Monday, May 23, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Paffo-Paffo Succubus

Name:  Paffo-Paffo Succubus
Type:  Succubus
Habitat:  Encounters have mainly occurred in rocky, desolate regions, but there is no reason to assume they are restricted to these territories.

Another succubus and another resemblance to the devil girls of myth.  This one even has red skin!

The more I document the HSIOs of H-space, the more I wonder if these succubi don't just resemble the devil girls of myth, but are, in fact, the devil girls of myth.  This theory is understandably not popular amongst my colleagues, some of whom still possess religious sensibilities.

Original classifications of succubi proved to be too generic and not recognise the clear subtypes that exist.  Thanks to information provided by our new source we have been able to correct these earlier errors.

Paffo-paffo succubi are a specialised form of the "tail-suck" category of succubi, so named through their preference of draining their prey's energy through a special orifice near the end of the tail.  The paffo-paffo succubus's tail features an additional, long and extremely slender section that extends past the bulbous "tail-suck" organ and is jointed like a long bony finger.  They also possess an extremely large pair of breasts (even by succubus standards, which tend to have figures that correspond to exaggerated sexual fantasies of the human female form).

Attack Strategy:
Paffo-paffo succubi prefer to feed through their tail orifice.  They suck their victim's penis up into this sheath and stimulate them with muscular contractions.  The slender tail extension curls around and is used to enter the prey's anus in order to massage their prostate through the rectal wall.  Once the paffo-paffo succubus has her tail locked in place she will subject her prey to massive sexual over-stimulation until drained of all their energy.

Her tail is so custom-tailored to human anatomy I find it impossible to believe this is an accident.  Humans must have entered H-space at some point in the past.  Could some form of humanity still be present here?

In order to lock her complicated tail structure in place, the paffo-paffo succubus must first render her prey docile.  Unlike other succubi, paffo-paffo succubi tend to favour physical means over mesmerising their potential prey.  The common strategy is to surprise her target, knock them to the floor and then partially asphyxiate them with her bosom.  The deprivation of oxygen combined with aphrodisiac scent glands located within the inter-mammary cleft serves the dual role of both subduing and arousing her prey.

This attack strategy is very effective, and yet whenever I try to explain the dangers to our men they don't appear to take me seriously...

Succubi are not the super-strong demons or vampires of myth.  Most use hypnotic suggestion in combination with their sexual allure to weaken their opponents and take away their will to fight.  If this can be overcome, the succubi appear to have a similar physical prowess to an average human male in average condition.

Paffo-paffo succubi are slightly stronger, as they rely more on attacking through physical means.  On the other hand, they appear to lack the truly scary mind control abilities observed in more powerful succubi.  This should not mean they are taken lightly.  A single target knocked over and smothered beneath the succubus's breasts will be helpless and unable to prevent the succubus from draining them dry.

On a more positive note, this succubus's abilities are only effective against a single target.  If the target is not alone, they cannot smother and drain them as it would leave them wide open to any other combatants in the vicinity.  For this reason it's very important for squads to stay together in the regions these succubi operate and not fall for any tricks that might isolate and expose individuals.

As with other succubus-class HSIOs, they possess strong regenerative capabilities and are harder to kill than they appear.

Threat Level:


  1. This is the missing profile for the paffo-paffo succubus of a couple of weeks back. I had a good weekend writing, so the H-space weekly stories should hopefully be back on schedule with Succubus Summoning to return soon after.

    1. Well done. I also wonder who is the scholar who writes these datas.

    2. I'm willing to bet the scholar writing the beastiary is a certain man named Bates. The thing I'm wondering about is the mechanic by which many, if not all, of the men whose POVs these Beastiary are taking place from are named Bates. I'm still standing by my guess, that the scholar is envisioning himself in the victim's place, but I'd like to know for certain what's going on.

  2. Nice new Profile. Got your PM when you have time please read what I sent on MGU.

  3. I'm sorry, but it's impossible to take something called Paffo-Puffo seriously. You might as well call it Powder-puff Succubus.

    1. Well she is the puff-puff succubus. ;)

      It's a play on a Japanese term (similar to why the titwank-giving succubus is called the paizu succubus). One of the JRPG series had a running joke concerning "puff-puffs", which was taken further by hentai parodies to mean when a big-titted girl pushes and jiggles her boobies in someone's face. Japan has a weird alphabet where the only sole consonant for terminating a word is 'n'. So "puff-puff" spells out as "pafu-pafu" and I corrupted it further to get "paffo-paffo".

      It's supposed to be one of those weird fantasy names with additional meaning to those that spot the in-joke.

      Naming is tricky. I wasn't sure whether to give them scientific-sounding names, names corresponding to the regular monster girl names, or something weirder entirely. In the end I decided the character writing the profiles is a little off-kilter sanity-wise and it would likely be a mix of all three. That said, I reserve the right to change/retcon a few at a later date if I think of something better. :D

      In this case I quite like her having a name that is hard to take seriously. It fits one of the central themes of H-space in that the military are taking heavier losses than anticipated because the men don't realise the threat posed by these sexy alien demon babes until it's too late. (which eventually results in the extreme measures taking place in the "Vernon the Volunteer" short story.)