Sunday, November 12, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Bubble-Prison Arachne

Name: Bubble-Prison Arachne
Type: Arachne
Habitat: Bük'al Kulburburia (This appears to be a HSIO city and centre of industry).

A specialised type of arachne (spider girl) distinguished by a large abdomen that resembles a transparent bubble.  The abdomen is hollow and used to contain human captives while the arachne 'sublimates' them.

Bubble-prison arachnes occupy a worker caste position within HSIO society.  Their role is to sublimate humans to their liquid essences, which is a key ingredient in various exotic drinks brewed by other HSIO workers.  As best as we've been able to translate, the sublimation process appears to involve the extraction of the human soul, and requires the subject to be taken to—and held in—a state of extreme sexual nirvana.

After ingesting a captive, the arachne fills the abdominal cavity with aphrodisiac gases to subdue them.  She is able to regulate the space within her abdomen by pumping air between the outer wall and inner lining.  Once the captive is subdued, the arachne shrinks the cavity around them and uses gases, secreted fluids and the motions of her inner lining to first induce extreme sensual euphoria, then sublimate her captive to a liquid essence.

(Scientifically, I do not know how this next step happens.  And no, I will not condone the feeding of "willing" recruits to our specimen in order to test the resulting sublimation fluids.  We are scientists, not monsters.)

Given their peculiar specialisation to this task, I wonder if the bubble-prison arachnes were specifically bred—or even engineered—solely for this purpose.

Attack Strategy:
Bubble-prison arachnes are workers and as such are slow and unused to direct combat.  Despite this, they shouldn't be taken lightly.  As a defensive measure, a bubble-prison arachne can fill her abdomen with her aphrodisiac gases and release them as a cloud.  The arachne secretes a stronger form of this venom on her lips and are physically strong enough to "kiss" a person into submission should they allow her to get close enough.

As with other spider girls, the bubble-prison arachne can produce a silk-like substance from her abdomen to bind opponents.  The silk is not strong, but it is impregnated with her venom and most captives will be too overwhelmed by horniness to attempt escape.

Gas masks are ineffective against the gas clouds released by the arachnes as the active agent is absorbed through the skin.  Fortunately, this active agent is not strong and requires continuous heavy exposure to incapacitate most men.

As with other low-tier HSIOs, bubble-prison arachnes have some limited regeneration, but not enough to withstand sustained assault.

Threat Level:

*I fear Doctor Cummings has become unhealthily attached to our specimen, Burbuila.  Burbuila is friendly and has proven very helpful, but one should never lose sight of what she is.


  1. A few hints of other stuff happening behind the scenes. ;)

    Burbuila has more character than some of my other H-space creations. As I was writing her I thought there were more stories that could be told here. Would people be interested in reading them?

    1. Abso-fucking-lutely. Not a big fan of arachnes myself, but i quite liked this rather... ehem... 'vanilla' one

    2. Of course, especially if it means more arachne stories. And we need to know what happens to dear Dr. Cummings ;)

  2. Hey if you have more tell about this character then go ahead. I'm sure everyone wouldn't mind seeing more of her.

  3. Hey, Burbuila does seem nicer than her sisters if her words are to be believed. And as a worker she could probably tell many stories about this Bu'kal Kulburburia place, as well as the daily life of her kind. I'm all for having her stick around for more tales.