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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 12: The Road to Yamatai

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With Caesar’s quest complete, it’s time to head off to Yamatai Village to complete Arthur’s Quest.  First we have to get there.

The road from Finoa to Grand Noah splits in two at a signpost.  The right fork leads to a cave entrance.  On the other side of those tunnels is Yamatai.

These cave systems seem to get windier and more maze-like each time.  The route to Yamatai also has some cave rooms with treasure chests inside.  Look for the cave entrances that look like large cracks.

In the original series, the route to Yamatai was over some snow-covered mountains, where Luka was attacked by a Yuka-Onna snow spirit.  She can now be found in the tunnels to Yamatai, along with the ninja and samurai elves of the original series.

Kunoichi in Torotoro Resistance’s universe are non-supernatural humans or elves that have mastered ancient arts of pleasure to almost succubus levels.  She’ll kill you, but you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

The deadliest of ninja techniques...

The samurai has a filthy mind and loves a bit of tight anal, with the emphasis being on tight.

Samurai elves are very dirty girls

They were all present in the original series, so nothing new here.

What is new is the Nure-onna.

It's a lamia.  Is she like Miia from Monster Musume?

She’s a lamia type and can also be found in the caves on the way to the Minotaur Labyrinth.  She also knows a few filthy little tricks with her snakes, but be warned, she’s a man-eater.

I think this bit of 69 went wrong somewhere...


No, I don't think she's like Miia from Monster Musume.  Helllpppp!

Lamia vaginas – just a little bit too flexible.  Don’t show her any mercy next time, Luka.

The nekomata we’ve been seeing as various NPCs throughout the game also finally show up as encounters in the woods and fields surrounding the village.

Yamatai seems to be based on Ye Olde Japanese fantasy, so most of the monsters in this area are sexy versions of traditional Youkai.  The Akaname, or long-tongue women, return from the original series.  New additions are the Futakuchi, or two-mouth girl...

Um, you appear to have something on the back of your head

...and Kappas.

Kappas, photobombed by a random cat girl

Kappas really like cucumbers for... reasons that are probably best not to ask.

Kappas also like sumo, including some holds that don’t seem legal or fair.

Foul hold!  Foul hold!

Her Bad End is to stick her fingers in our ass, rummage around until she finds our ‘ejaculation button’ and then press it until empty (and unconscious).  Pretty sure that move is definitely not legal in sumo.  It could be worse.  At least she’s not using that cucumber she’s always carrying around.

Kappa also has another scene you can request back at the castle.  It also involves prostate massage (she really likes sticking her fingers in our ass for some reason), but with sex as well.  I think.  This is another one of those pieces of art where I’m not entirely sure which way round Luka actually is.

Two-mouth women are spirits of women that were excessively greedy or gluttonous in their lives and are cursed to return with an insatiably hungry mouth in the back of their heads, if I remember my Japanese folklore correctly.  The futakuchi girls in Monmusu Quest: Paradox also have that perpetual hunger.  Every item drop is a food item.

Despite their uncontrollable hunger, vore is surprisingly absent from their Bad Ends.  Lose to one out in the woods and she’ll tie you up with her hair before letting that mouth on the back of her head suck out every drop of semen.

It's sort of a blow job... I guess...

I’m not sure what to make of it other than thinking there’s probably a really good horror story for Edward Lee somewhere.  Rednecks capture a mysterious Japanese girl to give her a header.  Messy castration ensues.  Fuck it, I’ll write it myself.  Except it will probably have to be British chavs.  I usually fuck up when I attempt to write in an ‘American’ voice (oh H-space, why did I have the US government discover you first).

Futakuchi also has a couple of other request scenes – a more conventional blowjob, frottage between her buttocks, and the same scene with full vaginal intercourse.  She’s also endearingly apologetic when she loses control of her second mouth and sucks out so much Luka is knocked out for a day.

But that’s enough fraternising with the locals.  The destination is Yamatai Village, which can be found here:

Yamatai Village

North of Yamatai is a white mountain and another visit-able location.  That leads to the elf village, but it’s impossible to reach at the moment as you’ll get teleported back to the start after taking a few steps.

East of Yamatai Village is another cave system.  I’m guessing that’s where Yamata-no-Orochi is hanging out.  We’ll check that dungeon out later.

Before then, it’s time to see what has Yamatai Village in uproar.

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  1. You know in the original trilogy an old man tells Luka that Yamatai village is just a short hike from where they met. Then Luka decides to go mountain climbing and complains that the old man must have an absurd amount of strength to get through the mountains when the old man likely took the passage through the mountains that you explore in Paradox.

  2. Thing about kappa and anal is that in Japanese legends, humans have a ball in their anuses called a shirikodama which supposedly contains the soul. Kappa want it and when they pull it out, it kills us.

    1. Ah, I didn't know that. I need to do a little more reading up on Japanese myth 'n' folklore. :)

    2. Oh, now that episode of Muromi-san makes sense.

  3. I didn't know you was a fan of Edward Lee)