enough.

The many-titted demon woman helped him out.  She gave a little flex and it felt like she'd put a hand on either side of her breasts and was pressing them together around Bate's cock.  She moved against him and created friction as Bate's cock slid back and forth between her soft fleshy pillows.  The rubbing, the suckling, the feel of her erect nipples tracing moist lines across his flesh, the feel of her soft tits sandwiching his hard cock... it took him over the edge.  He moaned into her smothering boob and trembled as he released a great flood of semen into the fleshy cleft between her tits.

His moan of orgasm was only a slight pause before he was back at her teat and guzzling down more of her delicious milk.  He couldn't get enough of it, or the warm tingly glow it spread through him.

She coiled more tightly around him and squashed her many boobs against his body.  Her body flexed and pulsed as she dragged Bate's cock back and forth between her tits.

Strange.  He'd poured out so much cum her tits should be sticky with it.  Instead they felt just as silky-smooth as when he'd first touched them.  It was like she'd absorbed it all through her skin.

Not that Bate cared.  He sucked up more of her delicious milk and luxuriated in the sensation of her many boobs rubbing against him.

Oh yes.

He shuddered and released another great flood of cum all over her wonderful tits.  So much this time it was almost like he was taking a piss, but with the great throbbing bursts of pleasure that came from every orgasm.

He wondered if her milk was helping him—making his balls swell up with rampant vitality.  Yes, he was sure her milk was helping him.  Needing little excuse, he gulped down more of her secretions and, coaxed by her luscious breasts, let out another massive flood of semen.

Her milk was helping, but not in a way Bate would have liked had he been clear-headed enough to realize what it was doing to him.  All that semen had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere was Bate's muscle, flesh and internal organs.  He poured his fluids out onto her in pulsing bursts and the demon woman absorbed them through her skin.  By the time the rest of his squad found the secret underwater tunnel that led to this secret cave all that was left of Bate were scraps of his empty skin.


  1. Hot off the press, so there might be a few more typos and grammar mistakes than usual.

    Idea for this one came from an anime sequence I saw so long ago I can't even remember what the series is called. I remember it was a plain ecchi series rather than fantasy/horror. The main character was severely gynophobic and hallucinated a nightmare sequence where they were chased by bouncing boobs and constricted by a snake woman with a rows and rows of tits. That felt like a good start for a H-space demon and so here we are.

    (A similar monster girl was going to crop up in the on-hiatus Okasare Kenny series I tried to push out before it was ready last year. I haven't forgotten about it and will get that up and running again at some point.)

    1. I am now struggling with restarting an on-hiatus (for a year) series. Hopefully it'll work out for us both. It's the devil getting a dormant series started over again.

    2. I think I saw a gif of the scene you're describing a while back, stuck with me because of how unusual it was. Never saw the anime it came from though.

      Anyways, nice imagery here, I really enjoyed this one and am very interested in the profile on this BoobSnake.

    3. @Bill. Yep, trying to get dormant series running again is a nightmare. I'm pretty sure I'd have had another two books out by now if I'd got Succubus Summoning done and dusting in the last couple of months of 2014.

  2. Kind of sounds like a human fused to a Nereis dumerilii.


    old ova called Paradise i think. heres the gif of what your thinking of. also check MGU plz