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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Sun Lamia

Name: Sun Lamia
Type: Lamia (Slime?)
Habitat: Cave Ruins.

A snake girl with the upper body of an exotic belly dancer.  Or a slime girl currently taking the form of a snake girl.  Personally, I lead towards the former.  While the sun lamia appears to have a soft, gelatinous body, she displays none of the plasticity of form observed in other slime girl HSIOs.

The fluid, or jelly, that makes up her body is clear yellow in colour and radiates both heat and light.

Attack Strategy:
Multiple, and targeting different senses.

At long ranges the sun lamia can release a flash of light from her eyes that can both temporarily blind and stun.

At closer ranges the sun lamia breathes out thick clouds of gas that increase arousal and take away the will to fight.  They also have a dance that has a mesmeric effect on onlookers.

All of this is to enable the lamia to get close enough to wrap her coils around her prey.  Unlike an Earth constrictor, this is to deny movement rather than oxygen.  The sun lamia uses her serpentine body to lock her captive's limbs in such a way they are unable to move or offer any resistance once the effects of her aphrodisiac breath wear off.  With her prey immobilised, the sun lamia instigates oral sex with them.  At the point of orgasm she sucks out her prey's soul.

(At this point I don't care if my colleagues consider the concept of a soul to be unscientific, or even heretical.  Some HSIOs, like the sun lamia, are capable of extracting some kind of animating spark from human beings at the point of sexual climax.  We have examined the victims—either dead or in a coma.  There isn't a single decent medical reason for them to be in this state.)

As there has only been one encounter with this type of HSIO, what follows is conjecture and theory.

Gas masks or nasal filters might negate her breath, assuming the drug compounds present within it are not absorbed through the skin.

Polarised filters might negate her eye flashes.  There have been some successes in experimentation versus lesser HSIOs with similar disabling attacks.

My concern is that she almost certainly possesses other offensive capabilities we are as of yet still unaware of.  The limited intel we have puts the only individual encountered in a similar power class to some of the higher tier succubi or demon HSIOs.

Also, while her body has been described as being soft, I would expect the sun lamia to have similar regenerative abilities as other high-threat HSIOs.

Threat Level:
High (Medium?).

The only individual encountered appears to have been very old and powerful.  It is unknown whether other sun lamia are this dangerous.