Tuesday, December 06, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Leech-Tongue Succubus (part 2)

continued from part 1

The wet, slurpy sounds grew louder and sloppier.  Kowalski's moans rose above them before tailing off in an exhausted rattle.  Then...


Bate heard the clicking sounds of the succ's high heels against the stone floor.  She rounded the pillar and turned to face him.  Was it his imagination or had the pale round globes of her boobs grown even bigger since he'd last seen her?  It didn't matter that she wasn't human.  Those twin bulges triggered a powerful surge of arousal in his groin.  She crouched down and smiled sluttily up at Bate.  Her hands were covered in shiny black gloves.  She stroked one hand up his cock and it swelled out rigid like an iron bar.  Her other hand pulled down her top and let her big tits flop out.

Bate spat on her face.  With his arms and legs currently trapped within the meat wall it was all the defiance he could muster.

The she-demon smiled up at him.  She licked the spittle off her face with a tongue as black as the lingerie she was wearing.  It wasn't just the color of her tongue that was off.  Bate thought he saw the end open up, like the blind maw of a leech or maw.  Only briefly, easy enough to miss, but Bate had seen it.

Not that it mattered to his raging hard-on.

The succ slid Bate's cock between her big slutty tits.  Being wedged between her big soft boobs felt even better than the soft caress of her hand.  Her skin was warm and silky smooth, and her boobs felt like big soft pillows.  The succ pressed them together and they smothered his cock completely.  She looked up at him with her smoldering slutty eyes and started to tittyfuck him.  She pressed her hands into the sides of her swollen breasts and lifted them up and down, rubbing that sensually smooth skin against Bate's bulging cock.  Her lips pouted in a wanton pout as she switched to alternating her up and down movements, jostling Bate's member between her flesh cushions.  The movement and the feel of her tits turned Bate on even more.  He felt like he was heating up all over.

Squeeze.  Rub.  Plump plump.  Jiggle.

Bate's temperature kept rising.  His balls felt tight and itchy.

They made you want to come.  They made it so good it felt like you had no other purpose in life but to come.

The scarlet imps watched like creepy children out of a horror or science fiction film.  Bate barely noticed they were there.  The succ pressed her tits together around his cock and a cracked moan escaped his lips.

The succ's mouth opened and her tongue fell out, and kept falling.  It was long, far too long.  It was black and shiny like a leech, and with a gaping maw at the end like the mouth of a leech as well.  A mouth within mouth.  The inner one dilated like it was tasting the air.

Her tongue kept reeling out of her mouth like a snake slithering from a cave.  It was long enough to reach all the way down to her breasts.  There, it wormed down into her cleavage.  Bate felt it sucking on the end of his cock.  It stretched and engulfed first his glans and then the rest of his penis.  He felt the muscular walls grip him as her tongue covered him like a warm living sheath.

"Now she's going to suck you all up," one of the imps said, her eyes shining in expectation.

The succ pressed her tits together and started jiggling them again.  Her tongue flexed and squeezed so that it felt like continuous rings of pressure were rolling up his shaft.

Sucking on him.

The heat in Bate—the tension in his balls—grew unbearable.  He let out a loud moan as his hips bucked and he spurted cum up the narrow tube of her long flexible tongue.  He heard wet noises as she sucked it up.  The wet noises intensified and with it the suction.

Oh God.

Bate tipped his head back as another ejaculation erupted from him in a white burst of pleasure.  The succubus kept plumping her tits against his cock.  Her tongue kept tugging on him with muscular squeezes.  Kept sucking.

A third ejaculation burst from Bate.  A fourth.  His head thrashed from side to side as he was lost in thrall to the pleasure she was giving him.  A fifth.  A sixth.  He fancied they were travelling up her tongue in little bulges, dragged out of him like a string of precious pearls.

Seven.  Eight.  Nine.

So many Bate could no longer keep count.  They all rolled into one continuous flow of pleasure up her gulping tongue.  His cries and sighs rose to a peak and then terminated in a final weak rattle as the succubus sucked up the last of him.

She retracted her tongue, stood up and moved onto the next one.

"Wait.  Go back to the start."


"The moment the squad was able to fire their guns."

"Oh right, the moment the dimensional phenomenon passed."

"What else happened then?"

"Squad-Sergeant Henry Dunlop ran a succubus through with a piece of steel rebar.  Then Specialist Benjamin Hicks and the other members of the squad opened fire and—"


"What is it?"

"A thought.  No, it's probably nothing.  Unless...  But how?  Hmm, I need to think about this.  You can go now."


  1. Regarding this story in particular - was nice to see humans finally get potential info on the source of their problems with their technology in the field. Overall as I read the entries, the behavior of this military force feels weird - even just based on causalities your have specifically written about, it seems like the military has a very lackadaisical attitude about their operations. One would think that access to an entirely different world with sentient and hostile life would generate so much interest as to provide the expeditionary forces with a blank check in terms of funding and maybe a far more relaxed ruleset of engagement and conduct considering the number of casualties.

    When I first started reading these entries, H-Space reminded me of the Deathworld series by Harry Harrison. Yet where are the extreme solutions, rapid adaptations that should have been prompted by such extreme conditions?

    They keep bringing guns and crudest of melee weapons to the fight that showed that guns are consistently unreliably, while melee weapons highly dangerous to use. At a minimum I would expect mechanical ranged weaponry like modern military crossbows becoming standard equipment fast, with fast tracked production of specialized bolt ammunition.

    And maybe experimentation with other weapons that work entirely based off mechanics without relying on electricity or chemical reactions - like spray guns of liquid nitrogen, the collection and storing of which could be done back on Earth. Perhaps specialized uniforms that require another person to take off safely, otherwise triggering a shock and/or mechanical adrenaline injection - for cases when the soldier is mind controlled into trying to undress himself it might shock him into lucidity. Even for monsters that dissolve clothing, depending on which parts get dissolved first, might trigger the emergency safest mechanism?

    Overall I know H-Space and the style of M.E.Hydra's writing in general is all about the succubus completely dominating the match. Their prey are always so utterly outmatched that there can rarely be even a reasonable pretense at a struggle... but I still always want to see the humans try and make a good account of themselves.

    Fetish-wise there is something about the concept of hopeless resistance even in the face of such overwhelming adversity. Maybe it's about having the guy about to be rape-pleasured by the sexy girl somehow proving he is 'worthy' or something (which is kind of weird since their fate is almost always death) or perhaps just a general desire for the guy to at least partially impress the girl, to call into question his status as just 'food'. Or maybe it's just a desire to self-insert into competent, likable characters rather than idiots and losers.

    So here is hoping we get to see more of the larger plot arcs of H-Space setting.

    1. Also, in 'extreme adaptation to extreme adversity' line of thinking, I wonder if anyone in the human compounds have tried to experiment with nurses milking the soldiers before they leave the base - given that sexual predation is the norm they've encountered, trying to deploy with diminished libido seems like one of those obvious things to try and see if less aroused soldiers would attract less attention from local predators.

      Question: In one of the previous entries, someone asked why the military here isn't fielding units of female soldiers and you replied that it wouldn't work as there are just as many incubus type enemies out there, ready to prey on women and gays - which you just don't describe in your stories due to personal tastes. You also mentioned in many profiles that the succubi type monsters, don't really care that much about which gender to prey on and most would feed of women just as easily...

      actual questions: So does that mean that somewhere off screen, half the time these poor soldiers get raped to death by incubi? Seems like that factor alone would prompt the military expedition to quickly adopt a 'purge it with fire' policy regarding anything sentient they encounter here.

    2. Thanks for the comments. I'm going to do a full post to cover the answers as I think the criticism is fair (The short version: H-space is meant to be fairly grimdark - a lot more so than MGE and even MGQ worlds - but in turning that dial up to 11 I may have caused myself a few problems :) )

    3. Was that a Homestuck reference?

    4. Well, if we're taking the logistics of fighting an enemy whose main method of killing is apparently through sexual stimulation, then really the question is: why isn't the military deploying mass amounts of eunuchs to fight the hindigs? Or at least have a reservoir of special ops personnel who have voluntarily mutilated their genitalia and taken other, albeit extreme, precautions to fight against them? This way there's less of a vector for H-Space residents to actually attack them, and at least a viable long term solution for turning the tide.

      But I mean, at the end of the day, it is all supposed to be a suspended belief universe. Having too much realism in what is supposed to be a kink-verse is just going to end up removing part of the allure. Besides, having read pretty much all of Hydra's published works by now (at least that i'm aware of), there have actually been real ways to damage, restrain, or kill a succubi; Iron has been a staple as a weapon for a while in-universe.

      But the question you have to ask yourself then is: what do the interactions of the H-Space residents and the Humans look like post-weaponization? Honestly, I'm just surprised Hydra doesn't write out Hindigs ripping men apart. And even if we didn't have that, in some of Hydra's other works, we've had Hindigs absorb souls through just skin contact, absorption, and, even scarier, astral projection. That's right: a succ could simply soul fuck you, and it would constitute grounds for soul loss. Wouldn't that be a scary thought: that the soldiers could all be fighting projections of Succs, completely invulnerable to physical attacks? Somebody better get Dr. Strange on that one quick.

      Either way, I sort of prefer the way the Verse is right now, especially since it seems there's about to be a pretty big turn against the Succs. But again, we'll see.

  2. Fun stuff.. A little confused why she would put her top back on if she was just walking around the corner. Overthinking things again I am.. lol

  3. It just sunk in for me that Squad-Sergeant Henry Dunlop is, in fact, a ridiculous badass. Let's just ignore the inherent difficulty of running an unnaturally fast, strong, experienced, and perceptive being through with an improvised weapon for a second, and consider the fact that he managed to run up to a powerful succubus with her charm running full blast, withstand that charm even while fighting her at point-blank range, and STILL have enough left in him to shove his steel rod deep inside her.

    Well, unless he just kinda... spasmed... mid-coitus and accidentally a steel bar in her organs.