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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 30: Gold Coast Beach

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Bear with me for this one, as I think we might have wandered off the correct “path”.  But hey, all the cool (not!) games are open-world nowadays, so we might as well play Monmusu Open-world Quest.

With the power behind the throne removed in Grangold, the country has returned to some semblance of normality.  This means we can go back to Goddard and grab more background info now that inhabitants are no longer drooling zombies.

Most of the background info here is about magical girls and some kind of ceremony in the great poison swamp.  The magical girl theme is continued by what I thought was the battle-fucker for the town.

Are you sure you're in the right game?

Magical Mari-Chan is the girl in the house that was locked up the last time we came through here.  Her sprite implies she’s a battle-fucker, but that option isn’t there.  Maybe there is some kind of quest to be carried out first.  She does ask us if we’d like to be magical girls.  A job unlock?  Whatever it is, is a mystery for now as selecting yes just has her tell us it’s not time for the ceremony just yet.

Hmm.  Either I’ve missed a trigger, or this is something to come back to later.  There’s nothing going on in the swamp, so I think this is something to put aside and revisit at a later date.

The other useful bit of info is talk of the North Ocean Floor Temple.  One of the patrons of the pub talks about this.

Talk to this guy to open up the way to the North Ocean Floor Temple

The location is here, at the northeast tip of the area Goddard is on, just beyond the Great Swamp:

Time for a beach trip

This is where things might be slightly buggy.  From the beach you can use the Ball of Guidance to enter the North Ocean Floor Temple, but only after you’ve spoken to the NPC in Goddard pub.  If you visit the beach before talking to him, it’s just a random location with a new monster girl and some treasure chests.  After talking to the NPC and entry point will appear just to the left and above where you enter the beach.

Entry point for North Ocean Floor Temple (you need to speak to Goddard NPC first to make this appear)

Where it’s weird, is that you can get the entrance point to appear by talking to the NPC while everyone is still under the influence of the magical lust field, before you even go through the Marching Hills.  Maybe this is some kind of anti-frustration feature in that it would be easy to miss.  Most JRPG players will endure talking to every NPC once, and might miss if they had to find the right NPC a second time once the lust field had gone.

All it means is that you can enter the temple a little earlier than expected (which I did, to see if there are any new monster girls, which there are, and they’ll get some love in the next post).

The beach itself has one new monster girl to fuck fight alongside the Medusa and Scylla that are found everywhere else in Grangold.  The new one is Fake Jelly Girl.

Jelly or Jellyfish?

I’m curious if there’s some translation weirdness going on.  Despite her appearance, Fake Jelly, is not a slime girl.  She’s in the sea-dweller group of races and doesn’t even dual-race.  This makes me think ‘fake jelly’ is a reference to Comb Jelly (a group of invertebrates that look a bit like jellyfish, but aren’t related) and that she is Comb Jelly Girl according to the monster girl convention of splicing a pretty face and tits onto random member of the animal (or plant) kingdom.

On the plus side it means she’s unlikely to absorb us like an amoeba.  On the bad side...

It's her mouth.  Still feels damn good.

Actually, there’s very little bad side.  She sits on our cock and lets her pussy do all the undulating and squeezing.

She’s very keen to let us know her vagina is actually her jellyfish mouth, but we won’t mind because it will make us feel amazing.  Cue more undulating and squeezing until we climax and fill her belly with torrents and torrents of cum.

Then, highly uncharacteristically for one of MGQ’s jellyfish girls, she lets Luka go after completely draining his testicles rather than eating him.  Bad Ends are Bad Ends though.  Luka is so broken by the experience his adventure ends here (and presumably lots of fake jelly girls end up being well-fed in the brief period before the world ends).

That’s that for our little beach excursion.  Next up it’s time to delve deep into squishy tentacles in the North Ocean Floor Temple.

(Yes, I know we shouldn’t be going here yet.  Stupid unhelpful Amira).

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  1. magical girl ceremony occurs after lady village sidequest completed. its worth it.

  2. Check your deviantART RaidouZero sent you a gift:)

  3. Actually, you "should" be going there now. The levels are appropriate for this area and it's sort of part of the reviving Kraken sub-quest. She'd like to stop being dried squid and mistaken for food.

    The tour guide for this region after the temple:
    Grangold Castle/Warehouse. The king will give some nice loot for accepting his requests and checking up on the region.
    - (Optional) The nearby cave
    Succubus Village
    Lady's Village
    - Scenic Mountain
    -- Goddard and the Poison Swamp
    Salamander's Volcano
    Nightmare Wilderness

    Explore the ruins in the western desert at Luka's peril.