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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 33: Orichalcum Mines


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It’s time for another gear upgrade.

Just west of Gold Port are the Orichalcum mines, where we can find the next upgrade material.

The cave entrance you're looking for

I might have got the name wrong, as the game calls these the Lava Cave Mines.  Hmm, I don’t see any lava around...

The 1st floor is mazy.  There are a few treasure chests dotted around, but it’s a bit of pain trying to map out the full extent of the floor.  I’d recommend putting Encounter Half on someone, or even wearing one of the no-encounter accessories while running through here.

Now about those encounters.

Snek! And [whatever the meme-y name for an octopus is]!

New girls.  New girls!

Fair play to Monster Girl Quest, the game has packed so many different types of monster girl into it, we’ve now gone beyond normal lamias and scyllas.  It has to be demon versions.

They’re not that demonic to be fair.  Lamias are vulnerable to cold and scyllas are vulnerable to lightning.  Both are also very blobbable if you want to use the instant KO tricks to cut combat down to one or two turns at most.

But priorities priorities.  What we all want to know is what filthy smexy stuff they like to get up to.

Don't try this at home with your pet snek!

Ow lamia.  You’re strangling my precious dangly bits.  Take it easy.  Don’t squeeze so hard.

Hey wait.  No.  Don’t put the tip of your tail in there.


This is not how it works.  Luka is a freak.

Cue party leaving in disgust and inevitable Bad End.

You're getting so squeezed, boy

Squeeze.  Lots of squeeze.  I mean she is a lamia, despite those demon bat wings.  Coils around chest – squeeze.  Vagina around cock – squeeze!

She also shoves the tip of her tail in our mouth for... what... equality?  I dunno either.


Pop.  Ahhhhh.

On the MGQ sliding scale of demons Lamia is at the nicer end.  After wringing Luka out, she announces she’s going to take him back to her nest and do the same thing to him every day.  At least she doesn’t eat him.

What about her octopus friend.  I’m not sure what that orifice is below her waist.  It looks a little too toothy.  I don’t think I want my dangly bits anywhere in its vicinity.

Knock scylla down to low enough health and you don’t get much choice.

Don't try this at home with your pet... eldritch abomination.  Fhtagn.  Fhtagn fhtagn!

That’s a lot of tentacles.  You might want to start struggling, Luka, before she inserts you in...

Goddamn it, Luka.

I don’t care if she has tentacles in there and it feels amazing and not toothy at all, we’re supposed to be saving the world(s).

Bad End time.  And it’s...

You're gonna get sucker welts...

...suckers for suckers?

It’s a tentacle job of sorts, with lots of little sucker kisses.  And thankfully enough lube.  Sucker welts on your dick hurt like a bitch the morning after.

As with lamia, scylla is a nice(ish) demon girl.  After milking Luka of his white stuff, she also decides to drag him off to a life of orgasmic bliss.

But we can’t let that happen.  Worlds (universes?) to save, and for that we need a chunk of whatever weird metal is at the bottom of these mines.

There is a rope leading down to the next level.  If you go left after entering the mines you should wander across it.

At least the rope is easy to spot this time...

And here’s the lava.  A lot of the floor is covered in it.  Given we’re in a fantasy universe with slightly loose physical laws, the lava doesn’t constitute a barrier.  Luka and party can walk across it, but it will cause damage in a similar way to purple poison marsh tiles.

Another monster type shows up here.

They just want to give you a nice relaxing warm bath

It’s the lava girl from Salamander’s Volcano in the original series.  She’s part of the slime girl family and will give you a nice relaxing lava bath if you let her (seriously, she can reduce the temperature to pleasant rather than having Luka burst into flames).  Like mud golem, if you’re running a hungry blob girl party, you’re not going to like lava girl.  She’s immune to the digestion status (as far as I can tell) and will need to be fought normally rather than having one of the slime girls gobble her up.

On this floor you can find a suspicious chest sticking out of the lava.  Unsurprisingly, it does turn out to be another mimic-like boxed girl.  Rather amusingly, she doesn’t realise she’s in lava, and once she does, begs the player to help her instead.  You can do this and she’ll reward you with 3 small medals and tell you about a mimic paradise island to the east of Happiness Village.  As far as I know, the only way to get to that sea is through the big stone gate next to the Naval HQ, and I don’t think that’s opening until part 3.  I’m guessing an island full of mimics is going to be a prime Job XP grinding location in a similar way to the bottom floor of the Administrator Tower in part 1.

When an ambush turns into a rescue plea

The orichalcum can be found down in the south-east corner of this floor.  As with most of the ore “quests”, it’s completely unguarded.  It’s a bit of a shame.  It would be nice to see these ore quests tied in with some kind of boss fight, similar to the dragon bandits in part 1.  There’s only so much content that can be packed in, I guess.

Even MGQ can run out of spare monsters to boss-guard the sparkly stuff

Once you have orichalcum, both the vampire blacksmith in Grangold and the dragon blacksmith in Gold Port can make orichalcum weapons.  The dragon blacksmith will also offer to teach Papi how to make orichalcum gear if you bring her the legendary Dragon Mallet of Blacksmithing that is rumoured to be lost within the North Ocean Floor Temple.

“What, this mallet,” Papi says, pulling out the random bit of treasure we looted from a chest a few blog posts back.

Um, yeah.  About doing things in their correct sequence...

Never mind.  Papi is now a fully-qualified orichalcum blacksmith.

The dragon blacksmith also drops hints of the next upgrade material – Rainbow(?) – which can be found on the elf isle.

As I have no idea where that is despite scouting out the next few locations, I suspect Papi won’t battering rainbows into swords for some time yet.  Maybe not until part 3?

In the meantime it’s time to go talk to a ghost perfectly-not-suspicious-in-the-slightest human about a haunted ship.

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  1. Version 2.20 has been released. It has new scenes for Sonya and two of the Beelzebubs
    Along with a bunch of part 3 stuff, like living versions of the Cirque Du Croix zombies and a MASSIVE SPOILER.
    UN_DO again proves his talent as an artist. Beautiful is the best way I can describe those living versions compared to their grim zombie designs.

  2. The floor is lava...and the lava is horny goo girls...
    I wonder just how much of that lava is actual lava, and how much of it is a swarm of lava girls.
    Would have been cool for them to update the art, Luka being overwhelmed and drowning in hundreds of lava girls.

  3. Indeed I can confirm the 2.20 being released. Massive changes for post game content and several items skills etc, and even Labyrinth of Chaos. Anything from here on out will be minor bug fixes...therefore 2.20 might be the definite version to have. Dargoth resumed his translation on the game after waiting for months now xD.