Thursday, December 08, 2016

Game Design Fumbling: An Arachne Scenario

While playing around with some GameBook/text-based videogame ideas I sketched out this scenario for an arachne encounter:

It ended up coming out a little more complex than I thought...


  1. MEH,
    Actually looks interesting, however, even the most OCD completionist would probably have a challenge trying to find the various branches and sequels.
    On the other hand, I think a LOT of your typical Japanese Visual Novels overly limit the actual user choices way too much. A short (30 minute?) text based adventure should probably have no more than 3-5 major decision points with possibly the same number of minor decision points (non-story impacting).
    - Jake

  2. Wow this brings back memories. I thought you dropped the idea of making a text based game altogether xD. Well I did suggest Twine back in the day if I recall correctly...however now I recommend Quest !!! It's much more efficient and user friendly. Here is a text based game (very simple but nice and interesting) involving Succubi : it is called ''Tales of the House of Temptation''

    Perhaps you could use that software or something else that you are familiar with and create that Arachne storyline :)

    1. Cheers. I'll give Quest a look. I also like what Tin Man games have done in creating digital versions of old Fighting Fantasy books. I think that might be an engine built into Unity - that's probably way beyond my current means/ability.

  3. Civildeviation09/12/2016, 20:31

    Love the idea! Seems like Dargoth could really benefit from joining a team with a programmer and artist... after finishing SS 300 arc ;-)

  4. Hydra I would enjoy reading a game based on your works.

  5. At maximum zoom, I was just about able to read the words "game over" but nothing else :-)

    It looks really interesting though. I'm looking forward to seeing how and where it ends up.

  6. Please make this...