Monday, January 01, 2018

Welcome to 2018!

Yay!  I hope your hangovers weren't too savage this morning.

The original post(s) was longer, but it also involved a lot of whining and mewling about last year not being the best when it came to my writing.

It wasn't.  Stuff was tried.  it didn't pan out.  Shit happens.

It's in the past now.  Fresh year, fresh (re)start.

I have so many ideas for sexy succubus and monster girl stories.  Time to stop pissing about and get them down on paper.

May your 2018 be awesome!


  1. Hell yeah! Hydra is back, everyone!

    I'm looking forward to your stories this year!

  2. Cool.

    Good luck with writing and life mate

  3. Looking forward to it!