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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 17: Insect Mountain

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As with canon!Luka from the original Monster Girl Quest, we’re playing peace envoy in the middle of a civil war between plant girls and insect girls.

This is assuming you took the third option.  Feel free to swat either the plants or insects around if you don’t like either.  They’re both mainly Delphinus anyway.

Okay, so the insects are slightly less Delphinus.  There are a couple of Setouchis roaming the woods around Plansect that also show up at the insect mountain.  Silkworm Girl likes to wrap you up in an ecstasy cocoon that triggers non-stop ejaculation.  Mantis Girl...

Does the reproductive process really require the daddy to be covered in eggs?

...covers you in some kind of spooge (her wriggling eggs), by the looks of things.  It could be worse.  The Monster Girl Quest universe is considerably less fluffy than the worlds of KC’s Monster Girl Encyclopaedia or Okayado’s Monster Musume, but even it knows where to draw the line, so we don’t get any graphic post-coital artwork of Luka getting his head chewed off by his mantis girl lover.

(Me, on the other hand... jots idea down for future story...)

The insect mountain is to the south and slightly to the east of Plansect Village.

Red(?) Mountain

I think the official name might be Red Mountain from the machine translation, but I wouldn’t say I was confident on that.  If you tried to visit before, the way was blocked by a horde of plants and insects fighting it out.  Now it looks like the insects have been routed and the way is clear to hike up to the peak.

Also returning from the original series are hornet girl and the trio of mosquito girl, moth girl and caterpillar girl.

Still not as bad as the angels...

The moth, mosquito and caterpillar trio are surprisingly annoying to fight against thanks to caterpillar’s healing and moth girl’s AOE paralysation and similarly annoying effects.  As with the Delphinus plant girls, they are also recruited as a group.

The “boss”, Queen Bee can be found at the top of the mountain.

Boss NPC of Insect Mountain

Talking to her reveals she also wants the war to end, which makes sense as the insects are losing.  As with Priestess, she asks if the player is here to take her out on behalf of the plants, or aid her against them.  Again, you should probably take the third option.

Turns out the insects are quite happy with Red Mountain and are happy to make it their new home.  That seems an easy resolution to the conflict.  The plants stay where they are.  The insects stay where they are.  Everyone is happy.

Queen Bee wants us to pass that message back Priestess in the hope it will bring about a ceasefire.  She can’t send any of her own minions as the plant girls will just attack them on sight.

So, it’s time to head back to Plansect Village for more peace envoy work.

Hmm, this segment was a little shorter than intended.  What can I do to pad it out?  How about some lewds of hornet girl’s Bad End.

Bad End minus Bad End CGIs


From the text I think she inserts the tip of her abdomen in Luka’s mouth, squirts in some kind of aphrodisiac and then buries his dick in her ‘honey jar’.  She decides Luka is not worthy of mating with her queen and uses her ‘honey jar’ (which may or may not be her vagina) to thoroughly squeeze us out.  I’m not sure what the tentacles are doing there, to be honest.

This is a carry-over from the original Monster Girl Quest series.  I’m not sure of the specifics, but I think there was something between Toro Toro Resistance and the artist, Niku Drill.  Niku Drill is probably best known for their monster girl (usually insect) doujinshi.  Something might just have been a mix-up over what was commissioned.  The end result is the game got the character sprites, but no Bad End CGIs, hence this odd tentacle cutaway.

Queen Bee has a slightly more appropriate cutaway.  She grabs us from behind, curls her abdomen around and sucks our cock in with the tip.  It starts off pleasant and ends up industrial-strength semen sucking machine. 

Industrial-grade sperm sucking courtesy of Queen Bee

(I’m slightly ahead, so I picked this screenshot up from Queen Bee’s request scene.  I imagine her Bad End scene is the same though, if you decide to fight her).

Unfortunately, you don’t really get the full impression of this, thanks to the limited artwork.

Oh well, if you’re really hungering for bee girls, here are some gorgeous ones from D-gate’s recently remastered Echidna Wars DX.

"There's no need to struggle.  The inside of my abdomen is so comfortable."

Queen Bee's tactic for subduing magical girls is to shove their face between her tits.

It’s an action platformer rather than an RPG, but well worth checking out if you like gorgeous predatory monster girls and aren’t turned away by a spot of vore.

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