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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 27: Grangold Castle

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We are in Grangold Castle.

Mission: Assassinate Queen Ant and remove her malodorous control over the king and country to prevent a great war from engulfing the whole world.

Are we feeling heroic?  Let’s get to it, and not be distracted by the...

This was not the monster girl type I was  expecting...

...fluffy tail?

The wandering monsters in Grangold’s castle are all kitsune.  What are fox girls doing here?  I thought Grangold’s thing was ant girls and dolls.

Hmm, I smell shenanigans.

There are three brand new kitsune monster girls to play wi— ahem, fight.  Two of them are the 3- and 4-tail varieties we last saw as NPCs guarding the gate to the fox shrine in Yamatai village.

They seem to be ninja and samurai specialists respectively.

4-tail is the samurai.  She’s also accompanied by a little fox spirit type thing.  Her Bad End is to wrap a fluffy tail around our cock and shove it up into her vagina.  Samurai 4-tail likes it hard, rough, and very very fast.

The little fox spirit is worried she might be wearing out her future husband

She makes Luka come, come, and come again while screaming “more”, “more”, “more!”  I think you’re going to break Luka here.  The little fox spirit seems to agree with me as it(she?) warns the kitsune that she’s going to wear out her husband if she’s not careful.  Just one more then, fox girl says, before fucking out another ejaculation.

Miraculously, Luka manages to survive this hi-energy fucking.  His fate is to return to the fox village to become samurai kitsune’s husband.  I think that qualifies as a good Beyond the End, providing he gets in enough samurai endurance training to keep up with her.

3-tail kitsune belongs to the path of the ninja.  This means she’s learnt various forbidden vaginal arts and is eager to try them out on Luka.

The pussy of every kunoichi is a deadly weapon...

The first is some kind of squeezing technique.  We do not hold out very long against it.  The second is some kind of spiral technique, where the flesh of her vagina winds around our cock like a snake.  Nope, we don’t hold out very long against that either.  The third is a special tubular squeeze technique, where she uses her vagina to pump out the mind and spirit of her partner.

Uh oh, that’s the problem with MGQ ninjas.  Some of their forbidden vaginal techniques are succubus-level lethal.  Oh well, Luka.  At least it’s a good way to go.

Pump, pump, and then... release?  She could, but she lets her vagina relax and Luka’s cock slide out rather than pumping his life out of him.  Instead she takes him back to the fox village, where she and all the other fox ninjas can try out their sexy techniques on him.

Aw, how unexpectedly sweet.  Gor bless you, Tamamo, you’ve raised your fox gals well.

(Unlike some other *cough* elves *cough* races we could mention).

The third type is a more bestial type of Kitsune that looks like a mini-Nanabi.

We'll stick to the 3- and 4-tail kitsunes, thanks

I think we’ll pass on her bedroom moves.  We already have Nanabi.  The scratch marks sting like a bastard for days afterwards as well.

Now for the story.

The castle, weirdly, looks more like a prison with various people, including our spies, locked up in cells.  And what are all these kitsune doing here?  Is Tamamo behind this somehow?  That might explain why she’s in such a funk back in Yamatai village.  She might not agree with the orders to manipulate Grangold into going to war with everyone.

Going upstairs reveals what we already could have guessed.

Innocent and behind bars

Queen Ant has nothing to do with all this.  She’s also locked up in one of the cells.  She tells us that Lilith usurped her and is currently controlling all her ant daughters.  This is sort of expected, but then why the kitsune?

Also locked up is Ilias and friends.  Get a fourth party member, Ilias.  She’s been forgotten and is on the verge of fainting.  Sigh, I guess we’ll have to rescue you.  Again.

Down the east stairs and back to the first floor is another familiar character behind bars.

Innocent (haha LOL!) and behind bars

Poor Alma Elma.  I guess that fight with Morrigan and Astaroth did not go too well.  They might have captured her, but Alma Elma tells us she put both Morrigan and Astaroth out of action in the process.  They’re off elsewhere recuperating.  Alice is surprised Alma Elma held her own versus two of the legendary succubus sisters.  The thing is, I don’t think anyone knows how powerful Alma Elma actually is, because she can’t be assed to fight seriously most of the time.

Thanks to her, we only have Lilith to oppose us.

Or maybe not.  Alma Elma thinks the magical “lust” field covering the kingdom is too much even for someone of Lilith’s strength.  She thinks there might be someone else, even more powerful, behind it all.

Uh oh.

(And again.  Why kitsune?)

The action skips back to Lazarus and Merlin, where they’re struggling with the altered King of Grangold.  And then a mysterious helper steps in to lend a hand.  Hmm, that looks suspiciously like Earth magic.  Has Tamamo finally emerged from her funk?

Come back next week to find out.

(Sorry.  I just couldn’t resist.)

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  1. Oh, next update is going to be good. I do hope you didn't already play it before writing this update, because otherwise your response to what happens won't really be genuine.

    1. I'm guessing we finally get to see Lilith's lovely boobs in action. I'm hoping so anyway. :D

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yes, that's not much of a spoiler, but but there's so much more that happens, that will make some of your commentary in this one funnier in retrospect. Feel free to speculate based on that.

      On another topic, and since I don't know where else to post this, I had a really weird thinking session about
      (non-lethal) succubi who try non-conventional seduction. Namely, by showing sympathy to men, because so few human women are willing to do so, and so many of them hate, or distrust men as a group (look at the power feminism has). So, say, they win a man over by listening to his woes, such as how his wife left him and took the kids with her because she felt he wasn't good enough (as in he doesn't make enough money for her to have an over-indulgent lifestyle) despite him trying his best, how no one seems to care about him and automatically assume his ex-wife was in the right, how people call masculinity toxic, all that sort of stuff. And the succubus listens, agrees, possibly says stuff like "this is why human women are terrible, they don't know how to appreciate good men" and "comforts" him (non lethally). Eventually my mind took this to it's logical (and illogical) conclusion, with succubi MRA's and suicide prevention succubi. This resulting in some people commenting along the lines of "So, human women have somehow largely become ungrateful bitches who don't appreciate what men do for them, and succubi are being kind and considerate and downright caring. This seems ironic."

    4. Basically, the idea is supply and demand, the supply of loose sluts has increased amongst humans, but more relevantly, the supply of women who are willing to be kind and considerate towards men has drastically dropped, and there's always plenty of demand for someone who will be sympathetic, and so succubi decide to fill that demand because it's so easy to find a man who wants that, and it's such a simple way to win their heats. That, and the irony is amusing.

    5. It's an idea I've played with in some short stories (mainly the Nicole ones). I do like to make sure there's always a threat of danger, even with the "nice" ones, otherwise the stories end up being a little too saccharine or bland.

      A world where the roles flip and succubi like mine end up being the caring and considerate partners does have a lot of potential for amusement. I want to be a little careful how frequently I whack the social justice/radfem hornet's nest though. I've seen the complaints on writers (and other creators) going full "SJW" and turning their audience away with excessive political sermonizing. It's also easy to do the same thing on the other side of the political spectrum, and I don't want to make that mistake. It's more fun to keep the targets varied anyway. :)

    6. Fair enough, but I'm sure you could get away with doing a story about this at least once, if only for the ironic amusement factor.

      And the thing is, the logic works in a weird way, imagine a succubus explaining it like this "we succubi are masters of appealing to men, in the past, we did it by being alluring and offering forbidden pleasures and letting them give in to their lust and hidden desires, nowadays what men are craving most of all is kindness and compassion, a women who will actually listen to their problems and who won't cry rape at the slightest provocation, because human women have, for some reason, stopped providing these things, it has become the best way for us succubi to win men's hearts, resulting in us essentially having transformed from alluring dark beauties, into a kind of idealized loving wife, only sexier. It may be a strange set of affairs, but that's how it is."

      Even doing it as saccharine or bland would be funny in it's own way "human women have, in general, become so bitchy that the best way for a succubus to win a mans heart is essentially becoming a sickeningly sweet housewife. That says something about the current state of humanity".

      If you really have to go the dark route involving death, you can always have the sex (after a session of listening to the mans woes and showing a kind ear) result in death, with the succubus saying something along the lines of "and now your woes are over... forever".

    7. Another way to frame it would be from a succubi's point of view, start in the past, where they seduce men with their sexiness and dark allure and all that stuff, than fast forward to today, and have her note that times have changed drastically, and the best way to win a mans heart is not with dark allure, but with kindness and being considerate. "if you had told me 200 years ago that the best way to capture a mans heart and make him devoted to you and forget human women, would become simply being nice, I would have laughed. Yet now here I am, providing hugs to a man who's wife decided she could find a richer man, and left him, taking their children with him, despite him clearly being a kind man and good father. Who would have thought that human women would stop providing love? Let alone that succubi would fill that gap. Still, despite how different it is to the past, this way of making a man devoted to you is not at all unpleasant. I wonder how many men would have killed themselves had a succubus not decided she was going to capture his heart. Succubi are now saving more lives than they end, truly times can change in ways never imagined possible."

  2. I, on the other hand, expect surefire win start. Don't fail me Hydra!

  3. The suspense really is killing me now.

  4. In Ilias' route there would be a battle with Queen Ant.
    This is when the routes show early signs of diverging.

    1. Interesting. I really need to squeeze in time for an Ilias run! :)

    2. Yeah i remember fighting her on the illias run and notice that did not happeb in this one. Didnt have a machine translator but its easy to assume why.

  5. Ok, not sure where to put this (have you considered a messaging addition to your blog).

    DLSite has an interesting release called Cornelica, Town of Succubi (
    Although I can't read a single damn thing, I was impressed by the fact that it has both good quality CGs (looks like the same artist that did the Witch Succubus in MGQ) and some animation.
    Very interesting...


  6. As always it is interesting to see this type of text plays :) I was about to sent that link to Cornelica Town Succubi but Jake got it first

    1. From what I've heard, it's typical Dieselmine - pretty graphics, shallow everything else. The animations look to be an improvement over Monmusu Conquered World. Main problem for me is it doesn't work with Machine Translation.

    2. From what I recall Cornelica uses RPGmaker MV, which can be hooked with a different program.
      It was definitely a shallow "game", although some of the scenes were nice

    3. Hmm..perhaps you could use VNReader to hook it up and get an automatic translation through the internet.