Wednesday, December 07, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Leech-Tongue Succubus

Name:  Leech-Tongue Succubus
Type:  Succubus
Habitat:  Unknown.

Pale or slightly bluish-skinned humanoid with the typical succubus/devil girl additions of horns, wings and tail.  Only one specimen has been encountered so far.  Her horns, wings and tail were very dark blue in colour, almost verging on black.  As with other succubi, she was slightly taller than the average human woman and possessed a figure straight out of typical male fantasy—slender, toned and extremely busty.

Their identifying feature is a long black tongue terminating in a leech-like sucker mouth.

(Again I'm uncomfortable classifying the different variations of succubus as separate species.  They could be, but they could also all be part of the same species, and the different feeding strategies and attack strategies we've observed could be the result of other factors such as exotic body augmentation and different training regimes.)

Attack Strategy:
Only the primary feeding mechanism is known for this succubus.  They feed using their long leech-like tongue.  They use it to suck in a man's penis and then stimulate him to repeated ejaculations (usually with the help of mammary intercourse) until the man is fully depleted of fluids.

This happens rapidly, as fast as if the succubus was draining their blood.  How do they induce the man to produce so much semen, so quickly?  An agent in the saliva can't be enough.  There must be some other factor.

As of yet we don't know anything about the offensive capabilities of this type of succubus.  It's possible they are part of a civilian class and rely on other HSIOs such as the scarlet imps to bring them human captives.  This is not an assumption I feel safe making.  All succubi-class HSIOs encountered so far have shown formidable mind control skills and regenerative abilities.  As always the best strategy is to disengage.  If this is not possible, hit fast and hit hard before the mesmeric abilities of the succubus compromise your ability to fight them.

Threat Level:

(Who am I kidding—High!)


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  2. Spent last week going through 2 years worth of blog posts. So many H-Space entries all together kind of got me obsessed with the setting for a bit:

    This H-Space universe would be interesting to combine with Demon Soul mechanics.

    In Demon's Soul there is a magic Nexus location that trapped and bound the player's soul, so that every time he dies anywhere in game, rather than his soul being eaten as is the norm in the setting, it is instead snatched back to the Nexus where a local demon goddess restores his physical form to try again.

    Wish she opened the Nexus to H-Space instead - could get to experience all these girls, yet have the last laugh as the most important part of their meal gets yanked right out of there at the last moment. Figuring out ways to defeat them would be interesting as well.

    tl,dr - just another wish to get at M.E.Hydra's succubi 'safely'

    Than I read the Tar-Pillow Cushionblob story:

    >"Huff. Hwargh. Huwargh." "Stewart! Are you okay?" "She turned me inside out. I felt her turn me... him inside out."

    Mind blown.

    Looking back, now realize that so many details in how you wrote the stories and the profiles point to something like a mind ride-along. Profiles often contained details of the attack sequence that could not have been known to anyone who hasn't observed the attack closely. I just brushed it off as "they must have captured another one of this kind and experimented with her" or "another one must have attacked a guy and let him go - he lived to tell the details". But there is a bunch of profiles with details of vore scenes even for monster girls who could not have been observed and whose attacks would always kill the victims.

    Is this like exploration via telepathic ride along? But why same name than?

    Insert into real people or some kind of clones? Clones don't make much sense given the time spent on giving them unique background and personality - although for purpose of exploration if one could, throwing a varied bunch of clones would be more effective.

    Perhaps just a report consistency moniker to help identify perspective of the observer?

    Probably real people, real deaths given that so many encounters mention sucking out souls/ life essence. And in one story the reporter is ashamed of momentarily forgetting that a human died to get the info.

    There was also a report mentioning that the expedition is kind of leaderless and under-equipped, one guy was bitching that 'command' wasn't adjusting and didn't seem to care about casualties.

    So current theory is - US military is blatantly feeding grunts to sexy aliens, using ride along telepathy to research the enemy. Perhaps it's even by bilateral agreement as mere inhumane pragmatism might justify taking risk, but US forces would still be interested in maximizing effectiveness of the grunts and even grunt soldiers are too expensive to train and throw away under-equipped.

    For succubi in H-Space it would be 'Evil Overlord Supreme' move to bribe high level government officials/rich people etc... "You send us food, we give you a way to experience the feeding. You get mind blowing sex while staying safe on Earth while others die in your stead."

    Given news in the real world about various rings/networks of sexual abuse among people in power, something like that would be an easy to sell to the right kind of people.

    Or is this a false flag?

    1. I cannot confirm or deny anything here. :)

      If everything goes to plan there will be a story before the new year that answers at least one question.

      I saw you deleted your original post. I was going to use it for a blogpost of my own as I thought you raised some interesting points, but I'm guessing you deleted it for a reason, so I'll respect that.

      FWIW, I thought your criticism on the endings always being death endings was fair. There are reasons why they're that way, but as you said, it does weaken the effectiveness if the story always ends the same way. There is a central thread running underneath that explains why a lot of things happen the way they happen, but it has caused me a few problems as well.

    2. Deleted that post because I wrote it before I read the story with the above hint and in light of the possibilities that hint implies, I realized the consistency of bad ends might be an important plot point of an over-reaching arc.