Thursday, May 26, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Bubblegum Blobgirl

Initially PFC Stewart Peter Bate thought he'd stepped in some gum.  It was tacky like gum and stuck to the sole of his boot like gum.  Where it differed from gum was in both its stickiness and strength.  The gum stretched as Bate lifted his boot, but reached a point where it refused to snap or relinquish its hold on either the floor or his boot.

The fuck? Bate thought as he was brought to a sudden, unexpected halt.

His annoyance gave way to horror as he put his foot back down and a pink mass swelled up through the grate he was standing on and engulfed the bottom of his boot.  The mass looked like a giant blob of shiny pink bubblegum.  Bate tried to pull his foot free and the pink blob gripped it like thick mud.

Fuck it.  Bate had no idea what this pink shit was, but if it wanted his boot it could have it.  He bent down and frantically plucked at his laces.  The pink blob surged and lapped up around the outside of his boot.  Fearing the substance might be caustic, Bate pulled his fingers back before the blob could touch them.  As he did he noticed more of the thick pink substance oozing up all around him.

Fuck this.  No fucking way was he letting some alien blob eat him.

He unsheathed his knife from the ankle holster on his other leg and started slashing at the base of the pink blob wrapped around the bottom of his trapped boot.  The substance was as thick and sticky as tar.  Bate's knife snagged and then the pink matter started oozing up the blade.  Bate was forced to let go as the blob swelled up to engulf the hilt and threatened to take his fingers as well.

Briefly, Bate wondered if he'd been better off trying to saw through his own ankle, even though he knew it wouldn't have mattered.  Assuming he'd been able to remain conscious throughout the grisly act, he doubted the pink blob would have given him the time.  It had already lapped over the top of his boot and taken a firm hold of the bottom of his leg.

With pink goo oozing up all around him, Bate planted his other foot and the veins stood out in his neck as he put in a last desperate effort to pull his trapped foot free.  He felt the blob give slightly and was able to pull his foot up a few centimeters before more pink matter swelled up and took a firmer grip.  Worse, more pink goo was curling around the sole of his other boot.  So much had oozed up through the grate Bate was standing in a big puddle of the stuff.

The pink blob crept inexorably up his leg.  Around him the puddle of pink matter shifted and swelled up into three human-sized columns.  They reared up around him as if they were preparing to engulf him in one crashing wave.

Bate yelled for his squadmates.  The blob was past his knee on one leg and up to the calves of the other.  He wasn't getting out of this on his own.

The column of bubblegum-pink matter in front of him shifted and blurred and resolved into the form of an attractive and naked buxom young woman.  Her curves were so exaggerated she resembled more a living 3D sculpture of a porn cartoon than a living breathing human.  She remained the same bubblegum-pink color all over, even her eyes and hair.  She brought a finger to her sensual, over-plump lips and gestured Bate to shush.

The other two columns underwent a similar transformation.

Bate had drawn his sidearm with the intention of putting a bullet first through the blob and then, if that had no discernible effect, one through his own temple.  The blob taking on the form of a three-dimensional anime girl with comically exaggerated big titties surprised him long enough for the blob girl on his right to wrap a sticky hand around his wrist and pluck his gun off him.

Still with her fingers on her bee-stung, extremely kissable lips, the pink girl, along with her two companions, flowed up to Bate as if giving him a sensual group hug.  They merged together roughly where the hips would be on a human.  Bate was sunk in the same pink goo almost up to his waist.

Smiling, the three pink blob girls pressed in close and started to strip him first of his equipment and then of his clothes.  They did it like handmaidens preparing a guest for a forbidden ceremony.  As enthralling as the trio appeared, they were alien, weird, and Bate still had an excess of flight-or-fight adrenaline sloshing around in his system.  He didn't want their sticky gunk touching his skin and resisted their attentions with flailing arms.

The lead pink girl shook her head and looked at him with wide doe's eyes.  Her friend caught one of his flailing hands and pressed it up against one of her boobs.  The unexpectedness of it shocked Bate out of his panic.  He glanced over, saw his hand resting on the shiny curve of the girl's big boob.  Apart from its tackiness, it felt like a big soft boob as well.  Touching it brought back happy memories of feeling up the big-titted cheerleaders with loose morals back in high school.  The pink girl smiled at him, as if she wanted his hand there.

Bate glanced back to the first pink girl.  Her plump lips were bunched up in a suggestive pout.

If they weren't interested in eating him, did that mean they wanted to...?

The pink girl seemed to know what he was thinking as she smiled and nodded.  Her sticky hand reached between his legs and gave his junk a gentle squeeze through his pants.  He became aware of a strong musky wet odor in the air, as if a woman had gotten so aroused the wetness had soaked into her panties.

This was unexpected, and a considerable improvement considering Bate had been terrified he was about to have the flesh dissolved from his bones mere moments ago.  He didn't struggle as they removed the last of his equipment and tore his uniform away as if it was made of paper.  His hand remained glued to the pink girl's big boob the whole time.

Bate wouldn't have thought he'd be up for fucking a trio of freaky pink alien blob girls.  And yet up he was.  His cock throbbed in his pants in a rock-hard erection.  He didn't know what it was—their eye-popping curves, the warmth of the slime around his legs, the musky sex smell thick in the air—but right now Bate felt really really horny.  The pink girls pulled down his pants and his penis stuck out—erect and ready.

For what...?

Bate didn't really care.  He gave the blob girl's boob an experimental squeeze and his hand sank into it as if it was warmed up Play-Doh.  The soft pink substance of her body oozed up between his fingers and enveloped first his hand, then his wrist and then his whole arm as she pressed up against him.  Her warm softness all around his arm felt really pleasant.

As good as it felt, it felt even better when the first pink girl did the same to his cock.  He'd seen the clefts of their sex on all three of them, but they looked more like crude plastic sculptures of vaginas, no more functional than the blank spaces between the legs of Barbie Dolls.  It turned out they didn't need an opening.  The pink girl pressed her hips down on Bate and his hard cock sank into her soft body in the same way his hand had sunk into the breast of the other girl.  Bate heard lewd wet squelching sounds as the pink girl went to work on him.  He didn't know what she was doing down there, but it felt like many wet hands tugging, squeezing and pumping him up to indescribable heights of pleasure.

The three blob girls pressed in close to Bate.  Their bodies, which were all part of the same mass, fused together as they embraced him.  Within the blob the last of Bate's uniform was peeled back, bringing more of his naked flesh into contact with warm, sticky pink matter.  The blob girls' big round boobs pressed against and melted around Bate's body as they deposited sticky wet kisses over his face and neck.  The wet sex smell grew stronger and overcame Bate's inhibitions.  He started to push his hips against the lead blob girl even though the sticky mass of the blob surrounding him prevented him from generating much traction.

He didn't need to.  The lead blob girl bunched her full lips in a gorgeous pout and flowed up Bate's body.  She settled in his lap and Bate's erection pushed up into a soft wet mass that sent tingling streamers of pleasure spiraling down his shaft.  He heard wet splodgy sounds and it felt like hundreds of tiny lips were sucking on his cock.  He grunted as the sensation took him over the edge and he pumped the contents of his balls into the sticky blob.

The blob girl sucked it up like a sponge and smiled.  Wet liquids oozed from the nipples and lips of her two companions as they continued to plant sticky kisses on Bate.  He felt warm and relaxed as if he was lounging in a hot sauna.  Maybe too hot, he was sweating all over.

She shifted against him.  He heard more filthy splodgy sounds as the sticky blob girl sucked on him.  Whatever she'd enveloped his cock in kept it hard and then... ooh... his head fell back and a surprised grunt spilled from his lips as she squidged and squeezed him to another, even bigger, climax.

The blob girl tilted Bate back until he was sitting comfortably within her amorphous mass.  The extra two heads and torsos, no longer needed, were absorbed back into the main mass.  She lay on top of Bate and her body swelled as she engulfed him up to the neck.  Within her mass she secreted potent aphrodisiac juices and massaged them into Bate's flesh.  Softer squishy matter engulfed Bate's hard-on and flowed down the shaft to wrap around his balls.  She used her amorphous matter to gently fondle his testicles and squeeze his cock.  The wet suction started up again and Bate twitched helplessly as he emptied another ejaculation into her.

Sweat poured from Bate's brow.

"Too much.  Need to slow down... take a rest," he muttered absently.

The blob girl ignored him and splodged and squished him to another massive ejaculation.  It was the fourth and nowhere near the last.  His body saturated with her aphrodisiac enzymes, Bate's vital processes were hijacked into producing copious amounts of semen the blob girl drained from him with repeated orgasms.  Unlike the blob creatures of horror movies, she didn't dissolve him in digestive acids, although this was of little consolation to Bate.  By the time she'd finished emptying him, there was little left but dried skin and bone.

"Stewart, where did this happen...?"


  1. YES...sorry...was so hoping for some blobby, absorby, sexy stuff!

  2. I do like this one, any monstergirl that can operate like a harem gets significant bonus points from me.
    Was hoping for a more exotic finish(conscious but permanently absorbed like with Nurse Honey, pulled into an underground lake and perpetually drowned in blobgirls, etc) but being drained is your signature style and I respect that.

  3. CivilDeviation27/05/2016, 00:39

    Yeah it is his signature style although the deviation in his Nazi-succubus story was delightful even if it and the rest of the story was downright horrifying. I kinda crave a mini-series in the H-space universe, would love to see someone survive an encounter only to get eaten later on.

    1. Now I'm kind of curious what fate occurred in the Nazi-Succubus tale, usually succubi stories are guaranteed to have a drained-dry finish.
      I too would love such a series, maybe with multiple characters who are picked off in various ways as the journey progresses.

    2. Civildeviation28/05/2016, 04:28

      "A Succubus for Remembrance" if I recall correctly, more than affordable. It is disturbing and the drain still occurs just a bit different and more horrifying than a Nyte story.

  4. I concur that the best solution here would be Bate entombed alive inside the blob,fully conscious but helpless. "I have no mouth and I must scream".

    1. Exactly, fully conscious whether he is physically assimilated by her or just engulfed deep inside her body.

      The MGB profile mentions "vaster blobgirls", so it's not hard to imagine Bates being pulled underground and absorbed into the depths of a massive blobgirl orgy. Losing his sense of time in a world made of the breasts and asses of hundreds of horny pink bubblegum.

  5. I really liked this. I kind of wish any of the blobs had actually kissed Bates here.

    Yeah and like the others I kind of wish his fate had been to be absorbed by her in some sort of conscious eternity, or being like perpetually drowned in horny bubblegum pink blobgirls or something. :P

  6. typo "to indescribably [sic] heights of pleasure"