Sunday, December 03, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Blue-Skinned Suckerboob

Name: Blue-Skinned Suckerboob
Type:  Amphibian
Habitat:  Wetlands.  Damp caves and tunnels.

An amphibian type of HSIO that looks like an attractive, voluptuous human woman with the skin of a frog.  Their skin colour—bright blue with mottled black blotches—makes it impossible to mistake them for a human being.  They secrete copious amounts of slime through their pores, which gives their skin a wet sheen as if they've covered themselves in oil.

They have other attributes that mark them out as non-human.  Instead of hair they have a membranous flap of skin that resembles a nun's wimple.  They have a short, stubby, wide tail that covers their ass.  Their hands and feet are webbed.

Attack Strategy:
The slime secreted by a blue-skinned suckerboob's skin contains several powerful psychotropic agents.  Exposure to it with naked skin will likely result in the subject being placed in a docile and highly suggestible state.  These substances can function as an aerosol if exposed to a concentrated dose, but the effect is much weaker than skin-to-skin contact.  In combat the suckerboob will attempt to bring as much of her body into contact with her opponent's exposed flesh and then wait for her psychotropic secretions to take effect and render her prey helpless.

Her 'mammary glands' are used for feeding and storage.  How she uses them depends on the sex of her prey.  For men, the suckerboob will suck his penis into her breast and stimulate them to ejaculation.  For women, the suckerboob will embrace them, wrap her nipple-mouths around their nipples and suck their milk.  The suckerboob's secretions also contain toxins that stimulate massive overproduction of either semen or milk, enough to empty her prey of all their bodily fluids.

(and soul?)

The psychotropic slime secreted by her skin is strong, but requires a degree of sustained skin contact in order to take effect.  Some people also appear to be immune to it, although as of yet we have not determined the cause of this.

Suckerboobs are still moderately dangerous without their mind-controlling slime.  Their appearance often catches men off guard.  They don't expect a voluptuous women of average height to be as fast, strong and agile as the suckerboobs are.  They can be challenging hand-to-hand opponents, and if they can get enough of a hold for their psychotropic secretions to take effect, they can win the fight in short order.

As with most earth amphibians, their main weakness is dry conditions.  Outside of a damp atmosphere their skin dries up.

(This is extremely painful to them and causes a great deal of discomfort.)

Threat Level:

Deceptively fast and agile, and with skin secretions that can render a person compliant and helpless if they come into contact with their flesh.

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  1. Hydra, you should commission someone to draw these sexy killer alien girls you have and the process how they feed on their male prey. Your stories are great and thrillingly sexy!